Saturday, January 29, 2011


I was on line at the supermarket yesterday, when I realized that I had forgotten one item. There were two people ahead of me. I ran to get the item, and when I returned, less than one minute later, some woman had pushed my cart out of the way and was starting to load her items on the belt.

When I told her (very politely) that I was next in line, she told me that I shouldn't have left my cart unattended. Now mind you, I was gone less than one minute and they had not even started checking out the woman who had been ahead of me on line.

Can you believe that??? It wasn't as if I had kept her waiting...

I don't mind telling you, I was madder than hell!

Sorry to drop all that on you! But by now (hopefully) I'm over it. lol And so I'll just post this pretty tea cup and wish you all a pleasant weekend.


I hope to see you all at Mosaic Monday. No more venting, I promise! The linky thingy will be up on Sunday night by 8:30 pm Eastern time, USA. If you need help learning how to make a mosaic, be sure to check out my tutorial on the sidebar.



  1. Mary ~ Unfortunately some people in this world are not as generous as those in the Blogging World.;-( Pray for her...Obviously she is not a happy person ;-)

  2. Girl, I understand how frustrating that can be! I agree, she must not be a happy person...she was certainly not polite.

  3. Some people are just rude. Have a great weekend Mary:@)

  4. Her actions were just... wrong and rude. I like your teacup photo and hope your weekend is full of pleasant moments too! :)

  5. That really was wrong of her. I love what Vintage Gal's advice. As for me, I would have wanted to bitch-slap her. Sorry.

  6. That truly is sad...You have to wonder what happened to make this woman so mean, unforgiving and selfish...But like you I would have been livid if it happened to me too.

    OT I have a question about Mosaic Monday for you...I have 2 blogs and both have mosaic posts I would like to share...can I post both or am I limited to only sharing one of my blogs?

    Hope you weekend gets better
    Blessings Kelsie

  7. Kelsie, feel free to post both! The more, the merrier!

  8. I am no longer shocked by what others say and do. I think that is probably a sad statement to make. Oh my, and I need to go to the grocery.

  9. What? A rude person in NEW JERSEY?
    I am shocked and appalled. :-P

    Next time you have to leave your cart, do a big fake sneeze into your hands,
    wipe your hands on the shopping cart handle, and no one will move it then.

    Although it is New Jersey, where we ain't afraid of no stinkin' germs,
    so I issue no guarantees about that.

    Have you seen the fresh snow that fell late yesterday? It's GLITTERING!!! I can't stop peeking at it.
    Please get pictures this morning, Mary, because I tried and pretty much failed but you are a good photographer ... and this snow is amazing.

    All the best -- Cass

  10. Hi Mary. The tea cup is a gem. The woman in the supermarket was NOT a gem. She was a "shmuck." You gotta feel sorry for someone that unpleasant. Whenever anyone does something like that to me, I TRY to think, "Hurt people, hurt people." If butting in front of you made her think she would be happier, she's got another thought coming. A person like that is simply NOT happy. Period.

    Hope your Saturday is good and free of "hurt" people. ha! Susan

  11. Totally get it. Hope venting helped. I've had two experiences from people lately who have cut, so to speak, in lines. It just boggles the mind what kind of personality isn't the least bit embarrassed and feels entitled like that. I tend to get more upset than the average person about things like that and really have to talk myself out of it. Susan is right, people like that just can't' be happy or well adjusted. I try to keep my focus on doing what is right because if I slink to their level, I'm inevitably disappointed in myself later. Keep it right with God I tell my kids and don't worry about the other person, especially if it is just a slight grievance. But boy wouldn't it be fun to take on the personality of Elaine from Seinfeld and just say whatever you want in a situation like that! Have a happy day and forget about her. She's no doubt miserable somewhere else today if her mind works like that.

  12. Deep breaths, and a cup of tea in your beautiful
    tea cup. . .oh, I knew there was a reason I don't like to go grocery shopping! Rude people lurking there!
    You are definitely the better person.

  13. Oh Mary I wish I had been there hon! Her stuff would have been back in her basket in a trice....I would have done it with a smile on my face but oh yeah I would have done it.
    There is way too much rude, impolite behavior in this world and those of us who know better have an obligation to teach!
    That being said "to heck with her miserable butt"!
    Have a great weekend...
    Tina xo

  14. I was thinking the same thing as Kate!

    You know what upsets me the most in those situations? It's that I don't know how to stand up to someone like that. It makes me feels so small and frustrated. However some woman was really rude to me in Target recently and I gave it right back to her!

    I hope you have a nice week-end, Mary.

  15. Rudeness is so common now, simple courtesy is rare. Useless to reason with someone like that, they don't have a clue their actions are deplorable. We stand there speechless and they are rewarded with bad behavior. If the clerk had simply said, "Sorry, she was in line first"...

  16. People have no patience in the 24/7/365 stay connected world . . . Your teacup is pretty, hope the tea was delicious and washed away the stress of that impatient woman.

  17. Unfortunately there are a lot of rude people out there, and it seems that I am running into many of them. Enjoy your weekend. Suppose to be 66 today, so as soon as I finish my coffee I am out of here.

