Wednesday, April 9, 2008

More Decorating Favorites

Among the many things that I love to collect, transferware dishes seem to always draw me in. I love all colors -- blue, red, brown. They always make me smile. Continuing our theme from yesterday, here are some more of your decorating favorites:

Lynn, A vintage picture of her mother, displayed along with the feather from her mother's hat.

Also from Lynn, a lovely English tureen

Karen, Karen's sister, Lynne, made her this lovely lap quilt and matching pillow, displayed here with some other matching treasures

Gail, A wonderful collection of restaurant creamers. Each piece is unique, and some have restaurant names marked on them.

Jeannelle, a paperweight made from an unusual rock found on her farm. Like Jeannelle, I usually pick up things on my walks, but I don't think I've ever carted home anything as big and heavy!

Tara, a piano surrounded by family pictures and special mementos. Tara says, "every vignette we make in our homes (is special because) we know the stories in our hearts."

Patty, a pretty embroidered pillow, which seems to have inspired little Zoe!

Please stop by again tomorow for our final group of lovely decorating details!


  1. That's the way to end.....with an awwwwe moment! The pillow does match the kitty! How cute.

    Loving these posts, Mary.

    Have a great day.......Rosie

  2. Mary

    This parade is so fun! Love everyone's contribution--all so unique!


  3. Such a lovely idea, I love peeking into other peoples designing details. Thank you for including my sister's quilt and for all the links to new and beautiful places. Karen

  4. This is just so cool. I'm really enjoying it Mary. Not to mention, I've finding a handful of sites I haven't visited before. Thanks so much for doing this!

  5. This is so fun! Thanks for doing this and including me. I've really enjoyed seeing everything. I guess I am very eclectic -I love the things that are similiar to mine and really love the things that are different! XX Lynn

  6. Hi Mary!
    another great collection of images! TI is so nice to see every ones special things..
    Thank you for all your hard work!

  7. This has been such a fun week here! The photo with the actual feather from the hat is an inspired vignette...simply charming.

  8. Oh so pretty Mary. I am loving these posts too!


  9. All the pictures are so beautiful and creative! This was a wonderful idea Mary :)


  10. I'm loving these parade's, they're tons of fun!
    Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

  11. I enjoyed today's photos...
    Oh! Sweet kitty!
    Great idea, Mary!

  12. Mary, I want to thank you for taking the time that went into creating this lovely parade for us! I'm enjoying it a lot.

    I am also LOVING -- JUST LOVING your new header. It's incredible. I see photo of the month over at Kacey's. I should not even enter next month!

  13. You have some found some beautiful things.Thanks for sharing.

  14. Hi Mary!

    Really enjoying your special posts! So nice to see what every one holds dear to their hearts, and I get to discover some wonderful new blogs! Lucky me! :)

  15. More gorgeous favoirites. I ahve to admit I love that kitty!

    Thanks Mary.

    I blogged about my favortite cookbooks today. I hope you'll have the opportunity to tell me what yours are.



  16. Its a feast for the eyes to view the lovely items and arrangements!

  17. I always enjoy coming here to see your pics. They are always so pretty and you have great stories to go with them :)

  18. Thanks for highlighting everyone's lovely things. Love all that b&w toile & other b&w goodies that the one person has. Thank you for sharing.


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