Wednesday, December 19, 2007

"All That Glitters..."

"All that glitters is not gold." Who said that? I can't remember, but the phrase popped into my head as I took some pictures of Christmas decorations in the dining room at our Little Red House. It seems that I have a thing for glittery fruit this year. It's kind of funny, really, because I'm definitely not a glitter -type girl. But the sales bins at Michael's had lots of faux sugared fruit this year and, well, one thing led to another.

So here are some quick pictures: Swags of glitter fruit laid sideways atop the hutch. They flank a tarnished silverplated platter -- a thrift store find, and echo the colors of the Clarice Cliffe transferware, also from the thrift store.

Small golden grapes and larger glittery apples and pears deck the dining room tree, along with yards of green and gold ribbon.

A large cut-glass compote holds a bounty of sparkling fruit in all colors.

Golden glittered grapes pick up the dull sheen of a piece of woven tapestry. This belonged to my aunt, and I was never quite sure how to use it, till I thought of draping it here. I think this is actually the wrong side -- it's one of those fabrics that are woven completely through -- but I like this color much better than the other side. And I guess if you're going to go for glitter, you might as well go all out!

May your holidays be filled with sparkle!


Don't forget to leave a comment on Saturday, December 22nd. It will be my 100th post, and we're having a Little Red House giveaway!


  1. Glitter girl - the house is looking great! Love the tapestry!

  2. Mary, Just love your decorations. You always display things so nicely. You certainly have a knack for photography, too! Love reading your blog, Merry Christmas! Janie

  3. Mary can I just say that you transferware makes me drool? I want to go to YOUR thrift stores because I never find anything that great in mine! Your house looks so pretty for the holidays, and any day. I (being a glitter girl) just love that glittered fruit. Have a great day:>)

  4. Love all the shine and glamour! Your have a terrific decorating flair...Is there a vitamin you can recommend, as I'd love to have some of that flair too--LOL! Happy Days basking in the glow ((HUGS))

  5. Beautiful Mary! I love Michael's dont you? Thanks again for putting the tote bag on yesterday. A lot of very nice people stopped by my blog via The Little Red House!


  6. Mary

    Your house is so cozy and warm looking. I love your decorating both during and before the holidays.

    You really have the knack.


  7. Oh, I love glitter, Mary, and especially in your pretty little red house. These all look just delicious!
    Can't wait for a chance at your giveaway. I'll sign up on Sat. for sure!
    I passed my 100th post without knowing it so I will do my giveaway after the first of the year.
    hugs, bj

  8. I like the glitter fruit sprinkled through your home though I could never use it in my own home. It just too fussy for my farmhouse, I think. And the tapestry is really lovely, can we see the opposite side some day?

    We'll be on the road Saturday traveling from Nebraska to Illinois for Christmas so I'll just leave my congratulations for your 100th post right here. I'm so glad you decided to blog. I love visiting you!

  9. Mary,

    I love how you used the glitter fruit. I have some, but never know quite where to use it. Somehow it just never fits in. Stop by today, I am on tracey's tour, but didn't get "advertised" today. The tea is ready, although in "real" life I detest tea LOL.


  10. All that glittery fruit looks so pretty!! It goes well with your decor...

  11. Hi, Mary, well I am a bit of a glittery girl, so I quite enjoy all your sugared fruit. I'm really enjoying my mix of natural & sparkle this year. Yours is always beautiful. Thanks for stopping by. Of course, I'll have to come by & sign up for your giveaway. Congrats on getting to 100!


  12. Mary,
    Beautiful, elegant decorations....The tapestry is gorgeous....Betty

  13. Love the bag you won! The glitter fruits looks lovely and I want to go to your thrift store.....the transferware is wonderful. Have a great day. Linda

  14. Ooo... it does sparkle! I think the glitter looks most fabulous!
    Lovely, Mary, as always!
    :) Abbie

  15. Oh that looks so beautiful! I love sugared fruit!

  16. Hey girlfriend! I ALWAYS have to check out your house daily...such wonders to behold. I saw your comment about the pointy toe kitten heel shoes....I love them but my feet ain't what they used to be. I usually can only wear them a little while before I take them off. Right now at work I kicked them off under my desk because my poor old feet hurt. Later - Judy

  17. Mary-OK, you have influenced me to take out all my tea trays and cups and serve myself in style (why wait for company, right?) Love reading your musings!

  18. Mary your glitter decorations are perfect for this time year.
    I must remember to visit on 22nd!
    Carol x

  19. Mary, I love the glitter fruit! Great pictures.. as always.


  20. Well, I am not a glitter girl either, but I love your glitter fruit! How beautifully you have placed it around your sweet Red House.

  21. Mary,
    Yes, all that glitter is just marvelous! Love it all, your pictures are so pretty.
    Come on over dear, I've tagged you!

  22. Mary, Your house looks so wonderful ! I love looking at your pictures, makes me love the holidays even more ! Merry Christmas !!

  23. The fruit are made even more beautiful in your very effective holiday vignettes. Thanks for sharing these festive photos.


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