Friday, April 18, 2008

Thank You So Much!

I think the blog world must have gotten together and decided that I needed a little cheering up. "Poor Mary over at Little Red House is so busy cleaning out closets, and she really can't wait for spring to arrive -- let's cheer her up a bit with some awards."

And, of course, poor ditzy and unorganized mess that I am, I lost half of them somewhere in the bits and bytes of my computer. So I am terrifically late in acknowledging your kindness! I do thank you all, from the bottom of my heart.

So without any more ado...

From Kate, Adrienne and Vee,

Thank you soooo much. I love visiting each of you -- Kate, for your gorgeous pictures and wonderful stories of life on a horse farm; Adrienne, for your warmth and beautiful northwest scenery; and Vee, for your lovely vignettes and your words of wisdom.

And from Rue,

Thank you so much, Rue. You make my day, with your beautiful peanut butter and jelly life! :)

And finally, from Amanda,

I can't imagine a blogger more friendly and sweet than you, Amanda. Thank you so much!

I always have a difficult time passing these things on. There are so many wonderful bloggers out there, so these awards are for all of you! Please take them, with my thanks.


  1. Congratulations on your awards Mary.
    I certainly enjoy your blog.
    Spring Cleaning for you and Autumn cleaning for me - I just need to get myself a bit more organised!!

  2. Sweet Mary..these are all such nice awards and well deserved. You make us all happy with your beautiful pictures and wonderful words. I feel as if you are a long-time friend!
    hugs, bj

  3. They are all so well deserved, Mary! I know how time gets away .... I am so behind in acknowledging some wonderful gals who were so kind to think of me that I may not be able to remember.....ugh....

    Have a Wonderful Weekend.........Rosie

  4. Hi Mary!
    I'd say each and everyone of those awards was well deserved! Have a most marvelous weekend!

  5. Congratulations on your award. Oh, did I mention that there is another at my place for you to take home. Have a lovely weekend Mary, we all love you so. Happy Spring Cleaning. blessings, Karen

  6. Doesn't it feel great to have your efforts recognized?? You make the morning cuppa more fun for many readers each day and for that(and much more) you deserve the awards.


  7. You deserve them all. I have been so impressed with your blog. I discovered it a week ago, but I've checked it everyday since because their hasn't been a post I didn't like. Thank you so much for sharing your world with me.

  8. And to celebrate all those awards, come to the house in the roses.... we are having a dessert carnival… come and participate. It promises to be FANTASTIC!!!


  9. Isn't it wonderful how sharing your joy goes full circle?

  10. Not I! I was not feeling one bit sorry for you, Mary, buried deep in your closets. For you were like Georgie Porgie sticking in your thumb and pulling out a plum at nearly every turn. ;D

  11. You are so welcome Mary :) You really do make my day. You deserve each and everyone of those awards. Congratulations.

    rue :)

  12. You deserve those awards and more Mary! You always have such beautiful photos and such interesting thinsg to see and think about on your blog. I always enjoy my visits here!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    Hugs, Pat

  13. Mary,

    I thought I would drop in and say hello and nice to meet you. SusieQ mentioned you and your site on hers. Your site is very sweet and I'm glad I followed the link.

    Have a lovely weekend,


  14. I was just thinking you should be about done with your closet cleaning and could move on over to mine. I'd even share my teacup collection with you. We could have lots and lots of tea...

  15. Hi Mary,
    Congrats on your awards....I do so love coming to visit deserve every one of them

  16. Hi Mary, You deserve all those awards and more...many congratulations. Your roses are so pretty. I miss your little red house banner. :)

  17. You are most kindly welcome, Mary!


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