Thursday, April 10, 2008

Still More Loving

I have had so much fun sharing all your favorite decorating details! Very often, the things that really make our hearts sing have a connection to a loved one. I began collecting milk glass when I inherited a few pieces from my mother. Now they are so beautiful to me, and they hold a special place in my heart. Here is the final group of things that tug at your heartstrings:

Cheri, and a doll-sized table and chairs, made for Cheri's daughter by her father-in-law

Abbie, a beautiful pink crib quilt and bedding, handmade by Abbie for her daughter

Beverly, a wonderful rose painting. After an exhaustive search for just the right piece of art, Beverly found this painting on ebay, and won it for $0.73!

Rhondi, an absolutely beautiful collection of blue glass

Lauren, her twin's childhood shoes, "silvered." How's that for tugging at your heartstrings? :)

Kathy, a terrific rooster shelf, filled with cute kitchen accessories. There is just something about roosters that speaks to lots of us. Did you catch Beverly's Rooster Parade this week? If not, follow her link above, and scroll down a bit -- great fun!

Susan, a beautiful beach-themed shelf. Sweet memories of family days spent near the water are a wonderful way to create a decorating scheme that really tugs at the heartstrings. :)

Thank you so much to everyone who has participated! I have had a wonderful time, and I hope you have, too. :)


  1. Delicious and inspiring rooms! Happy Day, Mary ((HUGS))

  2. Thank you Mary for letting me was fun.

    So many pretties...and what nice captions by you !!!

    Have a great day,
    Kathy :)

  3. Mary, you have done a fabulous job exhibiting all of these special places in your readers' homes. Every one speaks of beauty.

    Thanks for sharing my pink rose painting.

  4. Mary

    This was such a nice idea, I'd write more but I want to get back to your page and link away!
    You're a terrific hostess!

  5. Morning Mary! Hope you get a chance to go outside today and play. Finally we are getting some warm weather. Yeah! :-) Rosie

  6. Beautiful rooms. I've really enjoyed these sweet decorating favorites.
    Be sure to stop by Beverly's again for the 4th and final day of her Rooster Parade...I hope you saw yours marching along...they were so cute. Todays posting is awesome, too.
    What a fun week this has been....
    hugs, bj

  7. How wonderful! Thanks for sharing!

    I love your new banner - it's beautiful!


  8. I have so enjoyed this! Not to mention hopping over and finding some new to me cool blogs.

    Look, your plate has that same cool edge that I love so much on my tea saucer!

  9. Hey Mary - Love the new header. Did you take that one? Beautiful!

  10. Mary, thanks for hosting this fun event! I love getting a peek into people's homes and hearts...signed, becky up the hill (aka becky with the shells & billiard balls)

  11. Oh them all! The little table and chairs in that setting at a corner sink is completely charming. The silvered shoes, the pink and green quilt, the beach shelf...wonderful!

    And your header is wonderful!

  12. Mary, Can you hear it--my heart--it's singing to the top of it's voice! What a blessing it's been to see so many "favorite decorating details" on your blog. Do it again sometime. I didn't get to post my blue & white pitcher collection. Thanks, Patty Ann

  13. I enjoyed all the beautiful rooms Mary.

    Love your new header!


  14. Hello Mary, you truly deserve the community blogger award! This was so much fun.

    Love your new header.


  15. Thank you Mary!
    It was super fun!

  16. Mary--
    I really love all these wonderful shots. Thanks for sharing mine...

  17. Hi, Mary, I love all these pretty pics! Everyone has done such beautiful vignettes showing off their favorite things. I wish I'd had time to participate too, but I sure enjoyed looking.


  18. I think my favorite is the blue bottle collection - that and your blue transferware!!
    Thanks for doing this - it is fun seeing everyone's favorites!

  19. Wow have been busy...I just got back and so far I'm out of breath trying to catch up! LOL

    Love your nice of you to showcase others treasures.....

  20. Thank you, this was such a lovely idea. Thank you for all the links and the peeks into everyone's home. Karen

  21. Mary, So nice to see what it takes to make a person's heart sing. I enjoyed the peek into your reader's homes.


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