Thursday, March 7, 2013

Thursday's Inspiration: Books

OK, I may have cheated here.  This is a leftover from this past week's Mosaic Monday session.  But I think it captures how I feel about books -- they are front and center in my life.  I cannot imagine not reading every day.  And every time I open a new book, it feels like I've just given myself a lovely present.  :)

Thank you so much to all the wonderful friends who have joined Thursday's Inspiration so far.  I'm so happy to have you here, and to enjoy your inspiration each week!

Next week's word prompt is green, in honor of St. Patrick's Day.  :)


  1. A nice leather book with flowers resting on it shows the things you love Mary.
    I've been enjoying the weekly inspiration challenge, thank you for hosting another party during the week.

  2. Mary the book is such a beautiful one and the way you have photographed it with light and flower and petals speaks volumes (no pun intended) of your love of books, flowers, beauty and looking for spring! This has been a fun prompt. Thanks for hosting,

  3. Your book cover is exquisite Mary.
    I feel the same when I open a new book - priviledged.
    My favorite time of the day is climbing the stairs at night, to pick up my book again!
    Thank you for hosting this lovley party.
    Sending you some summer sunbeams from my corner of the world!
    Shane ♥

  4. Doesn't look like leftovers to me. Beautiful photo and thoughts.

  5. Your photo is full of charm. The beautiful book cover. The nosegay of pink. You feel about books the way I do. Can't imagine life without them.

  6. A beautiful photograph Mary. Thanks for posting this prompt. I love old books.


  7. What a lovely shot! I love old books. They just fascinate me.

  8. Where would we be in life without books

  9. Mary,
    Gorgeous Vintage book...exquisite photograpy!
    The lighting is the natural light and dark of the shadow!
    Thank you for hosting Thursday's Inspiration!!!


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