Friday, December 14, 2007

And Now, The Decision You've All Been Waiting For...

Remember last week when I asked you all the burning question: "Silver or Gold"? Actually, I'm sure you've all forgotten that by now, and not just because you've had a "senior moment" either! LOL But some of you did want to know what I'd decided, so...

Just wanted to let you know -- gold for Christmas eve, silver for Christmas day. Yes, we'll be doing both here at Little Red House. Antipasto and baked ziti for Christmas eve (sorry, Julie, none of that seven fishes crap -- blech!) and roast beef for Christmas day. And even though there is a moratorium here on desserts (I WILL lose weight, I WILL lose weight...), I'll probably break down and make some chocolate chip cookies for my son when he comes home. He may be 20, and much taller than me, but he's still my baby...

So here they are, in practice form. I'm sure I'll have to play around with them a little more because, after all, they've got to look nice for the season, right? Oh, who am I kidding -- I just love playing with dishes! :)


  1. I'd love to play with all of your dishes too!

    Hey, not everyone loves fish. Just no meat on Christmas Eve. My father would probably like that better but the rest of us won't give up the tradition.

    As far as cookies, darlin' - you have to have some. I think it's printed in the Christmas by-laws somewhere.


  2. With such beautiful dishes who could resist playing:)

    Christmas dinner sounds delicious! Julie is right you know...about the cookies. I'm totally with you on the fishes...sorry Julie!


  3. Great idea--use both! Your tables are beautiful! We are about to start a cookie baking marathon here--for all of the teachers at school! I hope I dont eat too many....

  4. The best compromise is no compromise or something like that. I like the baked ziti and the fish, I'm not that big on cookies but I sure do make enough of them for the boys and family. This year my son (the one with yesterday's snow escapades) has asked for Tiramisu for Christmas Eve dessert.

  5. Smart lady..know you made us all happy =). No matter what you do it will be beautiful.

  6. Dear Mary,
    what you again for beautiful things and decorations show, I am thrilled!
    I wish you a happy and merry Christmas and for the new year all the best!
    Everything from love Gabriele

  7. Great decision!! Only cookies?? it up! Start that lose weight stuff afterwards! That's what I'm doing.. Michelle

  8. Oh, excellent choice, Mary.
    And, I would love to play with dishes, too, if I had some as lovely as yours!
    I think there's a law written in the CHRISTMAS RULE BOOK that you HAVE to have Christmas Cho. Chip Cookies!
    Yep...pretty sure of it.
    hugs, bj

  9. Hi Mary, your dishes and place settings are wonderful! Both of your meals sound great too! Can I come over?

  10. A great choice! All your dishes are so pretty, I love playing with place settings too!

  11. You have such beautiful dishes. You have inspired me to work on my Christmas Eve table this weekend!
    Merry Christmas

  12. I agree with Janet. The best compromise is NO compromise. You are a true Queen Solomon.

  13. What fun - playing with dishes! Love the decor - you'll have a great time!

  14. This was my first visit to your little red house, and I found it enchanting. I have been enjoying all the Christmas decorations in these wonderful blogs. Your home is so warm and inviting. Thanks for sharing.I know your finished tree will be beautiful.

  15. I love your beautiful dishes, both settings look lovely. Your menu sound delicious and I say cookies, cookies for sure....Linda

  16. I still don't know what we are having for Christmas dinner yet!!

    I do know we are having dessert after whatever it is that we are having!!

  17. I just love all your pictures. They look so inviting.

  18. Mary, both sets of dishes are gorgeous! I'm happy you thought to use one set each day, great idea!
    Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

  19. Mary,

    Great idea - both are equally beautiful! And your dinner sounds wonderful, including the chocolate chips for your son.

  20. Hi,

    This is my first time on your blog. I love it. We live in a red house too. :) I love red houses.

  21. Very very pretty dishes -- what a gorgeous table you set for family and friends!

    Jan at rosemary Cottage

  22. Mary.... the place settings are sooo beautiful..... what a lovely table you set.....
    I love playing with china also.... I reorganized my hutches the other day..... it is so fun


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