Thursday, February 21, 2013

Thursday's Inspiration: White

Wow, I really had a hard time with this one.  I tried to do a very light image -- all whites and soft pastels -- but it just wasn't working.  I guess my style is more shadows and saturated colors and textures...

Anyway, here is my take on "white."  You had to know that it would include a piece of milk glass.  :)

Next week's prompt is "architecture."  After that, I've got to choose more.  Any ideas?  Something you'd like to see?  Let me know in the comments.


My husband will be undergoing a minor medical procedure on Saturday morning.  May I ask for your prayers?  Thanks so much!  xoxo


  1. I love white
    I hope the little surgery on your husband will be fine

  2. A stunning piece of milk glass Mary, I always think of vases and such.
    Something I've seen you use before in your photos, how about books?

  3. The white glass against that beautiful red print adds richness and depth. Just lovely. I'll say a prayer for your husband that all will go well on Saturday morning.

    For other prompts - I like Judith's idea of books. Other thoughts: collections, other colours, numbers of things.

    Thanks again for hosting.

  4. Books, fabrics, pillows, quilts, round, sharp, soft, any color, wet, lake, tree, sky, bird, the sky really is the limit!

    Oh...I like the milk glass against that rich background color. I was trying not to break any rules... ☺

    1. Now architecture is going to be tough for me. We don't have any in my town. Ha!

  5. Love your photo, Mary. So pretty. Thank you for letting me share my sweet white Lily.
    Good thoughts and prayers go out for your husband. Hugs, Deb

  6. Mary,
    White milk glass perfection!
    How light the flutter of the feather brings to this photo!
    Prayers for you and your husband. . .peace, comfort and re~newed health, dear friend!
    Thank you for hosting. . .and for inspiring me to improve my skills!!!

  7. Beautiful photo Mary! I just love White!! I will be praying for your husband! Everything will work out in Jesus name! Have a blessed day!

  8. Mary I do like your evolving photo styling. This one is beautiful too. Prayers for your husband this weekend. I always prefer the word "minor." Thanks for hosting. What about "wheels" or 'round" or "fences" ... maybe they are too specific.

  9. Thanks for hosting Mary. Linked an older post as I seldom have white posts. Prayers for you and your husband.

  10. That is very pretty and I don't have anything that is all white so perhaps next week I'll join in!....:)JP

  11. So pretty Mary! Best wishes on your husband's surgery.

  12. I came over from Back Porch Musings. I didn't know about your linky pasrty but now I will try to participate! Thanks again. XO, Pinky

  13. Oh, wow! I love your interpretation. I apologize for not contributing - I have the brain of a sieve when it comes to remembering. Prayers a-coming for your husband ~

  14. Nice shot Mary. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your husband.

  15. Joining up this week! Thanks for hosting, Mary. Best wishes to your husband. I hope all goes well.

  16. That is a gorgeous photo! I have never seen milk glass hands like that. Very special and cool. Love them. Of course you have my prayers and positive thoughts. I'll be thinking about you and your husband!

  17. Prayers for your husbands procedure :)
    Lovely photo!

  18. So I had come and taken a peek at this but just, now, have finally settled down to really, really look and to read. It's interesting to hear you say that you were going for light and high key but, then, had to follow your own style to make it work. I'm trying to hash out my style - not consciously but - every image I work on - I go back and forth and back and forth. I want to do something soft and subtle but I always wind up with COLOR! That's why it's SO refreshing to turn something into monotone. Sometimes, it makes me almost want to cry with relief. (Silly, but there it is! ;)) Even then... my black and white is really usually two tones of softer color. The funny thing is.... I, also, want to do dark and moody and I so often wind up with.... COLOR! LOL! Can't get away from it. I'm sure you've noticed by now... I'm sort of a colorful kind of person... heh, heh. =/ =]

    There's more that I'd like to say.... but I really just want to be a hermit these days. (Oh, Mary - I need spring! ;)) But, I did just want to say... it's amazing to me.... I get used to so many photographers and their images but you always surprise me over again with how refreshing your images are and how much they just refocus me on why I love photography. I think that there's a bit of mystery to it all (I'm serious but I'm laughing...) So, do take care of yourself and keep taking pics, please! ;)

    I prayed for you and your husband and family, today! =]


  19. Beautiful photo ... sending prayers that all went well with your husband's surgery and that he is recovery well. Blessings, HHL

  20. Just read about your husband and I do hope all is well by now! Still sending well wishes his way!

    Love that photo and all your milk glass!


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