Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Real Men Like Pink

Our master bedroom is pink and white. (You know, of course, that my dream home is an English country house.) My husband and I chose the Laura Ashley wallpaper years ago -- a small trellis pattern with a delicate pink rosebud. And he has absolutely no problem with it. You might ask why not; there are three reasons that I can think of:

1.He's secure in his masculinity and doesn't need a gender neutral color to make him comfortable.

2.He's a sweet guy, and he just wanted to choose the paper he knew I liked best.

3.He didn't really care, and just wanted to get the hell out of the store already.

He'll tell you it's reason #1. I'd like to think it's #2, but I suspect there's a little of #3 in there, too.

Now you can't have pink without chintz, of course. So there are chintz curtains and bed hangings -- a beautiful medium-sized floral with moss roses and lilacs. My dear friend, Toni Ann, made these curtains for me when I was in the hospital (premature labor with my son. Everything turned out OK; now he's 5'10").

And how can you have chintz without a few pretty plates, strewn with flowers, of course?

Add a lovely French figurine lamp that used to belong to my aunt. (Some people really hate this, but I think it's sweet!)

Bedding is pink and white with a few soft yellows and greens thrown in.

So that's the story of my bedroom, and since we've been happily married over 28 years, I guess real men like pink just fine (or else they really don't care).


  1. I was cracking up about the comment on your son (he's 5'10.) Your bedroom is beautiful. And you know I have a few plates that my sister has given to me and I never thought about putting them in my bedroom. I have them up in my living room and while I want to change it to all Americana I couldn't bear the thought of putting the plates away. Well, duh! Put them somewhere else.

    Sometimes you get stuck in a rut and you never even realize it. Thanks for the tip!


  2. There is absolutely nothing wrong with a man having a pink room, and the pictures you posted are lovely. It's more cozy and comfortable (as a bedroom should be) than overtly feminine. Good for you, and good job on the decor!

  3. Very English Country Home. Wasn't Laura the best??

  4. Julie, Sandi, Janet -- thanks so much! And yes, Janet, I adore Laura!

  5. Just wanted to stop in and say thanks for the compliments on my pictures. Do you really live in a red house? I am sooo jealous. Barn red is my very favorite color of house!! Your bedroom is LOVELY and so is that pink vase pictured in the previos post. Off to check out your blog!

  6. The bedroom post is absolutely precious. I've loved your room since I first saw it and still do.
    Your sunshine personality is sooo cute on here! Makes it sure a pleasure to read. Thanks for sharing. bj

  7. Mary, thanks for coming by to see me! I love your blog already & will definitely be back when I can look at more pics. Your home looks beautiful, I think we have a lot in common.

    I'm having a really hard time catching up with everyone who comes to see me, so I hope you'll come back a lot!


  8. Wow....gorgeous pics!!I would love to have a floral bedroom....I did "compromise" on the colors with my DH! Thanks for visiting my blog and the kind words...I will for sure come back often to visit and add you to my blog roll!
    Blessings for a Wonderful day!

  9. Oh Mary! I am so glad you left such a sweet comment on my blog...(Thank you for that!) because it led me here! I am so in love with your home! I am talking serious envy here!
    I too would love a cottage in the countryside of England but have a small one in an Ohio suburb instead.
    You have created a true English oasis in your home! Just gorgeous! I hope you will not mind but I wish to add your blog to my links list.

    And, my Bill would not care what color the room was...he would say #1 too but it is more like #2 with a great deal of #3 thrown in for good measure!

    I am so glad to have found you!

    Have a sweet Thursday...oh. Your 9/11 post and pictures was amazing. Thank you.


  10. Oh, I am laughing at your list. Your husband sounds just like mine. Aren't they great!

  11. Oh, you are all just the sweetest people imaginable - thanks so much!

  12. PS -- I've added you all to my blog roll. It's grwowing longer every day as I discover more of you wonderful people!

  13. Mary, your bedroom is lovely! And if you have been married for 28 years (me too!), then I am sure if it was #3, you would have heard so by now!

    I love the lamp, chintz, china plates, roses - everything!

  14. It's me again! I have lots of catching up to do. I love your home. We most definately share the same decorating taste.

  15. I got a wild urge a couple of months ago and insisted on doing our guest bedroom in pink. I love it. I think it's the prettiest room in my house. And honestly? I really wish I had it in our bedroom instead of the guest room. My husband would have adjusted, I'm sure. lol


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