Sunday, June 9, 2013

Mosaic Monday: Yellow

I've been struggling to come up with a post for today...  I've been struggling to come up with something yellow to photograph for my Colors of 2013 group on Facebook...  I've been struggling to blog, period.

I know that these things come in cycles -- inspiration, free time, the desire to blog at all.  And every time that I come to the conclusion that I just can't seem to write another post, I also have a hard time letting go completely.  So, I guess I'm here to stay for now.  In another month or so, I will probably be filled with inspiration and have blog posts coming out of my ears...  ;)

A little bit about these photos, in case you're wondering:  the book is dated 1842.  I found it without its cover in a thrift store, and loved the title page so much that I bought it.  I was an English major in college, so I can honestly say that I've read a lot of the material as well.  The two small carved celluloid pitchers came from the thrift store as well.  They don't actually have any openings.  I guess they were just meant to be decorative.  And finally, the little framed photograph is, you guessed it, from the thrift store also.  I tend to pick up these little things with no clear idea in mind of what I will do with them.  I just recently realized that I have probably been collecting them all along with the unconscious idea of using them as photo props.  At least that's my story for now, and I'm sticking to it.  :)

Here are the instructions to join today's post:
1. Publish your Mosaic Monday post. The post may be about any subject you wish. The only stipulation is that it include a collage, or mosaic of photos.
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That's all there is to it! It's always a good idea to then check and see if your link is working. If you have any questions, feel free to email me: mrcarroll(at)

And a quick reminder: if you would like to join Mosaic Monday but don't know quite where to start, there is a tutorial on mosaic-making on my sidebar. Just scroll down, and click on the small blue mosaic.


  1. These are absolutely beautiful shots. I think we all go through those times where it's hard to be motivated and creative. I do love Mosaic Monday and I appreciate you hosting. Thanks!

  2. Lovely photos Mary! Always love your posts!

  3. Hi Mary,

    So true, about creativity and blogging, and it goes for a lot of things, I guess. Love your idea of yellow here today as it isn't the usual cheery take but rather a more dramatic, mysterious mood! Thanks for hosting! Your Mosaic Mondays are an inspiration and motivation for me!


  4. Lovely images of your treasured finds. The yellow is cheery! Your mosaics are beautiful and I thank you for hosting. Have a happy week ahead!

  5. These are awesome, great finds. I understand where you are coming from having had blog writing block for awhile and keep telling myself, this to shall pass:) Have a wonderful week, Jen

  6. Very pretty photos. Thanks for hosting again this week.
    I also have really been in a slump about posting lately.
    Have a great week.

  7. What great finds Mary, and in a thrift store, just wonderful. I came just out of my blogging block. No inspiration at all. But since there is a lot of color in nature again I am just fine again. Thank you for hosting and have a nice week.

  8. Your vignettes sooth and charm. Thanks for hosting.

  9. What gorgeous props! Your photos are a visual delight!

  10. Actually I was wondering about the flower! :) It looks like a dandelion but usually if they get that long-stemmed around here they are going to it must be a daisy or something ?

    We finally have my little grandson SAYING "yellow" as for the longest time it was Lello...:)

    Thrift stores are wonderful :)

  11. Always a pleasure to join in, thank you for hosting.

  12. Such beautiful photos of simple things. You have an artist's eye, Mary. Slumps are part of everyday life, I think. Thank you for hosting Mosaic Monday - it's always a highlight for me to participate in.

  13. I love to shop in thrift/antique stores, too. There's an old mill nearby that has been turned into a huge antique store. I stopped going for a while but recently returned and found a few treasures to buy. I would love that book, too. I used to collect some very old first editions and still have them here and there in my home.

  14. Wonderful find! And just a beautiful collage -- I learn so much from you.

  15. Mary,
    I have been away for awhile-and returning to your lovely blog and Mosaic Monday-I have missed your inspiration and talent-
    Thank you for this creative and pleasant opportunity!

  16. Mary, your photos are always so beautiful and inspiring to me. I love the simplicity of these vignettes and the sweet dageurotype as well as the antique book. Beautiful! Have a blessed week. Pamela

  17. Funny the things we pick up from thrift stores, sometimes with no purpose in mind until it presents itself. Your newfound treasures have come together quite well to make an interesting mosaic. Looks like root and all for the yellow flowered plant.

  18. Mary, I always love Mondays and coming over to your blog to see your stunning photography, and join up with other Mosaic Mondayers. I always find some inspiration here. It is the perfect start to my week.
    I love the way you put the elements together in your photos to tell a story. I always wonder about old photos found in thrift shops or antique stores - who are these fading people? Is your little framed photo a DAGUERREOTYPE? Although it looks like a newer photo in an old daguerreotype case. I have found a link you might like to read -

  19. I so hear you Mary, I have felt the same way. But you bring so much to this world through your blog...sweetness, beauty and hope. Hang in there, and I will try to do the same!
    Gayle from Behind the Gate

  20. Keep on posting when you feel you can because your photos and the subjects you photograph are inspiring, unusual and interesting. Until the next time ... every blessing.

  21. gorgeous mosaic! love that little yellow splash among the low key lightning! Gorgeous indeed!

  22. It seems you found inspiration! Those photo are just beautiful…..Thanks for hosting again this week, Laura

  23. Good morning, Mary, remember me? I am Terri from Lakewood Manor, except nowadays I call my blog Our Good Life now. I took a couple of years off to pursue my doctorate. That's done, and now I am back to blogging! I missed your amazing photography! I will try to join you next week for a mosaic!

  24. Mary,
    I adore your choice of yellow florals for todays photos, dear friend!!!
    They are my favorite yellow flower. . .YES!, they are!!!
    These are the first flower e v e r given to me by my sons!!!
    Forever, dandelions will be near and dear to my heart!!!
    Thank you for choosing them in your photography materials today!!!

  25. I hope you find your inspiration because I love your mosaic party both for the challenge to me to find things for mosaics and for a chance to view so many other great mosaics.

    Thank You!

  26. I'm joining you for the first time! Your mosaics are really interesting, the yellow flowers are lovely and the containers have a wonderful presence about them.
    Thanks for the opportunity!

    1. Welcome, Cindy! So glad to have you join us! xoxo

  27. I always enjoy visiting because I love the creativity of mosaics. Your touches of yellow contrasting with the darker tones is very pretty. Thanks for hosting!

  28. These are some lovely images. Oops. I think I forgot to add a mosaic. I'll get on that. Happy Tuesday!

    Yael from Home Garden Diggers

  29. Although your mosaics are all great, this one is especially appealing to me!!!!...:)JP


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