Friday, December 19, 2008

A Christmas Poem

The mantel is finished,

With ribbons of red,

The stockings are hung, and the paperwhites are dead.

It's the week before Christmas and the tree is still bare,

And "Santa" better get stuff to put under there!  ;)


  1. Wow, not only are you a talented interior decorator but a poet to boot!!! Hats off to you my dear!!!!
    By the way on a serious note, your place looks fabulous...

  2. It does look fabulous, doesn't it everyone? You've missed your calling as an interior designer. And a jockey. And a supermodel.

    Love the dead paperwhites bit!!

  3. You always make me smile:>) Your little red house was made for Christmas! Congratulations, I saw you won the Mikasa gift card over on someone elses blog, (I visit so many I can't remember who!)

  4. Mary, you started my day off with a big smile. Too sad about your paperwhites, but the mantel is a stunner.

    Poor Santa. Would "he" like for us to all come over and help?

  5. You make me laugh. That's a good thing this dreary day when I'm as tired as can be. It appears that you are, too!

  6. HAHAAAAA....what a cute cute poem, Mary. So cute and yep, ole Santa better get busy and DELIVER !
    Your sweet home looks just beautiful, all dressed for Christmas...
    love, bj

  7. Very cute poem, and a beautiful room!

  8. Can I borrow you to come and "fluff" my house? It needs your decorative touch bad.

    I'm actually loving that tree with nothing but the tiny white lights. It lets the beauty of the tree shine through unadorned.

    - Suzanne, the Farmer's Wife

  9. Very cute poem Mary! I'm loving the tree with just the white lights, I think it looks beautiful even without decorations. Happy shopping!


  10. Beautiful and so charming. the Paperwhites are dead but do they still smell good? : ) Mine haven't bloomed yet. Mine are late bloomers.
    happy holidays from Texas!

  11. Very fun! Why don't you do the minimalist look for the tree? It is beautiful just like it is;)

  12. Dear fellow capricorn ???? i love your poem i think it's great, i love your mantle (spelling?) and how you decorate
    my tree is bare no gifts have been wrapped, no cards have been sent, what is going on? LOL

    haven't been blogging for a while, there's quite a lot on my plate. I'm asking you to visit me though, I have a poll going on and your input would be great.

    Thank you so much and Merry Christmas


  13. Mary you are too funny! Love that poem! Your mantle looks beautiful. My tree is up also with white lights, and no decorations yet. that is what I will be doing on this lovely snowy day. Santa needs to get finished with the gifts here too. the last of the Christmas cards will also go out.

  14. Thanks for the smile!! I have a feeling you will get everything important done before the BIG day. Take care, Sally

  15. Love that room....Have a very Merry Christmas and enjoy all the snow your going to be getting in the next couple of days!! Sue in Atlanta....on a plane to Jersey!

  16. Pretty pictures! lol, the paper whites are dead, that made me laugh!
    The gold star on the mantle...I have the very same one on my hall table =-)

  17. LOL!!! You crack me up Mary! I will say that the mantel does look very beautiful, even if the paper white are dead and you don't have ornaments on the tree ;)

    I wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas!

  18. Your house is looking fabulous
    Your mantle is a dream
    I've always wanted one just like it
    and the dead flowers are a scream....

    Merry Christmas to all

  19. I don't know how this Christmas came so fast!? Every year I tell myself I will be better organized and start preparations earlier, and something happens -- this year it was the happy event of our first grandchild being born a week ago, after making us wait on pins and needles an extra 9 days from his due date, so I can't complain if I don't even have a tree up -- lol! Enjoy, and Remember the true reason for the season, Mary! :-) Merry Christmas! Hugs, Pat

  20. LOL!! Your mantle is beautiful. Hope Santa gets in gear in time for Christmas.

  21. Not only you know how to decorate your beautiful home but you really do that with great love. What other to say but that I always enjoy visiting your lovely home full of warmth and so comfortable. It always makes me feeling like being in a fairy tale.
    Have a very Merry Christmas to you and to your family!

  22. Hahahahahaha! Very cute!

    Have a wonderful Christmas!

  23. Very cute poem and a very warm and cozy room. ~ Robyn

  24. I am with you, but my mantel is bare and the paperwhites haven't bloomed ( therefore they haven't flopped) yet.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family and thanks for being such a good friend.

    Janet @ Housepeepers

  25. Love, love your blog and your little red house.


  26. Mary,
    I love this site--and your decorating is so warm and inviting! Keep up the good work.
    Thanks for sharing your ideas and great pictures.

  27. Haha...I love your poem! My paperwhites are dead too and I'm still not finished Christmas shopping!

  28. Wonderful!
    Wish I'd stopped in a week and a half ago.


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