Monday, December 1, 2008

Thrifty, Busy

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  We had a very quiet weekend here at our Little Red House, with walks in the park and fires in the fireplace.  My son returns to school in Philadelphia today.  We will miss him, but he'll be back in a couple of weeks for the Christmas holidays.

As I wrote on Friday, no Black Friday shopping for this girl.  My friend, Robin, and I went instead to our favorite thrift shop.  Here's what I brought home.  

I believe these are little salt cellars (above).  At least I think they are.  $1. each.  They only had two.  I guess I need to find tiny spoons now.  

I love this cut glass dish inside it's silver basket.  $9., as you can see.  A relish dish, maybe?  Or candy?  I don't know.  Just know that I love it.  And that's enough for me.

And here is a silver-plated gravy boat and tray.  $7. for this little puppy.  I seem to be collecting these.  Just love the shapes.  I have to show you some pictures of my corner cabinet in the dining room.  Right now it's filled with all my other silver sauce boats, along with some red transferware and some milk glass.  Red and white and bling for Christmas, right?

Right now, I'm trying to get an etsy shop set up with my photos and notecards.  We're also starting to get the Christmas decorations out.  And shopping, of course.  And stripping wallpaper.  Still.

Will the fun never end?


  1. Oh my! Thats quite a find. Since I know you are in Jersey, may I ask where your thrift is? Years ago when my husband and I lived in Warren county, I used to go to a thrift up in Hackettstown. I acquired a sterling silver tea set complete with tray....for 3 dollars. I found many treasures there! GREAT FINDS and I bet you had a lot more fun than hitting the mall!

  2. I love all of your treasures.
    How do collections come about? I am forever buying ONE thing and the first thing I know, I have another...and another...and another...and never intending to start a new collection AT ALL !! I bought one tiny little white creamer once, danced around in the next few years and, then one day noticed that I had a COLLECTION of tiny white creamers!! What the heck??

  3. What great finds. I have one of those crystal bowls in the basket. I'm not quite sure what the original purpose was, but I use it for .... whatever!

    Mary, you are a brave woman to include the word "booty" in the title of your post. Just wait and see who lands on your site and what their search words include. YIKES!

    - Suzanne, the Farmer's Wife

  4. Mary, you're still stripping wallpaper? My gosh it must be a bugger! Hopefully you're using Dif and HOT water, or a steamer. I'll be stripping a room in the coming weeks also ... at the beach! I always love working there : )

    Nice finds on your Black Friday shopping spree! My favorite is the glass dish. Love it! Not sure I would be up for taking care of the silver. No doubt my husband would end up with that task.

    BJ is right, it all starts so innocently. Before you know it, things are out of control! lol!

  5. Thrift store shopping on Black Friday sounds like a great, and you got some lovely things! Please do show us the corner hutch, I know it will be beautiful:>)

  6. Beautiful gravy boat! I'm with you -- I love the shapes of them. You seem to be able to find such great deals at your thrift shop. We just don't have deals like that around here. Maybe I don't go often enough. To remedy the situation, I might just have to go today and see what (if anything) I can find! ;o]

  7. The shapes do make those dishes! I want to have a thrift shop just like yours...

  8. Suzanne: Yikes! I'll change it!

  9. Love your new treasures! You always find the prettiest things!
    Wishing you lots of luck with your etsy shop.
    Have a great week!

  10. Love the silver gravy boat! I have one from my grandmother that I love. Has a bit of tarnish on the handle I just canNOT get off though.

    I do so love a trip to the thrift shop/antique mall. I think my husband and I are going to hit one again this week. Yay!

  11. No, Mary, the fun never ends;) Love your new treasures!

  12. You are so right - the fun never ends.

    I love your great finds. I like to have some of my silver out for some sparkle and shine, too.

  13. Love the gravy boat and stand! Great finds, as always! :)

  14. Mary

    An etsy store for you--great idea, you'll do nicely, I am sure!Hope you had a great holiday--we were at the Macy's parade--come over and take a peek!

  15. such lovely treasures!! :) Let us know when your etsy shop is up and running! if you need a banner/avatar for it let me now, I'd be happy to help free of charge.

  16. Mary,

    You really did get some pretty things! Those little salt cellars-o, how I love those! I am looking for tiny silver spoons too! I use some chrystal salt dips my mother in law gave to me, and I am a few spoons short. They are so sweet and look adorable on the table. Hope you find some soon. But, even if you don't, those little silver orbs are great!

    Thanks for sharing! I am having thrift store withdrawl, our shops haven't had many finds lately!

    mary from Pa.

  17. Let's hope the fun never ends! Those are great finds - much better than a trip to the mall. Sally

  18. Oh I am very jealous of all three of your finds. I have a thing for silver too and I don't own any gravy boats yet. So glad you had a good day. Enjoy your beautiful finds.

  19. Hi Mary...I love those little salt thingies...are they silver also?

  20. Oh I love that little silver dish! I think I'd have to put candy in it :) I always think of you when I see pretty silver pieces. Yay for you on your Etsy shop!!! Can't wait to see it.


  21. Hi Mary,
    Love all your little treasures.

    Red, white, and bling for Christmas ~ sounds wonderful!

  22. The salts are gorgeous and look exotic as if you could rub them to pop out a genie! Your weekend with family sounds wonderful and cozy in the Little Red House.

  23. Hello Mary; I love the little salt sellers, they are so pretty, how lucky you found them. Your gravy boat looks like the one my Mom used to have.


  24. Mary:

    I have been a blog lookie loo for almost a year now and have never left a comment for you....I think it is time I shared with you how much I enjoy the little slice of your life that you share everyday and I enjoy immensly viewing all the things that make your world go around.


    Debbie Kay

  25. What wonderful treasures you found. I always get so excited when I find such good things!

    I just stripped three rooms of wall paper. I bought a wall paper steamer for around 40 dollars at Lowes and I must say, it saved the day! If you do not have one, it is a must have if you have very many walls of paper. Good luck. Oh, and thank you for your wonderful blog. I seldom miss a day visiting.


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