Friday, October 26, 2007

Autumn Remembered

We're finally starting to see some serious fall color here at our Little Red House. This is the sugar maple that my dad planted years ago. It's always the most beautiful color in our yard. When they were little, my kids would rake all the fallen leaves, and jump off the picnic bench into the pile, crunchy and fragrant.

Afterwards, we would all cram into the car and drive to Wightman's Farm for homemade donuts and apple cider. If we were really lucky, the donuts would still be warm, and the cider was always freshly pressed.

Oh, I miss those days when such simple things made us all so happy -- the autumn sunlight slanting through the leaves that were left on the trees, making them come alive with color like a stained glass window;

the weight of a child squirming in your lap as you tied her shoe; the lovely smell of the crushed pears from a nearby tree, fallen to the ground amid the lazy drone of the bees.

Will another autumn day ever be as sweet?

Edited to add: A family in my daughter's school lost a child to suicide this week. Please remember them in your prayers.


  1. Great pictures. I love the photo of your little ones in the big pile of leaves. Wonderful memories attached to Autumn :-}

  2. Autumn is my all time favorite...wish it was year round. It has dipped into the low 30's here in WA...feels like winter.
    Blessings and Prayers,

  3. I love all of the pictures. And you paint such a pretty picture with your words. Warm donuts and freshed pressed cider - could there be anything better??

    I'm so sorry to hear about your daughter's classmate. I'll be sure to say a prayer.


  4. What a precious photo of your children in the leaves! Each autumn is a gift.

    I am sorry about the news of the suicide. What a sad time for the family and friends.

    ~~ Heidi ~~

  5. Lovely post Mary - So sorry about the loss.

  6. Mary, what great photos! This time of year is so inspiring. Those are wonderful memories. I too wish it was still like that in many ways.

    I just love your house! THat bird wall is wonderful, as are the old doors & doorknobs. Old houses are so neat.


  7. Wonderful memories of piles of burning leaves (and the great smell) in our old neighbourhood! Along with taste of apple cider, great fall veggies -- and the urge to get closer to the crackling fire and just be cozy! Many thoughts, prayers and wishes to all at the school ..... and of course -- the family and friends.

    Jan at Rosemary Cottage

  8. Your phots are beautiful and your thoughtful words just bring them to life:)

    It is finally looking and feeling like fall here too and I just love it.

    I will certainly be in prayer for the family who lost their child. I can not think of anything more heartbreaking.


  9. Oh Mary,
    I love that you have so many memories in your home. I hope someday that my children and I will have such wonderful memories to share.
    There is no greater fear I have than to loose a child. My prayers go out to them.

  10. The family you spoke of is in our prayers.

    I so love Autumn. The raking and playing in the leaves and oh yes that apple cider and homemade donuts!!

  11. just found your blog... what a pretty lady you are : )... I really am enjoying your blog (during my lunch break)..will have to come back when I can make a cup of tea and read and revel in the lovely best to you and yours.

  12. Incredibly beautiful photos! I love your little red house. Blessings.. POlly (p.s. I'll add that family to the prayer list on my blog)

  13. Such beautiful always.
    If only things were as simple now as they were "back then". My children have been grown for a long time but the memories of their childhood are so sweet...and, as life goes on, the grandchildren bring you just as much joy.
    Prayers and thoughts to your daughter's friend and family.
    Thanks for a lovely post.

  14. Beautiful post Mary, and gorgeous photo's. I'm so sorry for the family who lost their precious girl. They are in my thoughts and prayers.....
    Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

  15. Such lovely photos! It was so sad to get to the bottom and read about your daughter's schoolmate. It's always such a tragedy when a young person dies-so many lost opportunities, I guess. I hope your daughter is doing ok. I,too, lost a classmate to suicide. I still have the occasional dream about him. So sad.

  16. Your pictures are so pretty. I do love fall very much. Your home and the pictures I've looked at so far are really idealic. Thank you so much for visiting me and I'm enjoying my visit at your lovely blog. I will certainly be thinking of the family who lost their child. My best to you.


  17. Beautiful blog! Thanks for sharing your little red house :)


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