Thursday, April 24, 2008

Losing My Mind

We had to get up at 5am so that my daughter could take a 6am bus with the rest of her track team to go to the Penn Relays in Philadelphia. So I am left here to contemplate my life, and try to figure out why I am losing my mind.

Here is what I did yesterday:

5:30am: Stumble out of bed when the cat wails at the bedroom door. My husband sleeps (snores, actually) through the whole thing.

6:10am: Stumble out of bed when the alarm goes off. My husband sleeps (snores, actually) through the whole thing.

7:00am: Cut and plate three batches of brownies for my daughter to bring to school for her friends' birthdays. (She made them the night before.)

7:05am: Drive daughter to school.

7:30am: Wake snoring husband. Actually, I lie. He was already awake and awaiting my return to say good morning. Cat, sensing an opportunity for some head rubbing, jumps up on bed. She is bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, having slept from 5:35am till now.

8:20am: Drive brownies to school. That's right -- my daughter can't lug three plates of brownies through her morning. Right about now, I am beginning to question my sanity.

8:30am: Take a few pictures of town, for potential blog post.

9:00am: Check email. Send some emails for travel soccer. I'm the team manager. Remember this, as it will be important later in the day.

10:00am: Do several loads of wash. Decide to start cleaning out "guest room." First order of business -- go to Home Depot to buy storage unit for many deck furniture cushions that currently reside in guest room.

12:00pm: Put together storage unit and lug cushions out to store them. Start cleaning out guest room (and I use that term loosely -- it's really more of a junk room). This may take awhile.

2:00pm: Take a break to fold laundry. Cannot put daughter's laundry away, due to the fact that her room looks like a bomb went off in an American Eagle store. Decide something needs to be done about this.

3:30pm: Do more laundry. Go to Drug Fair to buy plastic bins to help help sort the clothes in daughter's room. Yes, it really is that bad.

4:30pm: Start sorting clothes. This may take awhile.

5:20pm: Receive call from daughter. She is ready to be transported from track practice to soccer practice. Soccer practice begins at 5:30pm. She has promised a friend a ride home which will make her even more late. Am told to pick them up at lower entrance to track.

5:30pm: Drive right past lower entrance to track. Have to turn around and backtrack. This takes an additional 5 minutes.

5:40pm: Daughter has forgotten shin guards. Must stop at home to pick them up.

5:50pm: Drop friend off at inconveniently far distance from soccer field.

6:05pm: Arrive at soccer field. Realize that we are at the wrong field. Have inadvertently driven to Friday's practice field. I am the team manager -- I'm supposed to remember these things.

6:20pm: Arrive at correct field. Practice is over at 7:00pm.

6:30pm: Drive out of my way to go to supermarket which I have passed at least four times today, to get something to make for dinner.

This is the story of my life. So tell me -- am I losing my mind?

No, don't answer that.


  1. Sistah! I feel your pain. I had a brief reprieve when my little cherubs got their licenses last fall. But my Bird totalled her car a few weeks ago (Thankfully no one was hurt), and I've been back in the saddle ever since. I do hope you sat down and had a nice big glass of wine at the end of all that!

  2. Even though it's been a half a dozen years since I was in your shoes......I remember those days. Now, I look back on the, with nostalgia. That's the way life goes......try to enjoy :-) Rosie

  3. This sounds very familiar. It's 6:15 in the morning and I'm about to start a never ending routine that includes working til noon, dentist and tennis for the boy. I, too, had my morning wake up call from the cat. The next break I can see will be Sunday afternoon! Nice to know that I am not alone in this "crazy" boat!

  4. Oh, Mary..I can remember those days well and, to tell you the truth, I don't miss 'em !!
    It's funny but my post is on working today and not being able to do the things I WANT to do....
    hugs, bj

  5. I have felt your pain. Most of my days at work feel like I'm being torn in pieces, too.

    Hang in there. I promise it will get better.

  6. Bummer! At least you didn't have to bundle up and brush snow off the car! I know that's kind of reaching isnt it? Well you deserve to put your feet up today...what are the chances of that?:>)

  7. Oh, yes. Except an Abercrombie bomb went off in my daughter's room. Took 4 phone calls and 2 trips to school Monday to get them back on track after school vacation - aren't they lucky to have staff?

  8. I guess being a momma means you run around in circles regardless of how old they are! Does it ever stop? The head spinning, that is?

    Oh, the wonders of parenthood!


  9. Hi Mary,
    Thank God! He knew what he was doing, when he created MOMS!
    We wear many hats and can handle many situations.
    Good luck with your day, Janie

  10. Hi Mary!

    Oh boy! I used to laugh at those old calgon commercials ( You know "Calgon take me away!" while the kids are fighting, phones ringing, etc. and the Mom is hiding out in the bathtub) But now sometimes I do look for a little quiet place to hide! I have three kids, 10,8 & 3 and most days they are all battling for my attention AT THE SAME TIME! Sigh...they do say we will miss this someday! You are a great Mom , you are earning your "Mommy Badges" across your sleeve, but I guess they are invisible to our kids until they give us grandkids! And my husband thinks I am living the life of a princess! ha! :) Have a BETTER day today! ~ Laurie

  11. Oh yeah....I've had many days like that one. All mine are in college now -- feels like I have so much time! I do miss having the kids around -- but don't miss the running and messes!
    Hang in there.

  12. Your not losing your mind, you're just a mom. I have days like that all the time and my kids are still pretty young. It makes me feel good to read your post and know I'm not alone though. I get told that when it's over I'll miss it. So try to laugh at it.

  13. Hi Mary,

    You are not losing your mind - you are just a devoted mother and wife! :) I hope today goes better for you.

