Saturday, May 29, 2010

Weekend Thoughts

Saturday morning, sweet veronica spires, dew on the flowers and the sound of birdsong in the trees... the weekend stretches before me like a gift. I will spend it with the ones I love.

My daughter and I spent the afternoon yesterday wandering through a local antiques shop, searching for old vinyl albums for my son's birthday present. The first time I took my son to the same store, he spent most of an afternoon selecting some hip vintage items for his apartment. For my daughter, it was the vintage jewelry that beckoned.

I love it that they have both inherited my joy in anything old or vintage. That is so cool. :)

Wishing you all a wonderful, slow weekend, my dear bloggers. Here in the United States Monday is a day of remembrance for all members of our armed services. I thank you and your families for your service. Your sacrifices are great, your courage overwhelming. Thank you.


Are you guys up for Mosaic Monday this week? Even with the holiday weekend? I tend to do everything at the last minute, waiting for inspiration. So I'm sure I'll come up with something by Sunday night. The linky thingy will be up by 8:30pm Sunday. Thanks, everyone! :)


  1. It was a gift seeing this today. You may not think so, but for me, coming here and seeing your beautiful work and reading your words is like a little treat.
    Have a beautiful one. It's nice imagining you with your girl browsing the shops. Good times.

  2. Hi Mary, anche a me piace molto il vintage ed ho un vero culto per le cose " vecchi "... ho molti oggetti di mio padre e di mia madre che tengo come se fossero delle vere reliquie.
    E' bello amare il passato perchè è ciò che di sicuro possediamo... il futuro non è ancora nostro.
    Buona giornata per i negozi ;-)

  3. What a lovely photo to accompany such a lovely statement, Mary! This truly is a "memorable" holiday.

    I ♥ how your siggie/copyright/log/watermark thingy
    looks. I would like to learn how to add those pretty scrolly thing-a-ma-bobs. Very technical terms, huh? LOL
    Off to investigate. I've learned so much from following your blog!

  4. Yes, it is neat that you've passed your love of vintage on. Must be in the DNA since I think your mother passed it along to you. Beautiful picture. If you're doing a Memorial Day Monday Mosaic, I'll give it some serious thought.

  5. In my garage are my husband's old albums from the sixties and seventies. Several big crates of them. They just sit there, neglected and prone to cobwebs. Wish he'd either show some interest or get rid of them. Funny, how trends go round and come back again. Have a safe fun-filled weekend with your family.

  6. Oh, Mary, this photo is so delicate and unusual and refreshing and pretty! My husband and I love to go poking around the antique center, here in town. It is so fun and fascinating. My sons are still 12, 10 and 8 and want to touch everything; so, they don't go with us very often. =O

    Love, katy

    P.S. I just wanted to say "thank you" for your visit and comments. They mean an awful lot to me.

  7. Beautiful picture... have a lovely weekend ♥

  8. what a lovely day - beautiful shot too

  9. Our day to remember service people is Remembrance Day in Nov., but I thank you for your comments as I am a Military Mom. I wish you a wonderful weekend and take care:)

  10. so nice your children share your passion for old things...have a great weekend together!

  11. My children also have a love for old things, even their homes are cottages from another era filled with vintage finds. We've been out of town for a bit and I'd love to participate in Mosaic Monday. I'll try to put something fun together from our trip. Have a great weekend!

  12. Oh, yes, I'm ready for Mosaic Monday Pat! Have a lovely Memorial Day Weekend.

  13. Isn't it wonderful when children don't find us lame? smiles.

  14. Mary, I'm wondering what records he found..
    Thanks for you wishes. We're a military family (retired). 29 yrs worth.

  15. Hi Mary: I don't think I've ever seen veronica growing - not sure it it hardy this far north.....
    I hear you on all things vintage - my particular loves are handmade table linens and related items, lace of all kinds especially handmade and vintage sewing notions. I'm back to blogging at so watch for some posts about vintage goodies.
    Love your beautiful photography and wish some of those skills would rub off on me!!


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