Saturday, December 1, 2007

Is Something Wrong With Blogger or Hey, Where's My Header?

Yesterday morning, when I turned on my PC and navigated to Little Red House, I found that my header had shrunk. Huh?! It ran the width of the page, but was only about an inch long. I thought maybe I would try using another photo, but that made no difference. I brought my daughter to school, typed in the addresses for my 22 emails to the spring soccer team, and left for a day of errands and Christmas shopping. When I returned, I sat down to my daughter's Mac and pulled up my blog. My new header was enormous! WTF???

Since I can't upload pictures to Blogger on the Mac without some new software (Firefox, I think), I returned to my PC to try to address the problem. I'm not a tech wizard, so I loaded the photo to my Flickr account, then took the medium size from there and filed it in My Pictures. Then I uploaded the new size to Blogger. It was still much too small on my PC. Aaaarrrgh! But it was a reasonable size on the Mac. Huh???

Am I going nuts, or is there something wrong with Blogger? Could you leave me a comment to tell me if my header is the size it always was on your computer, and if you are using a PC or a Mac?

Many thanks, and have a great weekend, everyone!


  1. Yep, it shrunk and SO DID MINE! I can't figure it out either, I DIDN'T do anything different - AGH is right! I'll stay tuned to see if some savvy blogger can fix our problem. Wishing you a wonderful day!

  2. Mary,

    Your picture doesn't fill the width of the "box", if you know what I mean. Obviously I am not the one to help as I am the one usually looking for help. Now I am scared to look at mine..eek! Good luck, I was hoping for you to post about holiday decor! C'est la vie sometimes!

  3. It looks fine to me. It is a little narrower than the frame but not terrible. I change my header a lot and downloaded a free photofiltre program ( I then import whatever picture I want to use for my header, size it to about 640 pixels wide (easy) and save it to my pictures then I just use that for my header. if you need more help please feel free to email me. The problem Ihave had with Photobucket is not being able to size it properly to fit the blogger header. Hope that helps:>)
    By the way, I'm on a PC.

  4. Nope, not the same size...much, much smaller. My header hasn't shrunk so I have absolutely NO idea what is going on with yours.
    The other day, I tried to add a signature to my postings and it wiped out every thing I've done to the blog since I started. After I had a stiff drink, I started just clicking on everything I could find...finally got everything back and now I'm scared to change one thing on it! WHEW...this blogging is hard work.
    Good luck in finding your problem..I sure wish I could help.

  5. Hi Mary!
    I never saw your banner an inch wide, but I did see it jumbo and now it is slightly smaller than the border. I use a PC and haven't played with Mac's yet..
    Good Luck!
    by the way.. your 'WTF???' made me lol!! :)

  6. I'm on a MAC and the photo looks okay to me. It doesn't completely fill up the box width-wise, but it looks good.

    Did you know you can download Firefox for nothing? That's the browser I use instead of Safari.

  7. My header is the same size. And yours appears normal on my PC, just a little narrower than the border. As you know I was having my own blogger issues a couple of days ago and so were others who commented...must be some problem with blogspot.
    Hope it gets back to normal soon.


  8. Same here....I'm on a Mac and your picture is clear and bright but it is smaller than your header box. Hope it irons out.....

  9. Hello, your head of the blog is smaller than yesterday but is not the same as in days past. Hello good weekend Mary

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  11. Your banner is 4 inches high and seven inches wide on my PC. The picture doesn't quite fill the frame -- width wise. I don't recall your old picture being quite this big, but this one is pretty. Doesn't look bad.

  12. It's 500 x 375 whereas Brin's at My Messy, Thrilling Life is 645 x 220. I think yours looks fine...lots of bloggers use the more "square" style. I try to get mine to be rectangular and I use Paint to resize all pictures and headers.

  13. Just found your blog, it is so neat. :)
    I don't even know how to load a header ! But, yours looks good today- it was pretty big yesterday. Have a Happy Weekend :)

  14. Hi Mary,

    It was really big yesterday but today it is smaller than normal. It's not bad but it doesn't fill the outlined box like before. I'm on a're not alone, mine disappeared completely and I spent half a day messing with it before I just gave up and made a new one. I think Blogger is going through a glitchy phase or something.

    Hope you are having a great weekend :)


  15. Oh dear May - on my computer the picture is gorgeous but it is smaller than the boarder. I don't know how much you want to mess with this, but you can resize your photo to fit your header which you can see in your html code under something like "header outer boundaries" - once you figure out the size of your header space you can resize your photo to fit it. You only have to worry about the width of your photo, the length should adjust on it's own. I am guessing your header is something around 400-500 px wide. So you can just mess with it by guesstimating. I think blogger used to adjust the pictures and now for some reason it doesn't. They must have changed the code to accommodate more flexibility. If you can't resize your photos on your computer there are plenty of simple online places to do it for free. Just google resize my photo online free. Good luck and I don't blame you if you just leave it the way it is. It looks great.

  16. "My Romantic Home" lead me to you blog. I so enjoyed reading back to Oct and then, jeeezzz, I am tired. Happy to find you, lovely home and lovely collections!! Thank you so much for sharing.

  17. I have a mac in my studio and the format always looks different than my husbands PC downstairs. I usually use flickr toys and their blogger header toy for wordpress to design my header. It does seem a bit narrower than the width of the blog, but I like the size. Mac doesn't support uploader on blogger. I always use the pc for that. Karen

  18. It still looks good. I guess im the one nuts. I wouldn't know something was wrong.

  19. The photo is very lovely, but doesn't fill the entire header frame. KWIM?
    Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

  20. Mary, I was having the same problem too. I found if I removed my blog name on the header it then went back to the normal size.
    I've since changed my header and blog for Christmas. It's different, but working well. Hope you find the soultion to the problem. Linda

  21. My header was gone! I just had the red X. After trying to fix it and totally messing up- I brought in the big gun- Heather! I think the blog is changing things around. I sometimes have trouble logging in. It's always nice once you have it figured out for them to "improve" it so nothing works!

  22. No, the header is much smaller from top to bottom than before. Have you looked at Help questions? They often cover most problem topics there.

  23. Hi Mary
    Yes - it is much much smaller... I wish it would happen to mine which is enormous (I never could figure out how to make it smaller) :-}


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