Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Well, hell...

My husband, going through the mail one day last week...

DH: Hahahahahahaha!

Me: What?

DH: Bwaahahahahaha!


DH: (Hysterical laughter) This is addressed to you.

(Loooooong pause...)

Me: Very funny.

(Just in case you don't know, AARP stands for the American Association of Retired Persons -- senior citizens!)


Please be sure to stop by tomorrow, when I'll be participating in Karla's Holiday Party: "What Do You Love About Your Holiday Home." Bring your sister, bring your mom, bring your friends -- the more, the merrier!

I can't wait till tomorrow, so here are a few photos:


  1. Mary I left you something that I hope will help take the sting out of that wretched AARP letter (those dogs!) Go check out my blog:>)

  2. Ah Mary,

    They seem to have a knack for sending those letters etc just when we have *almost* forgotten our ages. I always throw mine out as soon as they come in the door, but I make sure that Bob gets his (he is 3 years younger and never lets me forget it).

    Can't wait for the posts tomorrow. I wasn't aware that this is going on, is it too late to participate?

  3. My husband turned 50 in November and the AARP "envelope" has been a constant joke around our house!

    You home is just beautiful!

  4. Hi Mary!
    Good Morning, thank you so much for the lovely comment on my blog. Time is what everyone needs most right now. :) Aren't husbands cute? That's something mine would do. I'll most definitely stop by tomorrow.. I can't wait to see!

  5. Oh, dear...I can barely remember when I got my first one envelope...such a long time ago!! *sigh*
    I didn't know about this Christmas Holiday House going on....where do we go to sign up??

  6. Oh yup. Bill got his membership last year, I got mine this one. Oh yeah...: )

    I love the peek at all your beautiful decorations. Your home is just so wonderful, so warm and I love it in any season! Still, it is fun to see homes all dressed up for the holidays!


  7. Yea, I get that dreaded AARP mail. At least, no one has ever offered me the Sr. citizen's discount! My husband was offered the Sr. discount when he was maybe 42ish. He came back to the table and said, "I have good news and bad news. We saved a buck but it was the Sr. discount". He was not a happy camper.

  8. Yikes! Well, even if you did get the AARP, at least it was during the holiday season when we all get to feel like kids again! I sent you a recipe to make you feel better! Food always does! Haha
    Tara from LI

  9. Yeah, I was pretty shocked when I got my first AARP letter. I thought that was for, well, OLD people. Retired people. 50 is neither old, nor retired. We got a good laugh out of it, too. I'm looking forward to those senior citizen discounts. : )

  10. I love your picture of the Blessed Mother and the baby Jesus. It's absolutely breathtaking! I can't wait to see the rest of your pictures.

    And who give a whoop-de-doo about age anyway?


  11. Mary, That is the funniest post I have ever read. I hated it when I got that piece of mail but I can say that no one has ever offered me a senior citizens discount and it's been a long time since I qualified. I am still laughing. You are so cute. xoxo Lynn

  12. It is nuts isn't it. Then when we do get that age you have to fight to get anthing from them.

  13. Beautiful pictures--we are getting a camera for Christmas, but will I be able to use it?? Right now I use a webcam--so not the best quality. Your pictures are great!! I know the feeling with the AARP--I am a year older than my husband and got one first!!! They keep on coming toooooooo ;-).

  14. I think your hubby is too funny...to bad you didn't get to the mail first.
    I loved the sneak peek, looking forward to the pictures tomorrow. Linda

  15. My husband got this last year and promptly threw it away :) I'll be back tomorrow! Michelle

  16. The AARP has been hounding me for months...I also get those mailers from the Medicare supplemental insurance companies...where do they get their information??
    I love your header....is it new?

  17. Hey, my husband laughed when I got my (first) AARP envelope too but I think he was just glad I finally got one. He had already been getting them for a year! Love your pics, by the way.

  18. Yes -=- another AARP household here at Rosemary Cottage. Handy for those discounts! LOL!

    Honey -- you don't look old enough to have children -- for pete's sake! You are way too cute for any such mail!

    Jan at Rosemary Cottage who may be 49 -- but whose face more than qualifies!! :)

  19. My DH has been there, done that to me, too! I find that a nice whack with the wedding ring turned backwards stings them a bit! JK ~ sort of!

    Angelic Accents


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