Friday, April 25, 2008

You Are My Sunshine

Thank you so much for your words of encouragement yesterday! I don't really think I am losing my mind, but when I find myself driving brownies to school, I certainly think I have momentarily misplaced it!

I got alot done around the house yesterday (probably because my daughter was gone from 6:00am till 10:00pm) and the sense of accomplishment is wonderful! I really cleaned her room almost top to bottom -- just have a few more nooks and crannies to get to today. Then I will start on the "guest" room. I feel like I am on a roll, and I need to take advantage of my newfound energy and ardour for cleaning. After all, I'm sure it is not going to last forever. :)

Doing laundry is the only chore that I really enjoy. It's probably the almost instant gratification. For a few minutes of work, and a little folding, you get a pile of neat and sweet-smelling clothing, or fresh and fluffy sheets and towels. I really do love it.

What is your favorite household chore?


  1. Morning Mary..........I use to love to do all thing I just live to garden from cleaning up winter debris ....... to weeding ...... to laying bark mulch ......and all the fun planting in between! The closest thing I can pick, household-ish, would be window washing!

    Have a great weekend! Rosie

  2. So glad to read how much you accomplished. I love being able to stand back and see the results of my labor.

    And, I am a big supporter of instant gratifications.

  3. Hi Mary!
    I don't have any favorite household chore, but if I HAD to pick one it would be dusting. I get to take time to look at some of my beautiful things and rearrange a little. Hmmm... great idea for a post!
    Hugs, Sherry

  4. I love to iron...I think it is the instant gratification thing, too. Have a wonderful day! Lauren

  5. Hi Mary - I look forward to reading your posts every morning and seeing the beautiful photos you take!

    I love to vacuum and see all those lines that the vacuum cleaner makes in the carpet. I have to admit I'm a little neurotic about it though, because I've been known to ask family members not to walk on a carpet that I just vacuumed so that they won't smudge up the lines. No need to call me on that one ... I'm aware it's over the top.

  6. I get satisfaction from cleaning off my kitchen counters. They tend to be dumping ground for mail, school notes, papers, etc. If my kitchen is in order I feel good about my home.

  7. Vacuuming - it's the instant gratification thing.
    Cleaning kitchen too.

  8. Hi Mary,

    Good morning! I love to come to your blog every morning...

    My favorite chore is dusting, like edie marie's attic because I can stop and re-enjoy the things I have collected and displayed around the house.

    One that I absolutely dread is ironing. I never was and probably will never be good at that.

    Have a wonderful day!

  9. I love it that you decided you have only momentarily misplaced your mind....

    My favorite chore is cleaning...I love to go into my college age daughter's bedroom or bathroom after she has been home for the summer.... I can make huge progress in those rooms.... I think it is the immediate gratification with me too.

  10. Oooh, to be in the house alone from 6:00am to 10:00 pm~~now that would be the gift of all gifts!! It is so hard to finish anything when the rest of the family is around!
    Put some good old fashioned rock & roll on really loud and go to town!!
    I guess my favorite domestic chore is ironing but I never seem to get to it~~my husband would beg to differ!


  11. That's so funny - Yesterday I cleaned my house like a mad woman and actually even enjoyed it. It was weird.

  12. Not laundry!

    I do enjoy washing dishes because I love the feel of hot water on my hands. I'm weird, though.

  13. Good morning sunshine,
    Ouuu my favorite chore is laundry too!
    I love to hang my laundry out on the line to dry.... ouu it smells sooo good! Then I love to iron and starch our shirts and bedding!
    I also love when washing whites.. the bleach makes the house smell fresh n clean!

    Have a fun weekend,
    Hugz, Dolly

  14. Good Morning Mary! Please send some of your energy my way!! I keep reading all these blogs about spring cleaning and I am waiting for the fever to hit ME! Laundry is my LEAST favorite chore! I don't mind tossing the clothes in and even folding them, it's the putting them away that kills me! Trying to find room in my kids drawers with their favorite beat up t-shirts that they can't part with is the hard part. So push some of that postive spring cleaning this way, it might take a while to reach me in CA but I'll be patient! :) Enjoy your accomplishments, cleaning & organizing kids rooms is hard work! ~ Laurie

  15. I'm like you---I like laundry...and I KNOW it's because of the instant gratification. I always feel better when ALL laundry baskets (we only have 2---for for my husband and I and one for our 2 yr. old daughter) are empty and the washer, dryer and ironing basket are empty---THEN I feel really good. ha! I loathe cleaning bathrooms though...ugh!

