Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Can I Join the Party?

Karla, over at Karla's Cottage, is hosting a party today -- What I Love About My House. Here is the link: http://www.karlascottage.typepad.com/ Some day I'll figure out how to embed a link in the text!

There are some awesome homes here in blogland, and this party is so much fun. Like a free house tour!

So what do I like about my house?

I like the fact that it is my family home. My father built it pretty much by himself in 1959. The wood panelling and shelves of old books in the living room/library are both favorites. That's my grandfather's clock on the mantle.

I love the red dining room. My mother and I picked out the wallpaper when I was about ten years old. It is filled with my favorite prints and dishes.

I love my pink bedroom. Laura Ashley rules!

I love our new kitchen. I lived with an absolutely horrible old kitchen for many years. Even if I had any photos, I wouldn't dare post them. They would probably fry your computer screen.

Most of all, I love that my home is filled with sweet memories, as every home should be.
Note: this is my second post of the day. Scroll down if you like roosters!


  1. Hi Mary! I love your lovely red house SO much and it truly reflects your warm soul! Thank you for sharing more pics with us today!


  2. Your house belongs in a magazine too! I just love your kitchen!

    To embed a link - just highlight the text that you want people to click on and then go up and you'll see a little world with a link on the top of it. click that and then copy and paste the website you want to link into the window. It already gives you the first part of the link so make sure you delete that before you add the your link or it won't work. I hope that makes sense???

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  4. I'm so glad you came, better late than never. Also, if this party is anything like Artsymama's party, I kept going back for months and following the links to the other blogs.

  5. Mary,

    I am sooo glad that you have so many readers already. You have a great blog and sense of style. Keep up the good work and they will come in droves.

  6. Glad to find your blog. Love your new kitchen!

  7. Your kitchen is truly and utterly incredible...gorgeous!!!
    Love your blog!!


  8. Mary your home looks so warm and inviting. I have the same pine paneling in my family room. I used to think it was too dark for me, but I have grown to appreciate it for it's warmth and character.

    I will try to explain about the link thing:
    1)First you need to copy the address of the blog/site you want to include. I do this by going to the site, right clicking on the address bar and choosing "copy".
    2)When typing your post go ahead and type the name of the blog/site you want to include before you click on the link button. For instance if you wanted to include FarmHouse Style (hee, hee), type it and then highlight the words.
    3)Next click on the link button which looks like a picture of the earth with a of chain link through it.
    4)A window will pop up and on the line that says URL it will have the letters "http//" in the box. Delete these letters, then right click again and choose "paste". You should see the address of the site you want to include. If so, click on OK and you are good to go.

    I hope this was helping and not hindering. You probably already have it figured out by now. If so just ignore me:-)

  9. What a beautiful home you have, thanks for letting me have a peek!!! How wonderful to be able to live in a house that your father built, all those family memories too!
    Kim x
    Love the banner

  10. Good Morning Mary.....just now getting to look at everyone's posts from yesterday. Karla's Party was definitely a big success. I love your library....makes me want to curl up with my book....instead of my laptop....and a cup a coffee and while away the hours. Your Kitchen is marvelous, too. I would transplant to my house in a snap !!


  11. Your home looks so cosy & inviting, Mary! I love your red dining room! ~ hugs, Lynda ♥

  12. Wonderful!!! Still want your kitchen!!



  13. Well, you know how much I adore your home. The fact that it has so many priceless memories makes it even that much more glorious.
    It is warm, welcoming and lovely, quite like the lady of the house herself.

    May you all have many, many happy years here.


  14. Beautiful pictures of your home. Your kitchen is so gorgeous!

  15. Oh, thank you so much! You are all so sweet!

  16. Oh, and many thanks to Cindy and Rhonda for teaching me how to embed a link. :)

  17. Hi Mary, What a lovely, warm, cozy, inviting house you have! I love English country style and that is what your place reminds me of.

  18. What I love about your house is the fact that it doesn't look "all decorated up" like so many on RMS. Your's is pretty and comfortable and liveable....this is my kind of home and mine is a lot like yours. Not all matchy and in sets...just things I love that are worn, soft and meaningful. You have a lovely home. ~bj

  19. Loved the mini tour of your home! I agree - that is one fabulous kitchen!!!

  20. I love your house. It looks so cozy, my favorite kind of houses are the kind that make you want to curl up by the fire and read a book. While sipping hot chocolate. In your jammies. Yep, your house definitely has that quality! So glad you shared it with us!

  21. Marry Meet!
    I LOVE your house!
    No that is an understatement. I lovelovelove your house!

    I am immideately adding you to my favourite blogs.
    Hope you will take your time to visit mine. :)

  22. There is a little gadget on the tool bar at blogspot - near where you click to add photos. It looks like a littel green gas mask. Before you click that - make sure you have copied the link you want to use. Then highlight the text in your blog post that you want to have the link imbedded in - click the little green gas mask and paste the link - it will now be connected to the words in your blog that you highlighted.


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