Friday, May 14, 2010

Willowwood Arboretum, Part II

As promised, here are more photos from my visit to Willowwood Arboretum. This is the cottage garden which is situated in front of the main house.

A pot of pretty succulents (above) is set on a plinth near the entrance to the cottage garden.

The main axis of the garden is centered on the front door of the house. There is an allee of evergreens marching down the center of the beds, with perennials and annuals surrounding them.

The nineteenth-century Tubbs house, with a conservatory on the left. In addition to the cottage garden in front (which is across the road you see at the bottom right of the photo), there are also gardens surrounding the sides and back.

Here is another shot of the entrance to the cottage garden. Can you see the beautiful wrought iron gate?

Leaning out over the central path is a beautiful specimen of yellow baptisia (above). I have seen this in purple, but never yellow. Lovely!

There were some beautiful purple alliums in bloom as well.

You can see the exuberant character of the cottage garden plantings here. The evergreens add structure, along with the wooden obelisk and pergola, but the billowing plants are the soul of the garden.

I love these blue columbines (above and below). Blue is my favorite color in the garden.

There were also some white baptisia (below). I've got to find a source for these beauties. Baptisia does well in my garden, and the deer don't seem to find it too tasty. :)

(OK, now someone has to tell me that this is not actually Baptisia at all, right?)

I must have taken 150 pictures here. lol

Next week, I'll show you some of the natural shade garden. But I promise, not as many pictures. ;)

Willowwood Arboretum
300 Longview Road
Chester Township, NJ 07930


  1. My favorite gardens are cottage style, and this one is a treat. I love that iron gate. What a lovely place to visit, and how wonderful it must have been to live there.


  2. Love the cottage style of gardening, that is a beautiful example. The color blue is complimentary to any color in the garden. I hope you have a wonderful weekend:)

  3. Hi,
    questa casa è veramente un'esplosione di natura colorata e profumata...
    Sarebbe meraviglioso poterla abitare...
    Questi fiori sono veramente una gioia per gli occhi !
    Buona giornata.

  4. Absolutely gorgeous! Blue is my favorite in the garden, too;)

  5. Wow, what lovely pictures! I love the archway and the stone path. Carla

  6. Thank you for sharing this beautiful garden! I love that gate!


  7. Thank you for sharing this gorgeous garden. The house is also wonderful!

  8. Wow what beautiful photos.


  9. If I knew you post this sooner there is a blog called "Blogger's challenge' This past month was garden and it looks like fun.. Due to I live in Ny, It is too early to find gardens like this one. Very nice! The house is gorgeous.. IS it yours..LOL, Have A good weekend. nancy

  10. With all of the lush greens and deep purples and blues, this garden feels so meditative. That gorgeous wrought iron gate just adds to the romance of it all.

    Do you know, it's interesting to see the evergreens in a row. I've been thinking of doing that but am afraid of the upkeep in clipping them. I want to have something to add structure and bones to my garden (which is STILL gravel at the moment. but, I DO have a lovely stone wall that's almost finished.) I was thinking of some arborvitae like these but am, also, afraid of the septic line that would be under the last one. Seeing these photos was VERY helpful.

    Please, share just as many pictures of the shade garden as you want!!!!!!

    Love, katy Noelle

  11. Yeah, well, I was thinking of adding evergreens to my garden but not in a majestic row like THAT! That's brilliant! =]

  12. Zakochałam się w Pani ogrodzie. Jest cudowny. Uwielbiam funkie ,orliki i łubiny. Proszę o więcej zdjęć.

  13. If I had a garden this is what I would couldn't post too many pictures of this!...can't wait to see the shade garden photos...and please...just as many pictures would be fine...

  14. Mary, I look for your posts every day. I realize that I really appreciate your writing skill! (Of course, along with your photos, subjects and humor.)

  15. Oh Mary, these pictures are beautiful. Isn't photographing a beautiful hobby?

  16. A very lovely garden and the house is very charming too. The photos are so good.

  17. Honestly I don't know how people put gardens like this together. I keep looking at my own house and wondering what I can do to make the gardens more interesting. Nothing comes to mind. Maybe it would if I had an unlimited amount of money to spend ; )

  18. What great photos! So lush. Chester is beautiful in the fall as well.


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