Saturday, June 20, 2009

A Sneak Peek

Just a sneak peek at the master bedroom. We had it painted earlier this spring, but haven't gotten around to hanging art or buying lamps or rugs or a headboard... I chose a pretty toile fabric to make a duvet and other soft furnishings, but have not gotten around to that either... And I also want to paint that hideous dresser on the right ...

So, more to come here in dribs and drabs throughout the summer... :)


In the meantime, please consider joining the fun at Mosaic Monday. Mr. Linky will be up by 8:30PM Sunday. Enjoy your weekend, dear bloggers!


  1. Ohhh, what a serene color. And the chandelier, wow! I'd never get out of bed.

  2. Sometimes it is so hard to find the time to finish off major changes in our rooms.
    Hope to find the time to join Mosaic Monday.
    What is the theme

  3. I love the blue. It's going to look gorgeous with that toile! I'm still working on our bedroom in fits and starts too.

  4. Now that is a place I could linger on these dreary days....beautiful.

  5. Allison, I hope you can join! there is no set theme -- whatever your heart desires... :)

  6. Love the petty soft color and the chandelier is gorgeous. I can't wait to see the finished room. Hugs, Marty

  7. Love the color and the chandelier! Can't wait to see the finished product. Have a great weekend!

  8. Dear Mary,
    Lookin' goooood!
    It is fun to see what you have done and have shared with us.
    Really like your chandelier.
    Will enjoy seeing the completed project.

    I greatly dislike the act of remodeling and living in amoungst the mess, but love the results!
    Have a blessed Summer,

  9. That is a such a lovely blue and how sweet having a chandalier in your bedroom too. Can't wait o see your toile...nice!
    have a lovely day

  10. I totally love the color and how soft everything looks!

  11. wowsers! can NOT wait to see the rest. start that sewing maching!!! (of course you don't have anything else to do!) jkj

  12. Love the beautiful serene shade of blue & I'm drooling over your chandy. ☺ Diane

  13. It's gorgeous already Mary! I love how soothing the colors are :)

    Have a great weekend!


  14. I've been working on my office redo since January... it's a process... but sometimes i think it's better to take your time... live with what you've done for a while... then add to it... I think you've got a fabulous start...

    blessings. Dixie

  15. Mary, your room is peaceful and so pretty. A perfect place to catch a few winks!!!


  16. I love the start of the project. Beautiful chandelier too. A relaxing looking room.

  17. What a comforting color you and calming. Just wonderful!

  18. The bed looks so extremely inviting, I just want to sit in the middle of the cozy-ness with my favorite Good Book and be quiet. I also noticed the beautiful chandelier (?spelling) and the exciting little cubby with the door, there. Oooooh...I like hidey places...that would definately be my side of the bed :)

    Thanks for sharing with us!!

  19. * Me thinketh this is going to be sooooo beautiful, serene and romannnnnntic when it's finished. I look forward to seeing that!

    May I ask the paint & color you've chosen here? It's just so lovely, and appears to be in the "family" of what I've been looking at/for lately. Sure would appreciate it. (I don't have a blog, but my personal E-mail is if you don't mind answering.)~~~

    Linda in AZ *

  20. Hi Mary,

    Oh yes, hasn't this rain been awful? Your bedroom is looking great so far. Love the wall color. I'm sure you will find something great to put in your birdcage.

    Debbie from NJ

  21. Can't wait to see the final results!

  22. I'm in love! And with previous posts! I stopped by to make sure I'd visited you after you left a comment, but this is a different blog. I LOVE you taste and style!

  23. Oh Mary, that color is so pretty! What a fun project for the summer :)


  24. Very pretty, Mary! I love the chandelier, too.

  25. Hi Mary! I love that color too... Its the color of my office! I'm still working on that project too! You are really teasing us here... I can't wait to see the final fantastic photo!
    ~Really Rainey!

  26. Hi Mary. Oh your bedroom is beautiful! I love the shades of blue and fabrics you chose, and that chandelier is the crowning glory! My bedroom is blue and white, too -- just wait till it's Christmastime! I don't add a spot of red, only a few treasures, evergreen, and little white lights. It's a winter wonderland that is welcoming, soothing, and, most importantly, very conducive to a long winter's nap! Thank you for sharing this sneak peek. ~Arleen

  27. Oh Mary, that glimpse of your bedroom is so gorgeous! If this is unfinished, we'd better call some Shelter magazine to come take pix when it's finished! It looks sooooo pretty. laurie

  28. Loving what I see can't wait to see what you have planned!


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