Friday, January 7, 2011

Winter White

We always crave white after the wild excesses of the holidays. That's why Victoria magazine always has their white issue in January, right? Well, I think the ladies at my favorite thrift store have caught on. When they reopened the shop after New Year's Day, they had a whole table filled with white dishes.

It's almost as if they knew I was coming. lol

I've been collecting white and cream dishes for my kitchen, and although I already have a few tureens, I just had to bring this one home with me. For $12., it was a thrifty addition to my kitchen decor.

And who can resist a beautiful white beauty like this in January?


  1. The drapes on the background of the firts image are super! x

  2. Any month of the year would do!
    Great buy :)

  3. I love winter white too, Mary! Actually I love white anytime of year. It's always been my favorite color. White just goes with anything.

    Now you make me want to go to the local antique shop!

  4. So clean and beautiful!!! Wonderful pictures that draw us into the comfort of the room!! Wishing you a grand weekend! Cathy

  5. Berry beautiful. Translated - - I like the berries in your chandelier too. Your home always "fee;s" cozy. Happy January.

  6. Living in New England I have no use for January, and I've always said the only thing to look forward to are the white sales! Have a great day, nice soup tureen, and great price!

  7. Hi Mary
    I like winter whites too and would have brought the soup tureen home myself. A good price as well.

  8. I remember January "White Sales" growing up long before and the new current ones... ... Black Friday, Cyber Monday etc.
    Nothing better than Clean White!!

    Love the Soup Tureen!!
    What soup are you going to make for it's debute to your home?

    Happy 2011,

  9. It is lovely...and I thought all that white was to reflect January snow.

  10. It would be quite hard to resist! Carla

  11. this store is A M A Z I N G! you find the best stuff at crazy good prices. and then you make beautiful pictures of your finds for us. i just love opening up littleredhouse each day to see what is next. jkj

  12. Great buy! Yes, white in January, including white sales!

  13. I love white! My favorite shirt is a white button down shirt. Of course I should never wear white because I am a complete klutz. Again, loved the photos!

  14. It is so true, that craving for white. I love those white sales too but I don't have any money left for them.

  15. I agree ~ white is so calming and fresh after the excitement of the Christmas season. Lovely post!

    Susan and Bentley

  16. First, let me say that when I saw the photo on your post....I thought it was a vanilla ice cream cone. Apparently not having eaten all day has made me 'see things'!

    Second, I agree with you about wanting white all around you this time of year. Clean and crisp and pleasing to the eye.

    Third, I bought 2 white frames at the thrift store today. I had NO intentions of purchasing them, but there they were...calling out for me to put them into the basket! I've been on a white kick this past week and wondered why.
    Seems YOU were sending out vibes all the way to Colorado!

    Now, where is that ice cream bowl????


  17. White is my favorite color,this is pure,neat, clean and beautiful!!! Lovely pictures that draw us into the comfort of the room!!

  18. Your photos are just gorgeous, and that soup tureen is lovely. I can hardly ever find cute things like that lately. Everyone must be holding onto their "lovlies" here in PA. We woke up to a blanket of white this morning, it looks beautiful, but that is enough for me :O
    I did buy 2 gravy boats at Boscov's for their white sale, I guess that counts :)
    Thanks for sharing!

  19. Wow for 12 bucks I would have brought that home as well...I'm also a big sucker for white dishes. I got the original white Pfaltzgraff dishes for my HS graduation over 30 years ago and they have traveled the world with me and only one dish was ever broken. Maybe someday my kids will want


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