Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Spring Dreams

As I sit here working on my laptop, the wind is absolutely howling outside.  No snow yet, but the wind definitely feels like a nor'easter.  Gosh, I really hope we don't get any snow.  The snowdrops are blooming here, and the hellebores are poking up, and I just don't want to see them all covered with snow.  I need spring!  I'm so sorry for those of you in the midwest and New England, and all those places that have been snowed under this winter.

In the meantime, will you join me tomorrow for Thursday's Inspiration?  The prompt is "books."  Perfect for a snowy day!  ;)


  1. Gorgeous ! Amazing with the gentle texture. So beautiful !

  2. Wonderful photo of your beautiful snowdrops. Yes, the wind has started to pick up and the snow has been falling all day. We've had days of snow showers...every day for days and days. Winter has pretty much worn out its welcome. I did my books' post a little earlier today and so it's ready to go in the morning. Thanks for the prompts!

  3. Schools are closed today in anticipation for snow although it's only been rain here so far. Unfortunately though, we've been having such strong gusts of wind that the widow's walk on the top of the manor house has been demolished. It also sucked the hatch cover off that gives protection to the 3rd floor below. The owner is coming over to look and we've put up a temporary fix to keep out the rain, at least. When it happened, it felt like the whole house shook, Mary. I'm glad I was home with my husband. He was going to go out on the roof in this weather. Good heavens!!!

  4. I am in New England and yes we are getting more snow this evening and all day Thursday. How ever id like to post a book that I always refer to for a little French Country flair around my home. Can you advise me on how I would post a picture on your blog. Im new at the blog world. xo
    stay warm.....

    1. Hi Milissa, Tomorrow at around 2:00 pm New York time I will publish my Thursday's Inspiration post. There will be a little blue link at the bottom of the post. Click on it and you will be prompted to add the URL to your book post, and to choose a photo from the post that you wish to be included in the thumbnail. If you have any problems or questions tomorrow, just shoot me an email ( or leave a comment, and I will try to help. Hope to see you tomorrow! xoxo

  5. Wonderful snowdrop photo. Just drizzly rain here, but it feels COLD. I'm happy to stay indoors and play with books and camera.

  6. I've seen anemones and crocuses too! The wind has been howling a lot lately, but our snow is already much for 3-6 inches!

  7. Hopefully the snow will pass you by! That's a lovely picture of the snowdrops. I like how the background is blurred. Sweet!

  8. Mary,
    Snowdrops, perfectly precious!
    Looking forward to Thursday's Inspirations!

  9. There is still snow on the ground here, so there's no sign of my snowdrops just yet. Your photo has a beautiful, ethereal look about it, Mary.

  10. I've been inspired by a new book I've got

  11. That is a beautiful tease for spring!


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