Monday, October 1, 2007

Antiques Sale, Part II

Remember last week, when I showed you my goodies from the infamous antiques sale trip? Here's the rest of my haul. Please don't think I spent a fortune on this stuff; nothing here cost more than $21.

Nineteenth-century German red transferware dish. This was my big ticket item at $21. It's really chipped and beat up, but I think it's beautiful anyway.

Milk glass. It's starting to become an obsession. I love all the different shapes it comes in, and that it's so cheap! :)

Small, framed needlepoint flower pictures. A steal at $2. each!

Some more pressed flowers to add to the collection. Someone stop me before I fill an entire wall.

Red Willow pattern gravyboat. What can I say, I just love transferware!

I'm pleased to report that my friend, Robin, is a new convert to antique hunting. She came home with some lovely things, too. This week we are going to a giant community rummage sale. Report to follow.


  1. I love all your "finds". How much fun you must have had....


  2. I love transferware also.You did great. Love the red toile.

  3. I am so jealous! I love your transferware. Blue used to be my favorite but I'm loving all this red.


  4. I love all your finds....I have a ton of milk glass much so that I have to rotate it every now and then to show all the pieces...

  5. OK, that does it!! After viewing your beautiful transferware, I am off of blue and white for awhile and going on the hunt for RED AND WHITE !! Thanks for the encouragement towards a new hobby.(I already am having troubles finding places to store my dishes! :(

  6. I love everything you got! I saw someone post once that they put tea lights in their milk glass and it glows very prettily. Cant remember where I saw that but I decided I am going to try it! Of course, I love the transferware, red is my color!

  7. Ao after looking at your pictures of all your "finds" and the transferware, I finally did it. I made come phone calls and found out which family member has all of grandma's transferware and milk glass and am having it shipped from their storage to my house!! I am so excited. Now out to find that perfect display shelf, table, crate to place them on!!

  8. Good haul! I have begun to mix blue and red transferware together. I love the combination...

  9. Such beautiful treasures! Can I come antiquing with you?? ~ hugs, Lynda ♥

  10. I love the antique treasures you found! The transferware is beautiful. I just came across your blog and must say, I'm ejoying it! ~ will stop back again and see you!

  11. Transferware is the best. It is always so comforting.
    I have a thing for the needlepoint framed pictures. I'm obsessed with those.
    I love your finds! You have an excellent eye for good stuff.

  12. WOW,you found some wonderful things!!!! Red transferware is my favorite so I am soooooo envious!!!LOL....

    PS. Hope you don't mind but I added you to my blog roll :o)

  13. I'm partial to tranferware myself. Lovely finds!


  14. I have some brown transfewware and it was free from a house my sister flipped. It's in my not too inspired dining room. Your red stuff is too gorgeous. This is my first ever blog experience.

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