Monday, August 11, 2008

Tunis-Ellicks House

This is one of my favorite spots to visit.  The historic Tunis-Ellicks House is a c. 1800 farmhouse preserved by the Harding Township Historical Society.  

It is about 20 minutes from my home, and houses a museum of early American life, as well as archives pertaining to the history of the surrounding area.

There is a charming "parlor garden" filled with  flowers and herbs that would have been used by a nineteenth-century family, and surrounded by a picket fence.  Espaliered apple trees are planted near the stone chimney. 

There is also a historic 19th century "tramp house," pictured below.

The Tunis-Ellicks House is a wonderful example of New Jersey history, and a great place to slow down and contemplate life in an earlier time.


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  1. Beautiful garden and home. I love the little "Tramp House" is that some sort of guest house for vagabonds?

  2. What a lovely and well cared for site. I so enjoy visiting places like this.

  3. What great color combinations on the Tunis-Ellicks that "red" door.

    This home looks as if it could be sitting in the middle of New England.

  4. Hi Mary,
    I too love to visit places like this.
    I really love the cottage gardens too.
    Thanks for posting,

  5. I love going to visit this sort of house. So much history.
    Thanks for taking us along...
    hugs, bj

  6. Hi Mary

    I really think I could have lived in this time period--life was so simple!

  7. Such a wonderful collection of images from this historical place. I love history and so miss the structures I used to be able to photograph when we lived in Virginia. You've made me homesick.

  8. A beautiful looks so New fact it reminds me of so many homes around this area. I loved the gardens.

  9. Love the old buildings ..... especially love that garden! Was the little latticed building the outhouse? If so, I have never seen one like that.

  10. Thank goodness for Historical Societies! Their dedication is responsible for so many wonderful preservations. I so enjoy stepping into the past...this home and garden is beautiful. I love to explore these places.

    Thanks for posting.

  11. Kathy: yes, I believe it is a guest house for passing vagabonds.

    Rosie: I think it might be a well-head.

  12. What a wonderful Historical home! I would love to visit there. I love history!

  13. Pretty garden and home.I voted for your picture. Good Luck.
    Many Blessings, Virginia

  14. I love that red door.....

    My most recent post is about a house too.....although it's much different from this one :o)

  15. Thanks for a lovely blog with so many beautiful photos. I really loves that stone- building, beautiful..I would have loved a small house like that in my garden..

    Kristin in Norway

  16. I wonder what clothes people were wearing then?

  17. Thanks for posting this. I feel like I have been on a mini vacation!

  18. Very pretty historical NJ home and garden, Mary. I wonder waht the "tramp" house was for?

  19. The house and the garden looks just lovely:-

    Have a great day!

    Hugs Gunilla in Singapore


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