Thursday, September 27, 2007

My Kids Want a McMansion

My kids want a McMansion. You know, one of those big, beautiful, brand new houses with soaring ceilings, tons of bathrooms, a finished basement and a bonus room for rockin' out. Some days, I feel the same way. Most days, I'd just be happy to find enough room to store my bath towels!

The photo above is a picture of my neighbor's house. Yep, we have 56 of these beauties right across the street. Little Red House is definitely the wrong side of the tracks! :)

I miss the open fields that were there before the houses were built. But if they had to build something, I guess I'm glad that they built McMansions instead of McDonald's.

I love my house, and wouldn't leave it, but if we're playing "dream house," I guess my dream would be something like this.

Or this.

I've always loved old houses, and stone houses, too. I guess the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence, but I'll bet there's not much room for the bath towels!


  1. Our house and property is wedged into a subdivision very similar to yours. We have had several devlopers ask if we would like to sell.
    I have to admit that there are days that I cast longing looks across the fence. But I would probably just manage to clutter it up also! LOL!

  2. There are so many aspects of my home that I love. My stained glass windows, my large rooms. Too bad there aren't that many of them. And the closets...well let's just say they probably didn't have that many clothes in 1908 when this house was built. My dream home: a log cabin with an open floor plan. I hate walls.

    And for the record, I still think you're the right side of the tracks!


  3. Whenever I look at those "McMansions" all I think about is cleaning it! I guess if you can afford one then you can afford someone to clean it for you too. I love my little home but long for an older one from time to time. We bought new for practical reasons but I still drive through the old part of town and decorate them in my mind. ~ Lynda ♥

  4. UGH! McMansions. Big for the sake of bigness - yuck! I would take a little red house any day. Did I just say that out loud?

  5. McMansions...that is so funny! I agree with you, I don't have room for my bath towels either and there are plenty of times I have to stop and remind myself to be grateful that I at least have the dang towels! It works for now. Besides, it's the people inside and the atmosphere of a home comes from what we make it, not the construction or dimensions. My dreamhouse is out there somewhere, it's a two story yellow house with a great big tree in the front yard and a big ole' porch and a large tree in the front and a white picket fence. Oh I've been there a thousand times in my mind so I'll surely know it when I see it! Funny, I've never even thought about a new one like the McMansion...I just want a big old yellow one that's got country charm. I love your red house and it's got ten times more charm than those cookie cutter things they keep slapping up!

  6. We have a home that is only 3 years old with ginormous vaulted ceilings that I cannot dust the cobwebs from the corners LOL...
    When we lived in CT-we lived in a house that was 100 yrs old...guess which one I prefer??? I am thankful for the BEAUTIFUL house we live in now but sometimes living on the "wrong side of the tracks" isn't a bad thing!

  7. I previously had a larger home in the college town near us. It was nice at the time but I LOVE my smaller house in the country. :)

    My son was just talking about McMansions the other day because he has many friends who live in one. He was wondering how many were having a hard time paying their monthly mortgage. I do know in every case, both parents have to work outside the home.

    I, too, think you are on the right side of the tracks. :)

  8. I don't have a house right now, but are my greener, you have a house!

    I think if I were to have my dream house, the brick one in your last picture will be it. So dreamy~~~~~~~

  9. That is a huge McMansion! 99% of the time I would say I would rather have a quaint cottage over a huge house...every once in awhile I look at them at dream...

    I think I'm going to play "my dream house" tomorrow! I need to go look for some pictures!

  10. the Mcpayments will kill you too.I like having a big home,but peace and comfort would be much better.

  11. I live in Hendersonville NC. I moved from Naples, FL....Naples was a sweet little fishing village on the Gulf. Then came the money, developers etc. People wer buying homes right on the Gulf for 8 million dollars and TEARING THEM DOWN! To build a 40 million dollar home.. Really....

    Now here I am in Hendersonville, in the mountains, about a half hour from Asheville. I pull into a Lowe's parking lot and what do I see? License plates from Naples Fl....Developers are already building 7500 home golf course communities here too...:-(. Growth is very scary. Yes, I did move here. And I am sure the person who lived here all of their lives would rather I not be here. Ok, I am ranting now - lol.... I just don't get the Mcmansion state of mind.

  12. Those big houses are fun to look at, but I sure wouldn't want one. I'm much more inspired by older homes, with character, charm & coziness. Your little red house is just precious. I don't blame you for staying put.


  13. Oh mary...your dream homes are just like mine! How pretty...and I would never trade your home for a Mc Mansion! WE live near and area with those HUGE houses. BUt I guess, except for having more room to store those towels and linens, I would never trade!


  14. Our home is a simple, older spanish style ranch; across from McMansions. I'll take my simple, cozy home anyday! But now, my neighbors yard....well that's a different story.

  15. Oh golly, do I agree! Give me a home with character any day! That is an enourmous house. But those cottages you posted are GORGEOUS!!!

  16. I much prefer your house-it has so much character and charm, and I love the way you've decorated it! I honestly would pick your house every time!

  17. Yes, McMansions are big, but what most people don't realize is that they are more often than not a mishmash of different architectural styles and aesthetics. The result is often very confused and will not stand the test of time!

    Give me a cottage with architectural integrity any time!

    Great post.

  18. Who needs space for towels when your house has character? I have to squeeze mine in too but I have views over farms & no traffic passing by - I'll put up with less towels!

  19. Been there, done that. It's over rated.
    Contentment comes from wanting what you have not in having all you want.
    Oh, and keep your towels in the bathroom. If you have more than fit in there, you have too many anyway. :)

  20. I'm new to your blog. I so love your humor..... even in your profile....great annoying kids. I can relate to that so much. We have grown kids...oh my they can be trying...but we love them to pieces..
    I love your little cottage. I wouldn't want to climb all those stairs in those McMansions...wears me out just thinking about it..

  21. We used to live in the country and now there are hundreds of houses built around us, but they aren't that nice. Your McMansion view is better than our condo veiw!


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