Sunday, February 17, 2013

Mosaic Monday: Feathers

I think that I've already told you that I'm a bit of a magpie when it comes to my house.  Actually, I come from a long line of magpies.  My father, in particular, saved and collected lots of things, including the antique books and binoculars in these photos.  The feathers are the result of a year's worth of walks that my husband and I took last year.  Sometime last week, I decided a grey day called for some playtime with my new camera, and a house full of perfect photo props.  :)

The photos themselves have been edited with some textures from Florabella and Jessica Drossin, and some Photoshop actions from Paint the Moon.  I was going for a scratched, nostalgic sort of look, to complement the old books.  As you can see, one of the books is opened to "The Schoolboy's Story," and this was the inspiration for my collection of  feathers and old binoculars -- things that a young boy might collect on a day's rambles through nature.  The small framed photo, by the way, was found in my favorite thrift store, and the wooden box with the carved dog on top belonged to my maternal grandfather.

I find that I'm loving this sort of photo styling -- the effort to tell a story with props and editing.  I love having everything set out on a table.  Maybe I've been unconsciously channeling 18th century still life painters.  Or maybe I can't wait for winter to end.  ;)

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  1. Hi Mary,

    I love your story told in pictures! I'm a bit of a magpie, too, and I truly love books both old and new. Your bird feathers are lovely, and I like the little carved wooden box of your grandfather's. The black dog reminds me of the Scottie we used to have. :)

    Thank you for hosting and have a great week!

    Denise at Forest Manor

  2. Beautifully photo editing Mary. I love the old vintage look! I also enjoyed reading how you are a collector like your father. Thanks for hosting.

    The French Hutch

  3. Mary, I love this photo story. I can really relate too. The Scottie dog is cute. Wonderful props and mosaics. Have a happy Sunday and a great week ahead.

  4. Hi Mary; love your photo story. History mixed with memories and thrifted. Have a lovely week.

  5. These photos are so beautiful, Mary. The textures of the old books and the delicate feathers makes me want to touch them.

  6. Very creative collection of excellent photos ~ Wonderful! ^_^

  7. Very pretty vignette - I really like the feathers with the old books also.
    Thanks for hosting again this week.

  8. Wonderful picture-story! I love old books(and miss having them around the way we live now ...I visit them when I visit out daughter.)

    Your photo treatment is wonderful.

  9. Beautiful photographs of a lovely collection. These photographs look like they would be found in Out of Africa. Love each photo.


  10. I believe a good photographer does tell a story with their photos and you have created an interesting one with your antiques, feathers and vintage layering.
    Thanks for hosting.

  11. What a terrific story you tell, Mary. I should really try this intentionally. I may have accidentally stumbled upon a story from time to time... You certainly do have many lovely things to work with.

  12. SOMEDAY SOMEDAY SOMEDAY I am going to have pictures like yours....until then I am going to keep uploading my mediocre ones to your wonderful party :) HAPPY SUNDAY :) I love your story....

  13. Beautiful post, thank you for sharing and for hosting the party.

  14. WOW that Blue Jay feather's blue really pops of colour, doesn't it? How pretty.

    My youngest daughter used to collect feathers, wonder if she still has them - will have to ask here next time we're together.

    Your pics really DO tell a wonderful story.

    Thank you so much for hosting.

  15. I am a bit of a bower bird too. Particularly since I have been searching out for old things for my food photography props. And I particularly love to use pieces of old family china. I love the way you have told the story with these images.
    Thanks again for hosting Mosaic Monday. We have had a hot summer, but we have had a welcome cool change the last couple of days. Have a wonderful week.

  16. They are so beautiful Mary, they need to be framed in a study! I haven't even tried all the textures, I am such a newbie and so computer challenged. But this has given me some inspiration. Have a blessed week, and thank you again for your hosting us.

  17. I love the style reflected in your photos. It embodies history, earth, air.. it is so multi-dimensional and deep. Great!

  18. Mary you always do such a good job adding textures and special effects to your photos. They are magnificent!

    PS: The cmaera store wanted over $300 to fix my camera so I took it back with out having them do the work --I'd rather buy a new camera. I found a couple of "fixes' online i am going to try. It seems to be a common Nikon problem!

  19. Ah, a feather collector here too--especially on walks with the dog in the park. My most treasured is a hawk feather. Very beautiful studies of nature and collectibles in your mosaic.

  20. Mary, you have created a wonderful still life of your fathers antique books and binoculars, and the feathers add a lovely touch.
    The layering techniques you've used make this so very special.
    Shane ♥

  21. I love that you have a "Magpie" kind of collection about you, for I must as well;') The feathers, the old books, the beauty and simplicity, to touch them, to wonder about them, it all makes me happy. Have a lovely week Mary

  22. wonderful stylish photographs!

    Have a great week!

    xoxo, Juliana | PJ’ Happies :) | PJ’ Ecoproject

  23. I am all for channeling 18th century still life's any time, any way.

  24. Your feathers are amazing. Wonderful diffrent colors and forms. Have a nice new week, Mary.
    Best regards, Synnöve

  25. I just saw a whole pile of morning dove feathers in my yard and realized he wasn't fast enough for a naughty cat!

    A lovely post here!

  26. Thank you for letting me add my mosaic, I love what you have done with your photos I have never thought of taking still life photos something I will have to try.

  27. Wonderful photos Mary. They tell a story and that's what I love about these still life images. Beautifully done !

  28. I love the color of the blue feather, so vibrant, so pretty. Thanks for hosting this week, Laura

  29. Your pictures are wonderful! I have to say my house is absolutely filled with treasures. There's nothing wrong with that.

  30. Gorgeous images
    I like them very much

  31. This has to be one of my favorites of your mosaics! Lovely beyond words!


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