Sunday, December 2, 2007

Hey, Where's My Header, continued

OK, now I seem to have gotten my header to a size that's about right, but to do it I had to use the picture only -- no title. Aaaarrrgh!


  1. Hey Mary,
    I think maybe there is something wrong with blogger... cause yours is the second one I have had to comment under anonymous... which I have never had to do before... and I hate doing....
    I can see something behind your picture ... could that be where your header is???
    Linda of Linda's Blue Gate

  2. Your header still looks a bit big to me. Can see the lines underneath. Think is is blogger because I sometimes have strange things happening . . .

  3. Hi Mary... it's so good to see you again. Your header looks lovely...very cozy and feminine. Thank you for the sweet comment you left on my blog the other day. Lately, I haven’t had any free time to visit my blogging friends, but here I am again on this cold dark night...

    Some people go to priests; others to poetry; I to my friends
    (Virginia Woolf)

    Have a blessed night.

  4. Even without text the picture is gorgeous! It took my breath away as soon as it loaded! Beautiful!

  5. Sorry to hear that, but the picture is gorgeous, nonetheless! I just love your kitchen tree. I must put one of those together soon. Yours is the second one I've seen today!

  6. Hi Mary! I have tried many times to leave comments for you but for some reason they never show up! I love reading your blog. It is better than any magazine! Please if you can, check out my dining room at RMS under decoratingfanatic. I finally did some work in there, including alot of your advice with the curtains, found some blk/wht/gold checked taffeta to line the top and wanted to show you! Keep up with your blog, I love checking in and seeing all your lovely pictures. Fondly, Laurie aka Decoratingfanatic! :)

  7. I can tell you are annoyed by Blogger when you post on a Sunday!! You must be stubborn like I am and just won't give up until it is right!!

    Tomorrow is another day,

  8. Your photo is so heart-warming it doesn't matter! Tara


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