Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Sunken Garden, Kennelston

I'm beginning to think I should have dubbed this "Garden Week" here at Little Red House.  With the exception of Tablescape Thursday, I think we are going to be seeing a lot of gardens.  :)

This is the sunken garden at Kennelston Cottage, the same garden that I showed you yesterday.  Let's go through the garden gate, and down toward the entry.

This is a wonderful garden, surrounded by a trellis and stone fence.  The design is formal, but softened by moss edging the stone pathways.

So beautiful!

As you can see, the trellis fence gives way to a stone wall and hedge on one side, creating a terrific sense of enclosure.  I love the feeling of being surrounded by a garden.  Is it a sense of security, a sort of going back to the womb, I wonder?

I love the allium peeking out from under the hostas, too.  The stone bench looks like a wonderful place to sit and contemplate the garden.  I could have spent hours here.

This hosta is about three feet across, I swear to God.  Gorgeous!  They obviously don't have to worry about deer here.

These succulents are growing in the top of one of the stone fence posts.  An unusual and charming addition to a very beautiful garden.  

More gardens on Friday.  :)


  1. lovely garden tour, i like the green fence. Kennelston looks like a beautiful place.

  2. What a lovely place. It is one of the prettiest gardens I've seen. Thanks for taking us thru it..
    love, bj

  3. Oh, to have a garden like that & a crew to maintain it!

  4. What a beautiful garden Mary. I haven't been here in quite a while. I adore what you have done on your blog. I just found out about your mosaic monday. I'll definitely be there next week.


  5. It's so refreshing all that we are at 30°C.....
    Gracie at

  6. What I love about this garden is that (other than clipping and cleaning) it really looks relatively low-maintenance -- no fussy plants. The allium popping through the hosta are a great touch!

    A friend (whose son is a botanist) had a hosta that was at least 6-feet across --- amazing. I lusted after that plant, but she left it behind when she moved and I never got up the nerve to steal it before the new owners moved in.


  7. Truly beautiful!
    Be a sweeie,
    Shelia ;)

  8. I love hostas! That one is marvelous...

  9. I could have gardening week every week if the photos look like this! Just lovely!

  10. so calming. i could almost smell the grass :)

  11. I love that moss edging.

    This was surely a beautiful post.
    A great garden!

  12. these made me think of driving to Bellingrath Gardens...maybe I should

    beautiful shots Mary

  13. Just gorgeous gardens and beautiful photography!
    Thanks for sharing them...
    ~Really Rainey

  14. Beautiful, thank you for the tour.

  15. oh how i love gardens, make it garden month, garden year, garden decade, I LOVE GARDENS! and this one is very pretty~

  16. Outta sight pictures. What a wonderful array of beauty. I am just learning to paint flowers your pictures present some great ideas.

  17. There really is so much to love about this garden Mary, I am in love with the hosta/allium combo and the gorgeous statuary. Kathy.


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