Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Lately I've been dreaming of a big white room, with comfortable white slipcovered furniture and lots of empty space.  This happens every year around this time, when I've been stuck indoors too long and all my many "collections" begin to seem overwhelming.

Do you have collections?  While I give my junk the courtesy title "collections," I really begin to think that I'm actually just a magpie.  I "collect" old books, china, milk glass, flatware, silver gravy boats...  and the list goes on.  I also tend to bring home little bits of nature that I find on our walks.  I need a good spring cleaning.  :)


Will you join me tomorrow for Thursday's Inspiration?  The word prompt is fences.
A usual, I'm way behind, and will have to run out tomorrow morning to find a fence
to shoot.  ;)
The post will be up by 2:00 pm New York time.  Hope to see you then!


There will be no Mosaic Monday this week due to the
Easter Holiday.  We will resume on April 7th.


  1. What are the words for the next month for Thursday's Inspiration??

    1. Britt, I haven't come up with them yet. I will give it some thought and post them tomorrow. :)

  2. I collect picture frames, I guess. I can't say I have any other collections ~ other than feathers.
    Lovely tones of blue here too.

  3. I had to stop collecting - way to much stuff. I love book but I have asthma and books collect to much dust so I gave away all my books and now only use a Kendal. I also love dishes but that can get out of hand also. So I am trying to be good and just keep what I have.

    Love the way you display your collector items.
    Have a great Easter.

  4. I know exactly what you are saying. I am in the "slow going" process of decluttering all the "collections/accumulations" I have accrued over the years. :-D
    Hope you are having a great week.

  5. Mary,
    Spring Cleaning is quite an undertaking for me these past few years!!!
    The past three years, I pull all the Season "collections" out into a pile.
    What I don't use, I place in a box or basket and say,
    "Is this something I will use in the future? Is this no longer my style?
    Did I use that last year, or the last?" This had made my editing much easier.
    Now that the unwanted "collections" have been donated to the Thrift Shop or Goodwill,
    I have such a sense of peace and tranquility. This year, I finished the Spring
    Cleaning in one week...even closets & drawers. My storage closet makes Seasonal
    decorating a joyful task and everything goes back in its place easily.
    Oh, yes...I still edit every season...but the piles are much smaller than in the past!!!
    Have a blessed and glorious Easter, dear friend!!!

  6. There are collections upon collections at Pondside and it's time to start some serious editing!

  7. Mary, you made me laugh at your last-minute photo shoot dilemma. Too cute. Love your photo. I'm loving the word "collections" for all of my junk, too. Has a lovely ring to it.

  8. Now Mary, 'old books' to me are part of the necessities of life - well for my life they are!
    I love old maps and music too but don't have a collection - yet!
    But I do have a collection of bells - I had a couple of nice ones I inherited and then friends and family started buying them for birthday gifts for me!
    As we now live in a smaller townhouse, when cruising the antique shops, I'm forced to ask the question "do I need it"? I must admit that doesn't always work.
    I've got my Thursday Inspiration post done!
    Wishing you a Happy Easter.
    Shane ♥

  9. Lovely image! I also love old books, milk glass, old silver! I collect old prints--particularly love botanicals, vintage prints of farm animals, old maps. I love delft plates, blue glass, cranberry glass, pink and green depression glass. My hubby does not understand my love of old dishes--He does collect old cameras and hunting stuff--I guess you can tell we are NOT minimalists! How boring that would be!

  10. I am a magpie as well. A tidy one : ) I have saved countless images of white slipcovered rooms but in my real nest I gravitate toward warm leathers, rich reds, cobalt glass, and china in too many patterns for my own good.

  11. My "collections" are growing. Mostly it's art supplies, and things photo related which lately has spilling into purchases. I see something when I am out running around and think, "Ooooooh that would be fun to paint!" It's getting a little crazy. And, I have piles of books everywhere.


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