    By the way, I posted a request for pictures of tea strainer today on my blog. I immediately thought of you because I thought you might have one or two or three to share with the other bloggers.

    Enjoy your day! :)


  14. Mary- Is it possible our children were seperated at birth?!!! Only it's the Pac Sun/ Ron Jon (skater/surfer) bomb that has imploded here! Boys are just as absent minded and squirelly, so have no fear...THEY are crazy, not us! But really; what was God thinking when he put hormonal teenagers together with peri/menopausal women?!!! I somehow mistakenly thought there would be more organization the older they get, but not so! We belong to the 24/7 Mom's Taxi brigade! Be brave Mary! With a big grin, Bramble

  15. Hello Mary, I hope you are feeling better today... how about some pampering time for you! :)


  16. Been there, done that, glad it is over and they are all on their own.


  17. Sounds like a normal day! I had several wake-up calls this morning from our kitty (3:30 a.m. cat was disturbed by another cat on our deck; 4:30 he found a rubberband; throwing-up at 5:30). Needless to say my REM stage was short. Now about the taxi it really such a bad thing when our children learn how to drive? Our oldest is 15 and I'm honestly looking forward to the day when she can drive herself to all of her activities!

  18. Sounds like a normal day! I had several wake-up calls this morning from our kitty (3:30 a.m. cat was disturbed by another cat on our deck; 4:30 he found a rubberband; throwing-up at 5:30). Needless to say my REM stage was short. Now about the taxi it really such a bad thing when our children learn how to drive? Our oldest is 15 and I'm honestly looking forward to the day when she can drive herself to all of her activities!

  19. Hi Mary!
    I missed you! :) You aren't loosing your mind.. I have started that daily process but with two babies in tow.. Z is in Baseball and still has Scouts. Between practices, meetings and shuffling him back and forth to his dad's (my ex) it is crazy! Hang in there and enjoy the ride, remember soon she'll be fluttering off to college!

  20. You sound pretty normal to me. I don't have to drive my daughter but her room does look like a bomb went off (and she's 28). She's home for a while until her studio-house is finished. Every day she and her boyfriend are working on her house but what about mine? Oh well, to tell the truth I miss her when she's gone.

  21. Nope, not losing your mind - all that just goes with the being-a-mom territory. Sorry. At times I really do think it would all be easier if you COULD just lose your mind.

  22. Hi Mary,

    No you are not losing your mind. Been there done that. Driving my daughter to elementary school in the morning,come home throw in a load of laundry, run back out to look for strings of black licorice to make spider cakes for a school party. They were having all sorts of other goodies so I thought I would make them from munchkins from Duncan Donuts. I ran to 3 stores before I found it. I should really have gotten it before. Come home with the munchkins, and stood in the kitchen, poking holes in these things with a toothpick to make spider legs. I thought it would take me forever. Ran back to school with "spiders"for party. It was worth it after I saw the looks on their faces. Priceless. I loved baking for the bake sale and things like that. Make you crazy....yup it does. Then when they finally drive, you worry that they are safe. Yes, "This is life" my Mom used to say. I love what one person said about God putting teens with peri/menopausal woman. What was he thinking?? Hang in there, we are right here with you!

  23. Well, you're likely not losing your mind. My husband being a psychiatrist, I'm sort of use to hearing about "real" people who "sort of lose their minds." My kids are 29 and 33. Does that say anything? Right. You've got so much going on. And I'm having fun in the garden. You're simply overwhelmed! Be easy on yourself, girl.

  24. Are you losing your mind? No, you are just being a wonderful, involved mom! Being such a great mom is a challenge to say the least. As a young mother of seven, I often felt like I straddled the line between sanity and insanity! ;o) However, I truly believe that you're doing the most noble and selfless work there is to do. Now that all my children are off on their own, I am often rewarded by seeing what amazing individuals they have become. Much of what they are, was encouraged by the sacrifices I made as their mother. You are doing a great job! Treat yourself to something special in the next few days. You deserve it!

  25. LOL...loved the way you did this post!♥

  26. Mary, drop what you are doing...leave a note on the kitchen counter and come here to my house...really...I promise to let you sleep until you wake up...I promise no laundry or soccer practice. I can't pormise no snoring (sorry but hubbie snores). But you will be on the other side of the house!!

    I remember when I had 4 very busy boys growing up in our house. Each with their own sports schedule. I feel your pain...But I also miss it....

  27. Oh my goodness, Mary. What a day! I can remember them well. It makes me tired!

  28. Awwww...Mary.....I remember those type of days very well! I know it's hard to believe but I miss them. Kids become functioning adults before you know it and then it's the waiting game for grandchildren to help drive us crazy! I can't wait for that :-)

    Enjoy it, and have that nice glass of wine at the end of the day like the first person suggested :-)

    Hugs, Pat

  29. i would suggest you volunteer LESS and drink MORE : )
    what a mom you are!
    kisses and cupcakes,

  30. Well, unfortunately that IS a typical day for a mom. But you seem to have had a particularly busy/crazy day. Wow Mary. Take a deep breath.

    I hope you snitched one of those brownies for yourself!

    - Suzanne

  31. It was days like this that God created wine for.
    And pasta.
    And chocolate.
    And bathtubs.
    And Tylenol PM.
    And Spring!

    Take your pick~~I usually resort to all of the above!


  32. Oh sweetie... you're not insane or that would mean that ALL mothers are insane ;)

    I do feel your pain with the explosion of American Eagle. It took HOURS to clean Annie's room the other day. How hard is it to put the dirty clothes in the basket instead of the floor all around it?? Very hard, apparently.

    Thank you for not making me feel alone in this..

    rue :)


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