Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Will You Join Me?

I'm hoping some of you will join me tomorrow in my quest for inspiration!  I have decided to do a weekly prompt, to help me discover new subjects for my photography.  Tomorrow's subject will be "home."  You may interpret the word any way you wish -- indoors, outdoors, family at dinner, child at sleep, your favorite place to relax...

Here are the subjects for the next few weeks.  If you have a subject that you would like to add to our list, just let me know.  I will try to get my post up by 2:00pm New York time.  I'm not sure yet whether I will have a linky list up, or if I will just ask you to leave your links in the comments section.  I guess I will figure that out tomorrow. :)

February 7:  home
February 14:  love
February 21:  white
February 28:  architecture

I will probably do just one image for each prompt, but if you want to include more, go for it.  I will probably just let the image speak for itself, but if you want to include  text as well, great.  Whatever floats your boat.  And if we get enough people to play, I might do a "My Faves" post at the end of each month, with your permission, and link back to your blog.  I would appreciate a link back to my post each week, so that your friends can join in if they wish.

So thank you so much!  I am looking forward to sharing with you, and drawing inspiration from you!  xoxo


  1. My post is ready. I will link up to your post in mine once it's up. I have no opinion about Mr. Linky so can't help with that decision. Your idea did spur me to think about the topic and I truly did create it for this reason.

  2. that is, once yours is up, mine is already posted...

  3. Love your photo, Mary. Sounds like a fun party.

  4. Ah....the lovely yellow roses.....yes!....smiles

  5. I'm hoping to join in -

    your yellow roses bring sunshine to a grey day

  6. Love your beautiful photography! lovely roses:)

  7. Beautiful flowers Mary, I joined this week.

  8. Oh My, something else wonderful to look forward to! I hope I can join and keep up. We are retired, but I help take care of my home bound sister, and also father-in-law, as well as try to keep up with the blog memes I already do. I also feel bad, that I am a day, or two late in commenting, but I so enjoy all of the friends that I have made, along this beautiful journey, including you. My favorite life word is CHERISH~

  9. Hi Mary, my post is up. Your photograph of your home is lovely.


  10. HI Mary, Those roses are beautiful. I love that yellow. This week I am not joining you on HOme bur I will try next week. I would like to see who is joining you so maybe a link would be nice?


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