Saturday, May 1, 2010


I have to confess that I bought these blackberries just so that I could photograph them. (Yes, I know -- I'm strange.) But then I tasted them, and they were so sweet that I ate almost half the container in one sitting. Guess I'll have to get another half pint to photograph. lol

Oh, and before I forget -- just a quick apology. I have had a ton of visits from spammers again, so I've had to turn on word verification and limited comment moderation. I'm so sorry -- I know it's a royal pain in the butt to have to type out that extra word, but I spent a lot of time this morning removing comments from old posts.

Well, that's about as exciting as it gets around here. How about you -- got anything fun planned this weekend?


I'm hoping you'll join me for Mosaic Monday. Mr. Linky should be up by 8:30 pm Eastern time, Sunday. I look forward to seeing your wonderful creations!


  1. Mary,
    I do the same thing! I have also been known to slight rearrange the produce in Fresh Market.
    I hope to organize photos this weekend!


  2. Well, I can understand...they are big fat juicy ones! I think blackberries are my favorite! The prices right now are exorbitant here!

  3. Well they certainly make for a great picture. How wonderful to be able to eat your subject after you photograph it huh? lol

  4. I have a carton of blackberries. You've inspired me with this beautiful photo, Mary.

  5. I have not purchased blackberries in ages, maybe this will be the weekend. You make them appear soooo good. Thanks.

  6. You make me want some blackberries! Carla

  7. I've also had to go to moderation of comments - what a pain - and it seems so unfriendly - but it is a necessity to keep the spammers away.

    The blackberries are making my mouth water!

  8. yummy, when i see blackberries i always think of homemade icecream! now i'm hungry! beautiful photograph!

  9. Beautiful photo! I think fruit is just as fun to photograph as flowers.

    Happy May Day!


  10. What a great idea! Buy something to photograph and then enjoy its yummy-ness when you're finished!

  11. i do that too - buy stuff just to photography it

    lovely shot

  12. Those look just yummy. My prednisone is making my hungry.

  13. I just photographed blackberries yesterday... I'm on a very limited diet but those sweet lovely berries are on my diet! Your photos are beautiful Mary... Sorry to hear the spammers got ya... We should string em up!

    Have a great week end!

  14. They look good. Like Susan said, the prices are high here right now. Sorry about the spammers. I had to start comment moderation right before Christmas.

  15. Ummm... blackberries. I haven't seen them yet in the stores; maybe because I send Howard to do the hunter-gathering.

    They look scrumptious.

    Spammers -- what IS the point? I ended up not allowing anonymous posting; I tried comment moderation but right now can't get to the computer as often as I like, so this seemed the better way.

    Let's take a few moments and just think BAD THOUGHTS about spammers, ok?


  16. Hello dear! Love fruits...Why am i always hungry looking at blogs LOL.
    Since i am here a lot, i wanted you to know about my give away on my blog and i don't want you to miss it. I will not Link my party to other party :)

  17. Spammers spoil the party for sure. Your raspberries looked tasty on the white plate. Valerie

  18. Hello Mary...your blackberries look delicious and I would have done the same as you did! Sorry to hear about the far I haven't had any problems...hope I don't. Not much going on here on the farm other than cleaning up messes that have been left by others over the years. Sometimes I think we'll never get it finished! Hope you have a wonderful peaceful Sunday. Take care...Maura:)

  19. Not strange at all...and it is an awesome photo...just perfect.

  20. lol I love photographing food also!
    It looks lovely!

    Deborah :)

  21. If i have to type an extra word to tell you how much i enjoy your blog, well, so be it. It's worth it.
    I love blackberries! And i love photos of food...especially the bright colorful foods.

  22. Berries look scrumptious! It's certainly not a hardship to use word verification...It's interesting to find a real word to type on occasion! ;)Cathy

  23. Some of us have been known to take the photo in the store without buying...
    I'm just saying!!

  24. I find absolutely nothing odd about buying something just to photograph! ;}

    m ^..^

  25. Hi Mary,

    Your mosaic is so pretty...
    I have mine up if you'd like
    to take a peek.♥

    Have a wonderful day,
    Stephanie ♥

  26. Your photos are so fresh! Nothing is blooming yet and its been snowing all day. Luckily the snow isn't staying but there are still icicles from our overnight freezing rain dripping from my car's bumper. I love your beautiful mosaics and they've been cheering me up until spring arrives here in Northern Alberta.


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