Tuesday, May 12, 2009

What I Did (Or Did Not Do) on Monday

Warning:  I'm watching 24 as I write this, so it may not make much sense.

  I know I said that I was going to do some gardening yesterday, but ...  well... life happens.  So I am left with a bench full of plants and a garden full of weeds, still.

I know I also promised to show you the rest of the pieces I got at the rummage sale a week ago Friday.  Well, here's one of them.  A little bronze watering can, for $3.  Cute, no?  But when I filled it to water my potted plants, I discovered that it leaks in three places.  

So not such a terrific bargain after all.  lol

I'll be planting some basil in pots on the deck.  There's nothing like fresh basil for Caprese salad.

I love scented plants.  The spicy, clove scent of dianthus always draws me in.  And the color is so pretty, too.

Some purple spiky salvia will grace my pots, also.

Hopefully, life will conspire to allow me to get my pots filled today.  In the meantime, Jack Bauer has less than 30 minutes to save the world.  And I've got to watch him do it.  :)


Several people asked me yesterday how to make mosaics.  Here is a link to Big Huge Labs, where you can use their Mosaic Maker.  It's easier if you have a flickr account, as you can transfer photos faster that way.  But you are also able to upload photos directly from your computer.  It just takes a little longer.


  1. Pretty flowers! That little bronze watering can would look so cute with some flowers planted in it. Just drill a few holes in the bottom:>)

  2. Next week is the end of 24...and I have a meeting! I cannot believe it!

    Anyway...back to you...The watering can is still worth it. It is adorable.

    Your plants look great. I got coleus and a few other annuals yeterday.

  3. Time does tend to sneak away from us even with the best intentions.

    I like the watering can, and if you don't end up planting flowers in it (I would put a small plant pot inside) then it certainly makes for nice decor : )


  4. I'm kinda liking how the plants look on your shelf! I saw a darling watering can painted with wide stripes of lime, yellow and hot pink and it was sitting on a shelf. It was adorable, so maybe what you have is a craft in the making!

  5. Beautiful! There's always today to finish yesterday's plans;)

  6. Your pictures are so pretty. I am trying to be more creative with my shots and posts. I just wanted to tell you, it shows you make the extra effort and are very creative hun. As for the work needing done.... I too am behind. But arent we always? Lol.... Brooke

  7. I love 24. I am so addicted I can't do anything else while it is in so you are one step ahead of me in that department. Your watering can is still adorable leaks and all. The plants will wait on you for a little while. Remember...tomorrow is another day.


  8. what beautiful flowers!

  9. Pretty flowers! We have most of our potted plants in. Still need some from the front planters though.

  10. Tomorrow night is the season finale of LOST, which is the only program I watch. I know what you mean about watching a favorite show and becoming totally absorbed.

    Your pictures of waiting flowers are charming!

  11. Those pots will be beautiful! I was glued to 24 and wonder how they will solve everything next week in the season closer. Somehow they will tie up all the loose ends.

  12. well, you can convert the watering can to a planter and it will be good. beautiful plants. my garden is a wreck after the floods last week.

  13. I want to pot some plants and dig in the dirt. Maybe I can do it with a rubber glove?

  14. One thing about working in the garden, the chore list never ends. Enjoy your show - the garden will be there tomorrow.

  15. I have that same cute watering can and it leaked in two places - until I got out the hot glue gun and put some glue inside over the holes. It took a little manuevering and a popsicle stick - but it finally stuck and now I use it to water my little plants.

  16. thank God my daughter is not like the firstdaughter!!! sheesh! don't you love chloe? and the animosity with janeane? (i use real and tv names interchangably) anyway, i left a perfect kettle on the burner sans h2o,it cracked, and is now holding cacti on the patio. your little bronze beauty could do the same (in some fashion) and the bench pots look great as they are! so go watch more tv and enjoy!!!! jkj

  17. isn't everybody hooked on 24. My daughter named her first baby Jack. If she has a girl next, you think she'll name her Chloe? :)

    As always, love your photos.

  18. Hello sweet friend,
    I am just checking in with you. I doubt you will even know I am here with all the comments you have but I always like to put in my two cents anyway! Your photo's are breathtaking as usual! You were my first and most favorite blog..I have found many and love them all..but you, Mary will always be very special to me.
    I will always be a fan of Little Red House!
    ~smiles and love~


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