Thursday, November 6, 2008

Milk Glass by Lamplight

Do you remember my $2. lamp?  I found a $15. silk lampshade at HomeGoods, and have placed it on the painted chest in my dining room along with my beloved milk glass.  I'm loving how the pool of light makes the milk glass glow at night.

Do you have a lot of overhead lighting in your house?  I don't.  The only room that has recessed cans is the kitchen.  Here in the dining room, the crystal chandelier is on a dimmer, and I think it really helps to create ambience.

Just look how the milk glass glows in the lamplight.  Yes, I know I'm gushing.  But little things make me happy, ya know?

OK, I'll shut up now.  ;)


  1. It is the little things that combined make us feel good. I totally understand because just looking at your photos made me feel peaceful. So you never have to shut up, ok?

  2. These do look beautiful Mary1 I don't have a lot of overhead lighting either. I prefer the soft glow of lamplight to the harsh glare of overheads. Our dining room chandelier is also on a dimmer for that reason. The $2 lamp looks perfect:>)

  3. When you're happy in your home, you're happy! Looks lovely!

  4. I love it, too. I have every recessed ceiling light on a dimmer switch. I need to be cozy;)

  5. I'm all about the cozy lamp light too. Overhead is just too harsh.

    Love your collection. And at such great prices too!

    I seriously think you need to teach me how to shop around for bargains. Maybe then my hubby wouldn't get so grumpy when I come home with something new! :p

  6. As usual your pictures are gorgeous. The milk glass looks so pretty in the lamp light. It feels like a nice, cozy, warm place to curl up and dream.
    I only have overhead lighting in my kitchen and laundry room. I don't like overhead lights as a general rule... too harsh and unfriendly.

  7. You gush all you want - it does look warm and lovely.

  8. Hi Mary -
    Your milk glass looks gorgeous in the lamp light. And I love that shade! I don't have an overhead light in the living room but the one over the table in the dining room is on a dimmer switch. It makes a lot of difference.

  9. Oh that is so pretty Mary! I have canned lighting all through my house and I could care less about it. I use all of my lamps instead because it is so much softer. Did you just say you paid $2 for that lamp? Wow!!!


  10. Gush on!! It is beautiful. Sally

  11. That milk gladd brings back lovely memories, my Mom collected it also. Actually, I think that the memories were of being scolded for chipping most of the pieces. LOL.

    Beautiful, and overhead lighting is only for tracking down spiders in the evening. Then off it goes.

  12. Hello Mary,

    Your display looks so pretty and welcoming. I am loving that lamp.
    I don't like a lot of overhead lighting. I prefer the softer light too.

  13. Hi Mary,

    I just loved that lamp when you got it and the shade is perfection, I too don't have much overhead lighting...I find it too harsh anyway.

    Gush all you want it's your blog lol

    I relate to little things making one happy....

    Have a great day,
    Kathy :)

  14. I'm looking for the perfect milk glass dish or bowl for the Love Nest to hold my jewelry that I take off at night. What a great excuse to antique, right? Love all your milk glass!

  15. Very pretty, Mary! I love how your new old lamp looks, too!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  16. That's a lovely tablescape; love the lamp, the milk glass and the floral...
    Miss Janice

  17. Mary,I can get so tickled by the littlest things too! HomeGoods is my favorite store, I have bought a few lamps there, among tons of other stuff! Your lamp and milkglass look lovely, I love soft lamplighting, especially in the Fall and winter months. OK I'll shut up now too, LOL!

  18. Oh, that's so pretty!
    I love lamps.

  19. No, no, no...never too much of a good thing. Besides, isn't milk good for you??

    Love your collection!

  20. I love the non Fenton pieces...

  21. These images just made me happy...tru;y made me smile. beautiful, warm, sweet golden light on such a lovely collection. Your home is such a happy spot to be in.

    I love that lamp Mary!


  22. Hey Mary; The lamp shade is so great with your lamp. I love the way it looks with all your milk glass. And yes it is the little things in life that are worth while. So gush away.


  23. Oh, how I love your milk glass. I have a collection of hobnail milk glass and I never unpacked it after we moved. I guess its time to get it out. Yours looks so lovely, and I love the lamp.

    Debbie in Florida

  24. Good morning Mary :)

    You don't have to shut up at all. I'd be gushing too ;)

    We don't have any overhead lights in our house either, which is strange because it's new construction.


  25. Soft light is so beautiful.
    Your collects is awesome.
    I like to dim all my lights all
    thru the house in the late evening.

  26. It looks wonderfully cozy and homey...what a great find at Home Goods.

  27. is the little things that really make us happy.
    No to overhead lighting..I much prefer fact, I have a posting ready to roll on just that very thing....

  28. Isn't that pretty - all of it together is just so pretty! Nice shots!!!

  29. Oh that is such a beautiful vintage looking the milk glass grouped together like that and that lamp is a treasure!!! I hope you have a great weekend.

  30. Hi Mary! I love milk glass too! I remember my mom's first piece--a milk glass hen. I'd love it if you would share sometime how you store all your glassware and china pieces. I also have a lot and it is jam-packed - and I do mean stuffed into the china cabinet and buffet. I can hardly find anything! My utility room has empty cabinets I could store them in, but I really like to look at them! Vickib501

  31. Hi Mary...the milkglass expert! I bought a punchbowl today, love at first site, and have no idea who it's by or when it's from. The ladle looks like Westmorland? I posted it on the blog, can you take a peek and see if you can identify it...It's very heavy and very huge...Thanks...Sue.

  32. How pretty?! Little things make me happy, too.

  33. hi, just love your blog, check out mine :) gio

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