Thursday, May 22, 2008

Happy Birthday, Baby

My son turns 21 today, but I can remember him as a one-year-old as if it were yesterday. I suspect it is like this for most mothers, especially with their firstborn. We enjoyed a very warm summer that year, and we spent many days sitting on a blanket in the garden.

For My Baby

I will forever remember this day --
sitting in the grass,
the sun on my back
and you in my lap,
a daisy clutched in your fist.

And all my memories will spin --
as petals circle the center,
as planets circle the sun --
and radiate from this day,
from you, my bright morning star.

I will forever remember this day.

I can't believe it's been 21 years -- where has the time gone? Happy birthday, Liam!


  1. Such a happy and blessed birthday to your sweet son.
    Sometimes, sitting across the room and looking at my son, David and daughter, Stacy, I wonder, like you, how did the time go so quickly. At times, it's like only yesterday and other times, it's like they are all I've ever known.
    I thank God every day for letting me be their mother.
    hugs to all of you on this special day, sweet Mary....

  2. Happy birthday to your son. Yes, you will always remember as if it were yesterday. Such precious memories! ~Adrienne~

  3. Happy Birthday to your son! My own BABY GIRL turns 25 today! :)

  4. Love the poem...brings a little tear to this mama's eyes...Happy Birthday baby boy!

  5. ahhhhh
    Happy Birthday to your beautiful son ... what a sweet post. I know what you mean - sigh - my baby girl turns 19 tomorrow.


  6. Happy 21st to your 'Baby'.
    They are always our babies no matter how old they get.

  7. Happy Birthday Liam! Yes, I remember my girls as the tiny babes and toddlers they were too. It is almost as if you are remebering different people. I love who they are now but I miss who they were then. How wonderful that we have those memories:>)

  8. Happy Birthday to your son! I can well remember the picture you paint. Our firstborns get our undivided attention. They are the golden child. Unfortunately later we must battle the "you always like him best" syndrome. HA.

    I'm astounded at those moments we have seared in our brains. Mine was a warm summer morning and I was sitting in front of an open window, rocking my daughter. A light breeze tossled her hair, I breathed in the sweet smell of baby and told myself, "You're not going to have another child, these are your last baby moments, remember this forever."

    And I did.

    Thanks Mary and good luck this weekend. Red Alert, Red Alert. Girlfriend coming!

    I'm on Red Alert also because that baby I describe above is bringing her new boyfriend home this weekend. I need to get off this computer and start scrubbing toilets.

    - Suzanne, the Farmer's Wife

  9. Happy Birthday to your son. My baby boy will be 21 tomorrow. :( Margie

  10. Ah, Mary. Aren't our memories of our precious babies wonderful?

    And, isn't it incredible that they grown into these amazing people that make us so proud?

    Happy Birthday to Liam.

  11. Happy Birthday to Liam :)

    It's a bittersweet joy to see them get older isn't it? The years are going by way to fast.

    I hope all goes well with the red alert visit. I'm sure it will though :)


  12. What sweet memories these are! I rocked my baby as long as I possibly could! Wouldn't take anything for those precious times. Some of those sweet moments have come back to me with my grandchildren and I cherish those also! Lucy

  13. Happy Birthday to your baby! They do grow up so fast, don't they? And yet it seems like just yesterday we were rocking them in our arms.

  14. How tender... Happy birthday to your darling son.

  15. What wonderful memories. Happy Birthday Liam..

  16. Happy Birthday to you son, Mary! You are such a sweet mother! :) I hope you had a great visit with him and his girlfriend over the weekend.

  17. Happy birthday to your son! Yes the time does fly.
    Enjoy, Janie

  18. Happy Birthday Liam! Time goes by so quickly. What beautiful memories.

  19. It's scary how fast they grow up isn't it?
    Hope your Liam has a wonderful birthday.
    God bless.

  20. We were having babies at the same time! My Vince turned 21 last December. It's so true, I just don't know where the time flew by!

    I hope Liam has a wonderful birthday!

  21. Happy Birthday to Liam. What a wonderful post, Mary and I am sure you still see your little baby when you look at him and now he is bringing home "The Girlfriend". Stay strong Mom, you've raised him right.Good luck this weekend! ~ Laurie

  22. Happy Birthday to your baby :) What a sweet poem that is and such does go far too fast!


  23. Happy 21st Birthday Liam! I hope you have a fantastic birthday! Beautiful poem Mary sweetie!
    Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

  24. Enjoy your son's birthday celebration. Your little baby is now a young man, but he will always be your little boy. Mothers of sons will always be the first woman in their life. I have 2 sons 23 and 25 and it's a different bond with sons than with daughters.

    Oh yeah, he can now go out to bars...leagally.

  25. Beautiful name, Liam. Sweet memories. Special day.

  26. Oh happy birthday to your precious son.
    It all goes by so fast doesn't it?
    You will never forget the moment they come into your lives...
    me thinks he is pretty fond of his Mama too.



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