Thursday, December 13, 2007

"Party On, Wayne..."

Did you all enjoy Karla's Holiday House Party yesterday? I know that I did, and I'm still partying! I'm sure you, too, are still going back to follow links to all the wonderful holiday houses. So I'm just going to leave you with a few odds and ends here today...
(If you haven't joined the fun yet, just scroll down to yesterday's post and take a quick peek at Christmas, Little Red House style. Then be sure to follow the link to Karla's where you will find oodles of lovely homes to visit. A great big "Thank you" goes out to Karla for being such a wonderful hostess. I'm sure it was a lot of work, and we are all so grateful!)

I found the little vintage Santa mug at the thrift store yesterday. Isn't he cute? Right now, he's adding some Christmas cheer to our kitchen. I already have one from my childhood, so I feel a collection coming on! :)

This is some greenery above the kitchen range, with red berries, of course. You all know how I love red berries!

Here are two little handmade ornaments that I also picked up at the thrift store. Not sure where they'll go yet, but I'm enjoying just looking at them. Too cute.

Here is some more greenery, with a Santa boot made for me by my dear Aunt Ruth. It sits in the corner of the kitchen right next to the sink, so I can enjoy it daily.

And, last but not least, here is another Santa to add to the horde. (or should that be hoard?) I love the red cardinal on his coat!
Well, that's it for today. It's just started sleeting here -- we're in for some nastiness. I've got to go make some soup; Katie's school has an early dismissal today and I'm sure Dan will be coming home from work soon to avoid the weather.
Have a wonderful day, dear bloggers!


  1. Oh, Mary...I do love everything you are showing today. It makes me want to add "stop by a thrift shop today" to my growing list.
    I am totally in love with your Santa...he is just beautiful.
    I, too, had a great time yesterday. Now I am looking forward to the Christmas Open House Tour on the 17th. I do hope I have things left to show!!
    Have a warm day,

  2. Good Morning Mary,
    The weather you are getting is coming here this evening. Oh goodie! :) Loved the house tour.. and by the looks of the comments, others did too! Such treasures you have found! It makes me want to go searching in the junk shops again.
    Ok, I'm off to make beef stew.. just perfect for the yucky, chilly weather..
    ♥ Abbie

  3. Mary,
    It has been snowing here for about an hour and already everything is covered. They are saying maybe 10"+. Eeek, that makes for a lot of breadmaking and baking for me!!


  4. I had a marvelous time at the party. And I love how you "feel a collection coming on." That's great.

    Stay safe honey!


  5. It is always nice to stop by your house. Such nice little touches all around.

  6. How sweet now your little mug has a friend.You know id take that Santa if I could reach him. I love Santas and the Red bird makes it one awsome piece!

  7. Yippee, more Santas! I love all your things.

  8. Hello Mary,

    I am from NJ also. It is indeed a mess out there. Hope you are safe today. Loved seeing all the pics of your lovely home. So warm and cozy. Have a blessed Christmas!


  9. Love the new Santa mug and the Santa boot your Aunt made for you.

    We have been having a Summer relapse here...highs in the upper 70's...but the jig is up this weekend and Winter returns. Stay warm.


  10. Your house is cozy. I loved the handmade stocking.Thanks for visit me. Merry Christmas.

  11. Mary, you get the best stuff at your Goodwill! I just got one of those Santa mugs..they are so cute! Michelle

  12. Hi, First of all thinks for you kind words about my blog! Your house is absolutely beautiful and looks like something warm and cozy out of a magazine! Love the mug. Now I'm wondering what in the world happened to a little vintage mug of mine. Lots of stuff did not make it up from the basement this year. I'll be back to visit!

  13. Hi, me again. I also saw your previous post about the silver gravy boats. Now this really made me chuckle because I have somewhere around 8 or more gravy boats. We rarely eat meat in this house and we certainly never have gravy. I have a weakness for ironstone and transferware as you have probably already guessed!

  14. Yes, I'm still party hopping! Love your vintage santa mug find!

  15. I love your Santa with the Cardinal. It reminds me of a Santa I used to have. Someone broke into our house as we were moving and stole my large santa collection along with all of my other Christmas decorations.....heartless and heartbreaking but hey I got to go shopping for new Christmas decorations! All I needed was an excuse!

  16. OOPS I put the wrong nickname on the entry above! LOL!


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