    Love your blog!

  16. Polishing silver. My instant gratification!

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  18. Happy Friday Mary! Glad you got so much accomplished yesterday. I love to clean with Pine Sol, and everything smells so fresh and clean. I also like to iron. I still hang clothes outdoors sometimes when weather permits. Especially sheets. Saves a little on the electric too.

  19. This will sound crazy but my favorite choir is pulling weeds. (If I stay up on them and they aren't out of control that is) There is something about being out in the fresh air, and knowing that getting those little buggers out of their will help the beauty of the yard that makes it worth while.
    My most hated chore is laundry. I don't mind the washing and the folding, but I hate putting it away. My hubby has been known to come home from work sit on the couch and have laundry fall on his head (because it's still piled on the back of the couch) Hearing your reasons for loving it have given me a different perspective. Maybe I'll look at it differently today. Thank you!

  20. I think making the bed is my favorite. It's a quick, high-return task. In fact, if my bed somehow doesn't get made and it's approaching bed time, I'll make it anyway, because I enjoy it that much!


  21. I also enjoy doing laundry, and by darn I'm pretty good at it. I also like ironing, clean bathrooms and my kitchen sink to be sparkling white. I find the smell of bleach in any product to be better than Chanel#5! Happy cleaning, I will be doing the same.

  22. Hmmm...I wouldn't call it my favorite, but I get pleasure after vacuuming and having clean floors.

    Have a great weekend!


  23. Oh Mary what a busy few days you have had.
    I think my favourite household chore is cleaning the windows. I love to see how much better things look through clean windows
    Have a great weekend and try and get some time to relax

  24. Hi, Mary, I'm playing catchup this week after being gone all last week. I had to chuckle over your day of losing your mind. That was a pretty good description of it all.

    I've been working in the yard this week and have neglected my house. I tell myself it is because we were gone last week & I was here alone this week, so how dirty can it be. Of course I'm leaving on Sunday to travel with my hubby again next week, so I think I could just about talk myself out of cleaning anything this week! I can justify anything, LOL. Actually I may vaccum tomorrow if I feel like it. I used to be such a fanatic about cleaning house, but the older I get, that little bit has lessened too.

    I don't mind vaccuming or doing the laundry, but I just hate to clean the bathrooms and kitchen sink.

    Have a good one,

  25. Hi Mary!
    Wow, you have been busy!

    I have never been a fan of household chores...I do love it when the house is freshly clean. If I had to pick something, I think it would be making the bed each morning. There is something about it that says, goodbye to the night and hello to the day...

  26. I love the smell of clean laundry, too. I don't think I have a favorite chore, being as I am the lucky one who does ALL indoor work and most of the tidying up of the outdoors, albeit the heavy stuff.

    Hey, send some burst of energy my way!!


  27. Mary, saw your comment on Cindy's blog about the deer eating your roses. My friend has two familes of deer living along her property, she started using bitter spray on her prize more problem! She gets it on the internet, she typed in "Deer eating my roses" and got lots of suggestions! Hope that will help you! I adore roses and thankfully don't have deer problems, love your blog by the way! Donna Lynn

  28. Hello Mary, my favorite household chore? THat's hard - especially for someone who grew up with house help... (back in the Philippines)... i have none! I struggle most of the time.

    take care

  29. I have to say that dusting is my favorite chore. It takes me forever, but the glimmer of shiny wood furniture and crystal makes it all so worth it :)


  30. I'm sorry I wasn't there to tell you that you weren't losing your mind. I also love the pic on this post, even though it's a weed! I see them all over my yard and have been wanting to post a pic, but yours is great with the little hand holding it up.

  31. I like cooking [of course :)] and even cleaning up in the kitchen. I am not real crazy about other housework, but I do like a nice clean house, so I try to keep it up.


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