Monday, December 3, 2007

Jacobus Vandeveer House

Above: Parlor, decorated by John D. Colligan of Pereaux, Morristown, NJ.

Here are a few pictures from a historic house I visited over the weekend. The Jacobus Vandeveer house was built during the 1770's, and was later added on to in 1813. It is a fine example of the Dutch frame architecture found in New Jersey in the 1770's. There are wide plank pine floorboards, and beautiful barrel-back cabinetry flanks the fireplace in the parlor.

Above: Main Gallery Room, interior design by Sagri Frieber, of Accents by Design of Bedminster, NJ.

Above: Exhibit Room, interior design by Katja van der Loo, of Papyrus Home Design, Boonton, NJ.

The ceilings are higher, and the rooms more spacious in the 1813 Federal period addition, shown in the two photos above. There is a beautiful Federal style carved wood mantel in the Main Gallery Room, and raised wood paneling above the fireplace in the Exhibit Room.

In the original part of the house, the upstairs front room has more of the beautiful original pine floorboards, and knee-high windows.

Above: floral decorations in the back parlor by Sara Miniman, of Watchung, N.J.

The entire house was decorated for Christmas, with the natural materials which would have been used in the eighteenth century, including evergreens and boxwood, berries, pinecones and fruits.

The house was once a derelict structure, and was rescued from demolition. It will open as a museum of Revolutionary War history on 2009.


  1. What a lovely, lovely house...and the decorations so simple and beautiful. My heart has always yearned for wide plank, pine floors...they are just breathtaking. And that wreath in the last picture is JUST the kind I would like to make.
    oh, and your header looks fabulous!! :) Good job!

  2. Well, I pass by there all the time but have never been in! It is gorgeous. Thanks for showing all of us Mary. I will have to stop in there. Love the new header too!

  3. I have a 99 year old house and it looks NOTHING like that!!

    It's absolutely beautiful. Reminds me of the pictures my mom took on her trip to Williamsburg. Those simple and natural decorations are more beautiful than anything you could buy in a store!


  4. Mary,
    How nice that they let you take pix to share. What a beautiful house. It once again reinforces why I decorate with greens, fruit and pinecones. Plus the clean-up is sooo easy. It all gos back to nature when the Holidays are over.

  5. Thanks, Mary, for sharing the tour with us. Your photos are wonderful and it's great to get a chance to see something beautiful we may not have had the chance to see otherwise.

  6. Gorgeous home!! LOVE the portraits -- we have several oil portraits here at Rosemary Cottage ..... I do love decorating with pinecones at this time of the year but my attempts at drying out orange slices have been less-than-successful. I think a dehydrator would be just the way to go .... someday! I do add cloves to oranges and extra spices to the potpourri mixes around the house too ... Thanks for the tour -- wonderful homes! Well -- I still love your photo that you used for the header! LOL!

    Jan at Rosemary Cottage

  7. Such a beautiful piece of history. I love the pine floors and the boxwood wreath:)


  8. How pretty! I love taking tours of older historical homes like that...and I never get tired of seeing them decorated for Christmas. I'm using some natural decor this year, so it's fun to see that's a classic!


  9. oh, what a glorious home! I just adore touring old houses. Thank you for all pics!


  10. Love all the photos...our first house was a tiny 1868 colonial but I have to admit as much as I loved it, it was so much upkeep...something always needed fixing! Still, the charm! What a way to spend an afternoon!Tara

  11. Thanks for the tour. I love historic homes.

  12. Wow, what a beautiful place! I've always enjoyed visiting historic homes. I love all the natural decorations.

  13. I think homes with a history are so amazing. What a tale they could tell. That home is just breath taking.... They did a wonderful job restoring it .... oh wait is that a ghost I see drifting by the portrait??? Where is the Medium when you need her... hehe

  14. Love the new header, your dining room looks just lovely!

    PS, I also really enjoyed the tour, what a great historic home.

  15. What a beautiful home. I am so glad it was saved!

  16. Oh I missed a few of your posts...had to catch up!
    The house that we lived in when were in CT was 100 years old and I LOVED it! They have so much more character and my antiques went better than they do now with this 2 year old house..LOL!!
    Great photos!

  17. A beautiful house, we would not be allowed to take photos inside!
    The mantle is georgous.
    You must have had a time there.
    Love from
    Carol xx

  18. What a great house and how lucky it was saved from being demolished. Really a treasure. Like the natural decorations too.

  19. What a stunning house! I love the history behind it. Thank you for the wonderful tour Mary!
    Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

  20. Just a gorgeous home, setting and photos!

    I know you enjoyed this. I love touring historical homes but especially at the holiday season.



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