Monday, September 17, 2007


Here is a woman who loves to read. Can't you just tell from the way she is seated, so comfortably in front of the fire? Well, maybe not so comfortably. Can you imagine having to wear that get-up every day? But she is obviously enthralled in her book. I wonder what it is? A collection of morally uplifting sermons? Some long-winded Victorian poet? Or maybe a daring new novel!

Where do you sit when you read? This is one of two sofas in my living room/library. It is placed in front of a big window that faces east. When I have the time, I love to take a few minutes (OK, a few hours, but don't tell !) to sit here and read in the morning sun.

There are plump pillows to lean against, and a footstool to stack my books on. I usually curl up with my feet underneath me. This room is lived-in. And there are no distractions -- no TV, no phone, no computer.

There are plenty of books here to tempt; everything from nineteenth-century poetry to the latest Janet Evanovich.

Books are stacked everywhere -- on the desk, on the sofa, under the end tables. Fiction, non-fiction, mysteries, suspense, cookbooks, decorating books, poetry, history, even encyclopedias. And, of course, don't forget the trashy romance novels.

Yeah, I guess you could say Iluv2read.


  1. What a cosy corner to read in, Mary! There are no "distractions" in my living room either and I also get the morning sun there. My reading spot isn't used much during the summer (I'd rather be outside) but once the temperatures start to drop, I'm ready to settle back in with a pile of books, a cup of tea and a warm quilt. ~ hugs, Lynda ♥

  2. Hello and thank you for the lovely comments! I love to read too but tend to read only in the evenings, Usually on a sofa but more often than not in bed! Love your reading spot, gorgeous! I'd like to think that Victorian lady was reading something daring!

  3. Oh Mary, that looks so cozy....reading is my guilty pleasure too....
    Thanks for your sweet took me a while to figure out the header...LOL. I know I could've asked my 14 year old for help but I was determined to figure it out!
    Blessings for a great day!

  4. I posted on my 'nest' a while back... It is a sunny spot with room for my dog to curl up with me.
    Come visit sometime!

  5. I, too, love to read and have a really nice, nesting spot to do it in. Sometimes, I like to get in bed and read but really enjoy being in my blue chair, coffee or tea on the little table beside me and my feet, covered with an afgan, resting on the ottoman, all in front of my wall of bookshelves.
    I love your sunny reading spot!!

  6. Oh, I see "An Affair with a House" I love that book...that house is so beautiful! Your reading spot looks very cozy.

  7. I do love to read. It's the best vacation you can take without paying a cent. How else could you travel to Dickens-era England? Or to the days leading up to the Civil War? It's a great escape and you have found the perfect niche for it!


  8. Mary,
    What a comfy spot you have carved out for your self to read in. I too love to read and have most of the decorating books that you do. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  9. My favorite place to read is in an old glider rocker that belonged to my husband's Mimi. I plan to reupholster it because I am not so fond of the fabric, but it's super comfortable.

    Your spot looks like a perfect place to get lost in a good read.


  10. Such a cozy place to sit and read Mary! I too have books stacked all over the house. I have a little study that I like to call *mine*. Our younger kitty thinks it is HIS, as is the comfy wing chair. I love to sit here, especially in the Winter, and read, look down the street or just dream...

    This was a wonderful post filled with lovely pictures!


  11. I like to read on the sofa - all stretched out or in a wing chair with an ottoman. My fvorite place to read I have to be really careful and only read my own books because it is in the bathtub!

  12. I like to read on the sofa - all stretched out or in a wing chair with an ottoman. My fvorite place to read I have to be really careful and only read my own books because it is in the bathtub!

  13. Everybody's blogging about reading these days! It's great! lol I love to read. Who doesn't, right? Have you already read "Plum Lovin" by Evanovich? I have all her "number" books, but didn't buy that one. Is it any good? Is it worth the purchase price? I wasn't crazy about Motor Mouth so now I'm leary of buying any but the number books. If you get a chance, could you please let me know what you thought of it?


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