Monday, December 15, 2008

A Christmas Story

Once upon a time, on a beautiful and temperate winter's day, a lovely family went to the tree farm to cut down their Christmas tree.

They chose a small tree, because they lived in a Little Red House.  They cut it down and dragged it across the fields to their car.

They dragged, and they dragged, and they dragged some more.

Then they dragged even farther.  They tied it to the roof of their Honda Pilot and began to drive home.  They were very happy.

Nothing could mar their happiness, except maybe the sound of the tree falling off the roof of the car.  But they stopped, and tied it even tighter.  And they arrived home safely to their Little Red House.

They were so happy.

And then they put the tree in their wonderful tree stand and brought it inside.  Whereupon the tree would not stand straight, and the *#%??##*** tree stand broke.

I won't burden you with the rest of the story, but you can probably guess how the rest of the day went.

Don't you love Christmas?


  1. LOLOLOL!!!! Oh such fun!! Yes Mary I can imagine how the day went LOL! xo

  2. Forgive me for laughing out loud...we spent half the day lost in Bethlehem (PA) yesterday looking for Christkindlmarkt without a restroom in sight. I can relate. Happy Holidays...cant wait to see your finished tree!!!! :-)

  3. been there done that...we found a smallish tree at Kroger's yesterday evening...they had just marked them down 1/2 price. what a bargain~

    ^^^^^^ have a happy day ^^^^^^^

  4. Hi Mary,

    That was the best short story I ever read, LOL ;) simple,sweet, to the point, with a beginning and an end :)

    and best of all? I got a huge giggle, sorry :) Mostly because I remember how many trees I "caught" or "didn't".... landing on the LR floor or on the road home :)

    Oh the joys of the holiday!! :)

    Happy Holidays! ~ Cynthia ~

  5. lol, oh yes, the holidays have their little problems don't they? We have had the same thing happen. We went to get our tree in windy 20degree weather Saturday and if I hadn't been there plocing the whole thing the girls would have chosen a tree that only had branches on one side (it can go against the wall mom!) just to get out of the cold. Silly girls! I have been a tree perfectionist since I was little, they shuld know better:>)

  6. Oh no! Why don't these things go smoothly like they do in stories, or movies? With beautiful Christmas music playing in the background??

    Oh, Mary, how funny! Thanks for the chuckle on a Monday morning!

  7. hehee... lol! Isn't that just the way Mary? Our tree was wrapped tight when my hubby bought it. Once it settled out it was 7 feet wide and only 6 feet tall. Yep. 7 feet around. ????? I have been hiding in my house waiting for the holidays to pass us by.
    :) Abbie
    Did I mention it won't drink? It is a suicide tree and it's dropping it's needles at an alarming rate. I think the trama of being called fat one too many times has gotten to it. We aren't sure it's gonna make it 'til Christmas.

  8. The Love of Christmas
    is in the tree
    and Labor of Love
    from the field
    to the hearth
    to the Day
    of the season.

  9. Oh my gosh, Mary. You have me laughing aloud. Oh, the woes of Christmas trees. It is a good thing they are so pretty once decorated, because they have to make up for the total frustration.

  10. A great morning giggle! I loved that story. Hope you do find a better tree stand. LOL


  11. Mary- I am laughing with you , not at, I promise! Atleast when you brought it in there wasn't a praying mantis cocoon that proceeded to hatch over the next few days! Yep, been there, done that! Hope the rest of the day brought a smile to your face as you were all together and that is what really counts! Bramble

  12. Mary

    You are a rip! I always imagine Christmas will be like a Norman Rockwell painting, but then real life takes over!!


  13. Mary - I know you weren't laughing but this is so funny. I was 'in the mood' of the moment as I read of your venture to find and take home the perfect tree. And then? The surprise ending! Things like this have a way of keeping life real, don't they? ~Adrienne~

  14. oh you have the JOY of christmas going big time!! your humor is wonderful! and the first photo really moved me. you have given me a great gift today. many thanks! jkj

  15. I KNOW!!!

    And this is exactly why we haven't gotten our tree yet. I am lobbying for the artificial one but my husband says it just isn't right . . .

  16. Just too darned funny! Kinda like in National Lampoons Christmas Vacation! :)

  17. Thanks for the chuckle Mary! Oh, the joys of the holidays. One yr our tree fell over in the middle of the night. What a mess that was to wake up to. I have lighted reindeer and a sleigh on my front lawn, and the sled keeps falling over. Can't wait to see it decorated in your little red house.

  18. Great outing! I thought you were going to say the tree was way too big. That is what always happened to us when we cut a tree. Our eyes were much bigger than our house. Have a great day. Sally

  19. What a terrific Christmas tree story!!!! These are the Christmas memories one NEVER forgets!!!

  20. Only our Mary could write this...and oh how we feel your pain! I know I have been there and I am guessing that many other readers have as well!
    But it WILL be one of those fun memories you all talk about years from now. ReallY! I swear it will be!


  21. Yes, it's a great Christmas story that will be told for years to come, embellished with each telling.

    - Suzanne, the Farmer's Wife

  22. Oh that sounds familiar....not the falling down three but the three stand being broke! We had the same problem, so my husband had to go out again and get one....must be! Anyway, a wonderful three, can't wait to it decorated!!!! Smiles, Anke ;)

  23. Uups, well I meant tree not the!

  24. Bless your heart! I couldn't help but laugh though! :)

  25. easy to laugh when it's someone else. Yes, Christmas has its charms...

  26. Hi Mary :)

    Well, it's a pretty tree even if it did break your tree stand ;)

    Put on some Bing, have a glass of wine and try to find your Christmas spirit! LOL


    PS. Got new a house ;)

  27. Great Christmas story. ;)
    Happy Holiday!

  28. That's the best laugh I've had all season. Especially since the tree looks so lovely in the next posting. It looks like you finally got it's attention.


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