Thursday, April 3, 2008

One More Time

So, have you gotten tired of seeing stuff from my closets yet? This is the last time, I promise. I found these knives in the back of the dining room closet last week.

They are small -- about six inches long -- and have handles of delicately chased leaves and flowers in a pattern reminiscent of the Arts & Crafts movement. As always, I'm not sure what they are for -- fruit? Cheese? I'm sure some of you can enlighten me. :)

Here are some sugar tongs. At least I think they are sugar tongs. Look at the wonderful carved pansies on the sides, and those fabulous pincers that look like little bird's feet. I love these so much that I think I will start to use sugar cubes in my daily cup of tea!

Finally, here is the fork on steroids. That's what I call it because this sucker is HUGE. It's obviously a serving piece, but for what? The tines aren't sharp enough to pierce anything, so I'm assuming it's used to slide under and carry something. Anybody have a clue?

Well, excuse me while I find the silver polish. :)
Don't forget to send me a picture of your favorite decorating detail -- It can be as small as the fringe on a pillow, or as large as, well, I'll leave that for you to decide. It doesn't have to be unusual; just something you love. Email me your picture, and tell me a little bit about it. I'll share them with everyone (and link to your blog, if you have one) in an upcoming post. thanks!


  1. Mary, I have decided that you must live in a treasure trove. I am completely fascinated by all of the unusual things you have.

    I absolutely adore those sugar tongs. I keep sugar cubes in my bowl just so my guests will use my sugar tongs.

    Maybe the fork could be used to serve sliced meat.

  2. Mary,
    Ok can we come over for a treasure hunt? Haaa....I can't believe all of the wonderful, beautiful, treasures in your home! It should be a museum. Love it. And um no clue what that huge fork is for, but I'll be your right.

  3. Hi, Mary...have you not lived in this little red house very long? You keep finding so many fabulous things of your mother's, I am just wondering if you've moved into this house in the last few years.
    You have found some really wonderful items....these being included.
    Here's hoping you find more and more!
    Thanks for sharing....
    hugs, bj

  4. I love your stuff! I think those are fish knives, but what do I know. I have a great decorating/conversation thing that has followed me from house to house. I am a frequent renovator of old homes and then move on when it's done. After this last one three years ago, I think I have retired. It is so much work. By the way, that Martha Stewart silver polishing trick is vary good for flatware...

  5. Oh! I just LOVE those sugar cube tongs!! The tines are amazing! and the floral work is lovely as well. I would love to dig througn your closets any day.. Infact, you could probably auction off the right to! "To the highest bidder, you may clean my house and get the priviledge of viewing my collections!" You'd make a fortune! I know I'd line up! ;)
    That fork looks so pratical! Perfect for moving a roast or large chicken from cooking pan to serving platter! but with more elegance than a plastic spatula. (my weapon of choice!)

  6. I love seeing this stuff you're finding. I'll come polish it for you. I'm this freak that loves to polish silver. I also polish silver when I'm stressed. I know, weird, huh?

  7. Bj -- We've lived in the house since 1980. I guess that says something about my capacity to live with stuffed closets. LOL

    Kacey -- when I'm stressed, I eat. I think polishing silver sounds much healthier!

    Abbie -- I think I've pretty much discovered all there is to find in the closets. However, we're cleaning out the garage next week... :)

  8. Oh Mary...they are wonderful finds! I think you should frame those tongs and keep them on display. :-) Rosie

  9. After I pushed the submit button a thought popped in my head..........Your closets remind me of "Narnia"! You never know what magical things await on the other side........

  10. Don't you just love antiques!--so lovely, and charming.

    Have a great day, Mary


  11. I never tire of what you find in this closet of yours!


  12. This is a magical closet! Keep it coming!

    That reminds me...must get out my sugar tongs!

  13. Do you ever stop finding treasures in that wonderful home of yours? I want to come help you 'dig' for them! These are gorgeous pieces of old silver. Such treasures. Thanks for sharing them. ~Adrienne~

  14. Silver polish indeed! I could tell by your pic in the sidebar you had a great sense of humor..=). Those knives are fabulously beautiful. If I had something like that in my closet, I'd be shooting pics too! Just surfing by...=)

  15. Hi Mary:

    Okay I am on my way to help you clean out your closet. You have some amazing treasures that I would love to take off your hands....


    Debbie Kay

  16. Mary,

    Love seeing the treasures you are finding! Keep the pictures coming!
    I agree that big fork lools like it was used to move big pieces of meat. I know sometimes salad forks are big and fat like that too. Maybe there is a big fat spoon to match? I love the little sugar tongs too!

  17. Mary; Such great finds you could write a book on all of the items you have found in your house.
    Your blogg is the first one I check every morning.I get off work at 6am and I am always amazed that sometimes you have already put up a post.You must be a early bird.
    I will be sending you a pic of a favorite thing in my house

  18. OK - We're coming over to raid your closets! We love colecting old silver, among a zillion other things!

    Karrie and Karla

  19. The knives are butter knives. I have seen the large forks used to remove meat from a roaster....but I have never seen one so ornate for that job.

    I love your stuff!!!!

  20. Someone may have already given these as possibilities for your fabulous finds. Knives for butter; fork on roids for serving sliced meats. Any chance you have a large spoon on roids to match? You don't want to know what I find when I clean closets....

  21. Someone may have already given these as possibilities for your fabulous finds. Knives for butter; fork on roids for serving sliced meats. Any chance you have a large spoon on roids to match? You don't want to know what I find when I clean closets....

  22. You've found so much treasure in that closet, I've decided that it has a false back which leads to a tunnel...that goes all the way to New York City!

    I love seeing your "finds" each day.

  23. The fork looks like it could be used to clean stalls. It's probably as big as some of our pitchforks over here on the horse farm. Yes, it's to clean stalls for a famous racehorse. That's my guess!

  24. I think Martha Stewart had an article once on odd silverware. I had always wondered what my pointy knives (that my sons love as daggers) were and she identified them as fish knives.
    Pointy for poking out fish bones maybe?
    Mine sit unpolished in the corner of the silverware drawer. Too pretty, like yours, to give up.

  25. Your home is always filled with wonderful treasures, I never tire of them!

    Happy spring,

  26. Im on my way over to help clean those closets and Im bringing a big purse!!!

    You have the neatest things!

    Stephanie :)

  27. The Jolly Green Giant called and said he wants is fork back. He's had to use his fingers to eat his peas because you took his fork! LOL

  28. Hi Mary

    The large fork? I saw this once at an antiques show and was so sorry I never bought it because I never saw it again--it is for serving asparagus!

    Maybe you'll serve that along with tea and sugar cubes!


  29. What a wonderful posting about your found-again treasures! Love them! Can't wait to see them all shiny and used in one of your great photos and vignettes!

    Jan at Rosemary Cottage

  30. I'm wondering if that large fork-type utensil is half of a set and might be used to take roasts or turkeys (or any larger portion of meat) out of a pan...or salad tossers.

  31. I love all the treasures you find in your home. You could post them all day and I'd sit here and read every word :)



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