Friday, May 16, 2008

Triple Red Alert

OK, I'm still on Triple Red Alert here. Yesterday I tried to straighten up the family room and dust the book shelves. And I sort of got sidetracked into rearranging the books so that I could fit more on the shelves. We always have piles of books around the house, sitting on the floors or spread across a footstool, so this was my attempt to create some organization out of a very messy room. (There's a reason why you never see photos of the family room on my blog -- it's got that real "lived-in" look!)

Today my friend, Robin, is going to help me tear up the ratty carpeting on the stairs. I'm not sure what is underneath, but it can't be any worse than that threadbare rug. LOL

Well, gotta go. After all, I'm on Triple Red Alert here!!! Have a wonderful weekend. :)

(Yes, I realize that the photo of strawberries has nothing whatsoever to do with the post. Except they are red. Sorry, that's all I got.)


  1. Mary

    Good luck in your day of carpet ripping...hey, there are some things that just GOTTA get done!


  2. I sure hope the new girlfriend appreciates all this hard work!;)

  3. Well at least you have help, it should make the task a little brighter. Good luck, Janie

  4. Oh wow, this girlfriend had better be real good to be worth all this effort.

  5. And I thought I was the only one who had threadbare carpet on my stairs!! If you and Robin wouldn't mind stopping by, you can tackle mine.I'll be in Vermont but I'll leave plenty of wine out for you.


  6. Don't work too hard! It will be interesting to see what's under the carpet on the stairs. ~Adrienne~

  7. I always love your pictures - even the strawberries on the Spode plate. :)

    Wow... are you putting in new carpet? This girlfriend of your son MUST be special for you to go through all that work! :)

  8. Mary, I saw a double meaning in your post.

    Triple read alert getting the house ready, and triple red in your picture. Red strawberry, red plate, red in the tablecloth.

    Good luck.

  9. But a beautiful plate and beautiful strawberries, if I say so myself. Good job. Glad you have help with the stairs! Have fun with it all.

  10. You are so funny! Your son's girlfriend is going to think you are simply fabulous! and I highly doubt she'd notice the carpet and say 'That's it! I'm outta here!!'
    The youthful love has given you boundless energy, ENJOY IT!

  11. relieved to find out you have a "lived-in" area in your home. My whole house is like that!

    I can relate to going on a cleaning binge due to kids bringing home friends for the first time! I figure if its truly true love, the status of the mother's housekeeping won't matter very much.

    Your photos are ALWAYS so lovely!

  12. You're tearing up carpet?! You are more ambitious than I thought. This must be some girlfriend! Good luck with Triple Red Alert!! Have a great weekend!

  13. The best part about having company is that when they leave, your house has been tidied from top to bottom, and then you can go for a drive. Have fun. Karen

  14. Hi Mary,
    How fun to have a friend come help you rip that carpet out! I hope there is beautiful hardwood underneath. If not, you can always paint and stencil it!

  15. Love the strawberry on the red plate and the red in the cloth...that's triple red, right? I think it illustrates your story better than you think!

    Carpet! :D Hope that it comes up easily and that you find something good under there.

  16. But the photo is so pretty and precious, who cares if it pertains to the post?

  17. Craziness must be catching... a mist a hectic day I managed to lock myself out of the house yesterday... hope the neighbors weren't looking as I "broke" in... me crawling through a window not a pretty sight, I'm sure!

    Happy weekend!
    Karrie & Karla, too!

  18. Hi Mary,

    I think that the picture serves the red alert perfectly :) I hope that you find good stuff under the carpet. Boy I remember ripping ours up and finding lovely hardwood floors. Hope it goes as well for you :)


  19. Hello Mary
    You stopped a beautiful picture.
    I wish you for all your projects large luck!
    Take care

  20. Hi Mary, Here's hoping you find beautiful hardwood floors under the carpet. I have tried all winter to redo my bookcases and just can't get started. I need help! ~ Lynn

  21. Mary - I love the fact that the Red House is on Red Alert. Oh gosh, when my daughter brought the previous boyfriend home I worked like a dog to get the place looking like a model home. HA HA, that was sure a fantasy. It occurred to me that I should leave it au naturel and give the young man the TRUTH about life in the Farmer's house!

    Hope all goes well. BTW, I can sympathize with the book problem. The breed at night, did you know that?

    - Suzanne

  22. Hello friend!!!!! I can't tell you how happy I am to find you were lost! lol It's me Picket from RMS...I had lost you and I was going thru an old list of my favorites where I saved your kitchen pics from long ago (I never did get a release form signed from you) But there you were and when I clicked on it I found the blog address and let out a little squeal!! lol I am so happy to be able to visit you agaiin..I turned my porch light off at RMS..I have beautiful memories and alot to be thankful far from that site seeing as how it enabled me to realize I could decorate and do things all by myself with all those fabulous ideas and inspiration but it was time to move I started my own blog...not that I know anything about blogging, but you sure do meet alot of wonderful and caring people out there...I am just so thrilled to have found you again and to be able to come by and say hello and that I hope all is well in your world and I will be back...have a great weekend sweetie!


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