  18. I think I would have really blown up at her. I just can't accept rudeness. I think she has issues.


  19. Oh that's so rude and annoying! Last weekend my husband and I were in Big Lots, we were first in line but there was only one check out open and a very elderly couple with a full cart was there. They opened another checkout and the girl said "I can help the next person in line" so my husband and I started to walk over. Some guy in the back just bulldozered past everyone and got to the checkout incredibly rude!!!! Venting helps:)

  20. Oh Mary, I love you more than ever. Sometimes I feel like I am the only one that ever whines about something. I absolutely loved your previous post about the snow. HH has left his overshoes, slippers, boots and several shovels right inside the garage door and I can hardly get my car in. LOL your post so made me laugh. Love it. On the blogs and the golfcourse, that is where you find good manners, mostly.

  21. That must have been so frustrating! Maybe she was having a really bad day.

    Happy belated birthday, Mary! Hope you had a fabulous day! xo

  22. Wasn't she sweet! NOT. Oh well, I guess I've gotten use to the rude behavior of others...I find myself just rolling my eyes, and moving on. What else can you do??

    Hope next shopping trip proves to be less nasty.

  23. Do you remember "Ferris Bueller's Day off"? I thought that the part where his dad is coming home at the end of the day and the crazy lady driving in front of him is all over the road. He just takes it mellow. I WISH that I could be like that. Someone else told me about another similar incident that happened just yesterday. Poor uptight people! =(

    You can vent all that you want. =] We love you! =D

    Oh, but that snow thing...... poor Mary! I think that you've gotten more snow than us, the last couple of years. Hibernate, for sure!

    Love, Katy

  24. I hope you called the manager. I can't stand it. The other day it was snowing and I waited for a lady to back up so I could get the parking space.
    Don't you know some smart ass young girl whipped into it
    in front of me. MAD VENT it's good.

  25. Just who does she think she is???!!! She should be ashamed!! But, you know something? She's not, those folks never are. SO don't give her any power over you. What goes around and all that... you have a wonderful weekend...maybe she's sitting in traffic for hours and hours somewhere...hold that thought and enjoy that beautiful tea is wonderful! Best, Vicki

  26. When people like that get under my skin...I have this place I go to...where I think...hmmm where you abused as a child? Then I feel sorry for them and I'm over it. You vent girl...we're here for you ;) Give it up and don't give the likes of her any more of your energy. Have a wonderful weekend. Fondly, Roberta

  27. Obviously ,trolley rage is everywhere!
    I was unpacking my trolley once and the man behind me decided that I was not quick enough and started get in there and throw my groceries out ,bear in mind the person in front me was still being checked out!
    I fixed him with a cold stare and told him in no uncertain terms to LEAVE my shopping alone.Ruined my day totally.

  28. Some people, wow!!! Seems like everyone is getting a lot more rude. What ever happened to manners and being courteous. Hugs, Marty

  29. Some people have all the nerve. It's not as if she had to wait on you to return.

  30. Hi Mary
    May I suggest the next time you ask the person right ahead of you to mind your cart and advise anyone that comes along that you'll be right back. They usually will do this.
    The thing that frosts me is to be standing in line for some time and a new cashier will open and take the last person in the line that just walked up instead of the 'next' person in line.
    Nice to get this kind of stuff off our chests isn't it? :-)

  31. Awww poor spoiled little baby you. Can't wait in line in turn. She should have pushed your cart to the end of the line. Try to think of people that have no money for food - or have no home - they wouldn't mind standing at the back of the line and waiting their turn. Is your time more valuable than the lady who was in line after you?

  32. I am always so shocked when people are rude...I guess we should get used to it. I'm one of those people that would have offered to go get the item for you, so I guess I expect others to be nice.

  33. Grrrr.

    It amazes me what people are like. I would have waited!

  34. Oh, I would have been arrested. I probably would have went ballistic on her. I am not good with rude people.

  35. Dear anonymous,
    I expect everyone -- rich, poor, privileged or not -- to be courteous and kind. In fact, if Our situations had been reversed, I would never have dreamed of doing what she did. I have been on line behind people who argued for ten minutes over their bill, and not said a word in protest...

  36. Oddly enough ~ I just checked out a book from the library titled "The Civility Solution ~ What to Do When People Are Rude". I am saddened by the lack of civility in our society today. I had the same thing happen in the grocery line not long ago. I am sorry that it happened to you.

    Susan and Bentley

  37. Some people are just rude!
    A similar thing happened to my daughter yesterday. She was in line for the pharmacy, the only one. a gentleman (I use that term loosely) stepped right in front of her...not only was he picking up his meds but had an arm load of other goods. She held her toungue...then vented to me loudly. Some people! I mean him not her ;) LOL
    Have a better day!

  38. Mary,

    I am a fellow NJ blogger but having traveled extensively. I don't think we have a monopoly on rudeness. I am so sick of people and this "it's all about me attitude". I don't buy something must have happened to cause this behavior. We all have hardships and this doesn't give anyone the right to treat others poorly. I actually would have called her on it and I have done so in the past.


  39. People turn into monsters the minute they hit the grocery store parking lot.

  40. People can be so rude and unhelpful. My daughter and I went to JoAnn fabrics yesterday and I swear two elderly ladies were ready to punch each other out because one had got ahead of another in the fabric cutting line. My goodness! Kit

  41. I had to come over and see what had upset you. I totally understand. That has happened to me before too. I mean, c'mon...why? Why do people have to be so mean! Hope this next week is better for you.

  42. People in the grocery stores can be so is one reason that I try to be especially nice to everyone when I am there:)

  43. Mary thank you for the links to some photo editing sites! I think I have become a Mosaic Addict tonight!? *winks* Mosaic Madness going on at this ole House now!!! *LOL*

    Dawn... The Bohemian


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