Monday, December 8, 2008

A Colonial Christmas

OK, so I didn't get any Christmas decorations put up this weekend, but we did visit the Jacobus Vanderveer House, which was decorated for the holidays with a beautiful array of natural elements which would have been available to it's original colonial inhabitants.  

Here is the parlor room (above) which dates back to the 1770's.  The room includes original wide plank flooring, beautiful barrel back cabinetry and original window frames and ceiling beams.  The blue Delft tile is similar to what would have been used in that period.  

Several interior designers and floral designers were invited to do the holiday decorations, and the house was filled with beautiful small trees, wreaths and swags.

There were also several period costumes displayed, and some really lovely antique furniture.

My daughter loved this stairway swag, made of greens and pine cones, and ornamented with fruit and berries.

This room, (above)  which is part of an 1813 Federal addition to the Dutch frame colonial, has a charming corner fireplace with a beautiful raised wood paneled mantel.

A small tree in the entry hall was adorned with cinnamon sticks, gingerbread men and dried orange slices.  There were so many beautiful, natural decorations throughout the house, and so much inspiration.  

Here is a link to last year's display.  I think I'm finally getting some holiday spirit.  There will be some Christmas decorations here at our Little Red House any day now.

I promise.  ;)

For more information on the historic Jacobus Vanderveer House, please visit their website here.


  1. What a wonderful home, and it looks lovely in its Christmas finery.

  2. i love the more natural color pallete when is beautiful.

    that red painted chest is an eye-catcher.

    thanks for sharing.

  3. Beautiful home! No wonder your daughter loves that stairway post...gorgeous. What? No vintage Santa last year? The version sitting there looks so out of place. :D

    Best wishes with the decorating. I'll be decorating until the day before I take it all down.

  4. Absolutely lovely and understated. I'm DROOLING over the antique dress. I'm all about the old clothing, it's construction, it's fabric.

    We visited a Victorian mansion in Bloomington, Illinois that was decorated for Christmas. It was gorgeous, but they didn't allow photography. Sigh.

  5. What a great tour! I adore the garland on the fireplace.

  6. Wow! I would love to visit a palce like this! In fact, I'd love to live in one.
    Thanks for the tour!

    Have a great week!

  7. What a great Colonial home....loved the red chest and the daughter has a fireplace just like the one with the delft tiles...when she was having her security system put in the installation guy came a bit too close and broke a bunch of the tiles...She was actually able to send a sample to the factory in Holland and they reproduced the tile exactly....I thought that was pretty cool.....

  8. Being a floral designer and having grown up near Yorktown and Williamsburg, I loved this post! The look you shared with us just warms my heart. Thanks for taking and sharing pictures of this wonderful home, Mary.

  9. How pretty! I should make a point to go visit what is around in central New Jersey. I will drive far to go see what another state has to offer, but never bother to visit what we have. I think this weekend I will have my husband take a little trip.
    BTW, I enjoy your blog and your photographs are just beautiful.

  10. Hi Mary, thanks for the tour. I have found over and over this year that people are seeking simple, natural, beautiful decorations for their homes and trees. This home was breathtakingly simple. I know your own little red house will be truly amazing too, and can't wait to see what you've done.

  11. Loved it all, but the swags were my favorite. Thanks for sharing such a fun post!

  12. Love your home decoration, your dress & all other things in that house.

  13. Hi Mary -
    Thanks for taking us along on the tour of this wonderful old home. I love to see these old places and enjoy the beauty and craftsmanship. A favorite right near me is always a treat at holiday time but it's closed for renovation this year. I'm imagining what a treat we'll be in for next year.

  14. What a lovely home and I love that little gingerbread tree. I'd love to do all natural decorations like that.


  15. What beautiful decorations - thanks for the virtual tour.

  16. This is just so lovely. How I enjoy seeing such houses all decked out for the season.
    That stairway post is gorgeous!


  17. Hope your are starting to enjoy the holidays. Your tree looks so cute with it's teacups. I love this Colonial Christmas thanks for sharing.
    Our "family tree" (we put up two trees) will look a lot like the last one pictured this year. We are having a home made Christmas and we already dried the oranges and we will make gingerbread cookies today.


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