Thursday, March 21, 2013

Thursday's Inspiration: Round

I have to admit that I pulled this one from my archives.  Between intermittent cable service and a death in the family, it's been a little crazy around here this week.  Nonetheless, here is my contribution for the word prompt "round."  I hope to be able to visit yours throughout the rest of the week.

Next week's word prompt is:  fence.

Looking forward to life getting back to normal next week.  Until then, much love to you all!  xoxo


  1. These look like the yellow beets I fell in love with from the farmers' market last year. The ones I bought were so sweet, and being yellow didn't leave my fingers stained red like usual.

  2. Mary,
    So sorry to hear of your plight this week, dear friend!
    Prayers coming your way for you and your family during this difficult ime in your lives.
    Thanks for hosting Thursday's Inspirations!!!

  3. I like this picture!!
    Best wishes, Carmne

  4. Sorry to hear about your loss, my thoughts and prayers are with you. These are one of my favourite veggies, great shot.

  5. Hi Mary, to find 'round' I had to go back a bit in my posts. Round knobs painted. Thanks for hosting. Prayers for your family.

  6. Sorry to hear about all of your problems and your loss. I love your radish photo. nice and rustic.(if radishes can be rustic)

  7. Hi Mary,
    You are so wonderful at capturing the depth in a photograph. I am sorry for your loss. What's that saying "it never rains but it pours"
    Months can go by uneventful and then one thing after another.

    I am sending you prayers of peace.


  8. Our picture conjured up an image of a lovely farmhouse kitchen with a big old wooden table, the wife with an apron on making lovely home cooked food . Aah bliss !

  9. What a great much depth and shades of color. Thanks for hosting another fun party!

  10. Yum! I love roasted beets! They are so good and so good for you, Mary.

  11. We love beets, but I've never roasted them - must try.
    I'm sorry that you have has such a rough week, and very sorry to learn about your loss.

  12. Beets are so delicious with salt and pepper and a little butter. Yum. Valerie

  13. Beautiful images, Mary. This is such a fun photo challenge. This round one may be my favorite so far as it's interesting to see the variety and surprises people have come up with. Even pondside with her "word picture." Creativity abounds in blog land!

  14. What a week, then! I'm so sorry for your loss! =( I do hope it gets back to normal quickly for you, Mary! xxoo

    (Worked on round, today, but am also experiencing technical difficulties - gack! =/)

  15. Please take care of yourself in coping with your loss and stress...we are all here thinking and praying for you!...:)JP

  16. Someday I hope to have enough time and organization to join you here on your prompts! In the meantime I just want to stop and say how much I love this photo! Love beets and love your composition. How do you get your backgrounds sou wonderfully dark?!


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