Thursday, August 7, 2008

Please Vote For Me!

As you probably know, I LOVE to take photographs.  My family looks upon this obsession with a collective shake of the head.  My husband now reminds me to take my camera along on our walks.  My daughter calls my camera a "fifth limb."  

But I'm used to embarrassing my kids, and my husband is the one who gave me my camera!  And I get the last laugh because I have actually had a photo published in a national magazine.  

And now I have entered several photos in a contest called Great Destinations/NJ.  The contest is sponsored by our local newspaper, The Star-Ledger, and P.C. Richards, an electronics store.  Winners will have their photos published in a coffee table book, and are also eligible to win some neat prizes.  I'm really excited about this contest, and as of right now, I have three photos that they say may be published!

Can I ask you all a big favor?  Could you possibly sign up at the website and vote for my photos?  I hesitate to ask, because they require you to give your email address, which means you will probably be getting email from the electronics store.  But if you don't mind that, I would really appreciate it if you could vote.  Click on the widget at the upper right hand corner of my blog where you can sign up and vote.  The contest ends August 31st.  I'll let you know how I do.  Keep your fingers crossed!

(The widget has been up on my blog since yesterday, and I think some of you may have already voted.  If you have, thank you SO MUCH!!!)


  1. I do dig it Mary! I am sure your kids are very proud of you. Your photos are fantastic!

  2. I registered and voted for severla of your awesome photos! I LOVE the arbor with the wisteria vines growing all over it. It looks like a tunnel! So cool! Also voted for your beach scene the flower in your widget photo and your coneflowers & blackberries. Some otehrs too, but don't want to make this post too long to list them. Good luck! Your photos are awesome!

  3. Good luck, Mary. I'll head right over.

  4. Voted for your photos Mary! Love them all! Good luck!

  5. I did dig it so I voted. Hope it went through...

  6. OK, Mary dear...I DIG IT !!
    Congratulations on having one published and good, GOOD luck on this contest. We are all proud of you!
    hugs, bj

  7. Wow, Mary, that's great! You DO take fabulous photos!

    Good luck!


  8. You got it Mary! Used a fake name and email address though ;)

  9. Of course Mary!!
    I will vote, your photos are great!!!! Best of luck, Janie

  10. Mary

    I'll be voting, you know what a fan I am!


  11. I'm voting now! I just love that pic!!!

  12. Mission accomplished! I will need to buy that book when you get published!

  13. I went right to the site and registered and voted for several of your beautiful photos...your work is so lovely. I'm sending you lots of positive energy - good luck!


  14. Too funny (about family opinions, that is) my family has the same reactions when they see me coming. Blogging has a way of getting you into photography and you begin to see things differently.
    I have voted for two of your pictures - how do I vote for the third?

  15. Of course I'll vote for you Mary -- I'm always impressed by your phtographs! Good luck!!

    Hugs, Pat

  16. Hi Mary,

    I regiested and voted for all of your pics on this page:

    Good Luck, I love your work!


  17. Hi Mary
    I'll vote for you and I hope you win. That would be so exciting! Before I began to write a blog I was the worst photographer and I never remembered to take my camera to important events. Now it's with me all the time, just like you and I'm getting pretty good at it. Hope you win!
    Hugs, Rhondi

  18. LOVE that photo Mary...Good Luck!!

  19. Of course i will, I LOVE your photos....good luck !!!

    Here I go.......

    Kathy :)

  20. Mary

    Thanks so very much for visiting my blog. I was so afraid that when I started blogging I'd be sitting in my room all alone and nobody would ever come. So having visitors is the BIGGEST KICK! Then I get to follow them home and check our their spaces. I must say your pictures are stunning. The photography really catches my eye. I'm gonna go vote for sure because I can see you have some really exceptional stuff.
    I'll be visiting often so don't call the police when you see me lurking!

  21. Oh Mary,

    these are beautiful! Of course I voted!!! Hope you win!!

  22. Oh yes Mary! I voted my little heart out and what a pleasure it was. Your work is outstanding and always a joy to see! I hope yo win!!


  23. Beautiful photo. It was a pleasure to vote for you and I hope you win.

  24. Dear Mary;
    You have such a knack for capturing the shot, and an educated eye, that's the winning combination that gives us so much more than a beautiful picture. I loved voting, so many great photos of a place I've never been. I just recently discovered your blog and thanks to you, many, many more! Looking forward to more of your wonderful posts, and finding more favorites to visit. Thanks for the great introduction,
    (from the Northern California Wine Country)

  25. You got my vote. The best of luck. Living in PA , I've seen lots of NJ a summer destination since childhood.

  26. Hmmm, this depends, are you a Springsteen fan? If you are, since I stood in monsoon rain Saturday night to see him then I will do this. It would be a great incentive, although you probably don't need my little vote anyway!


  27. I did dig it too and I hope you win a prize!

    The photo is fantastic, outstanding, wonderful!
    Please tell me what beach this is?

  28. I somehow found your blog and was looking at the picture of the beach with the boardwalk in the background and said to myself "that looks like Seaside" it?
    I live in Lanoka Harbor, NJ, right below Toms River and was surprised to read about your pictures and that you were from NJ too.
    Good luck with winning the contest.


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