Monday, October 22, 2007

The Birds

I hate to say this, but I think the birds may be taking over the kitchen from the roosters. (Sorry, Julie!) I'm not sure how this all started, but I seem to be gathering an awful lot of bird-related items lately.

I've already told you here how I seem to be drawn to casseroles with lids. Some of them have bird lids. How can you pass up something like this at Homegoods, when it is only $3.99?

Have you heard the saying, "Two is a coincidence, three is a collection?" I am the living proof of that.

I found these two bird prints (below the shelf in the dark frames) earlier this month at the Visiting Nurse's Rummage Sale, $6.50. each. Have I told you I love pairs of things? OK, that's another post.

Last Friday saw my dear friend, Robin, and I running through the pouring rain to visit the Red Bank Antiques Mall in Red Bank, NJ. And I do mean pouring! When we left in the morning it was 73 degrees and humid, but no rain. It was so muggy that neither of us could bear to bring a raincoat. Well, hell, that was a big mistake. I think we got soaked at least twice running from building to building. But I did come away with two more bird prints, a piece of architectural salvage I'm using as a shelf, and a silver sugar and creamer ( tarnished, of course). Sophie, I thought of you when I saw the bit of turquoise paint left on the shelf.

So this is my new "bird wall" in the kitchen. Am I nuts, or does anyone else suddenly find themselves in the middle of a new collecting obsession without quite realizing how it all started? OK, maybe you shouldn't answer that...


  1. are so funny. I like birds, too...and lately, I've thinking of unpacking some things from Gramma's, little bowls with pheasants on them.....a figurine of a goose in flight......perhaps it's all part of the Autumn "nesting" thing :-)

    Have the best of Weeks.........Rosie

  2. If it has a bird anywhere on it - I want it! Your growning collection is gorgeous ... and the casserole with the bird nestled on the lid at $3.99 was the best find.

  3. What a pleasing composition you've put together with these elements.

    Last month I bought a cloche which has a bird at the top as the handle. Birds seem to be included everywhere in today's designs. Great!

  4. Hey! We've never met!!! I like you :)
    I like your birds too and come see my barn!

  5. You have a lovely collection of bird prints. What a treasure :)

  6. What a pretty collection you have in your kitchen! The kitchen looks like it must be very cozy. Some of our most passionate collections do seem to start spontaneously.

    ~~ Heidi ~~

  7. I, too, like birds and, I, too, find myself right square dab in the middle of a new collection all the time! It is just something born in us and we can't help it one bit! Just give in to it and go with the flow.
    I love your bird is so pretty.

  8. Hi there I love your birds what a lovely collection to start. What a lovley picture of your Mam and then there you are on the right hand side of the blog - have you just put it on ??

  9. I'll take any rooster you feel the need to part with!!

    I love birds though too. Red cardinals always remind me of my Aunt Mary Anne. She has them everywhere in her house. In fact, my rooster collection started just as yours did with the birds. One thing led to another and NOW I can't get enough.


  10. I'm crazy for birds too...I think we find a new piece that touches us and a new collection begins. I love the covered casserole it is darling and you've made a perfect place for the prints and new collection. Linda

  11. Why Mary, you do have quite a flare for decorating:) I love the whole arrangement. Especially the salvaged shelf:)

    Here lately my accidental collections seem to steam from your inspirations, LOL!!


    BTW Thanks for dropping by and wishing me well, the eyedrops are helping tremedously!

  12. I love birds too! You have a nice collection! My new obsession is vintage crystal perfume bottles. I just bought two on eBay and I know it's probably just the start of a new collection.

  13. New collections? Oh yes! In fact - I am on a bird hunt lately too. I will post something down the road....

    I love what you have done to create your bird wall. It is lovely!

  14. Always! the collections never stop. My grandmother always said 'two's clutter, three's a collection!'
    :) abbie

  15. What a very pretty vingette you've set up with your bird collection and I love that wallpaper :)


  16. I love birds and this looks great!

  17. ooohhh yes! Aren't obsessions wonderful? I have quite a few happening
    Amanda (Cottage Contessa)

  18. I love birds, such pretty colorful things!

    You have so many lovely birds!

  19. Mary, I love your bird prints and how you've arranged them.

  20. I think so many of us share this bird obsession! Birds, nests, eggs, feathers!! I have birds on my curtain rods, my lamp, there are birdhouses.. nests in silver bowls, under glass, ha ha.. everywhere. I even paint birds on my paper mache Santas!

    Your bird prints are wonderful, I actually received 4 of the same prints when my Mother passed away. They are set in wooden frames which were made by my great uncle. They will always be special :).

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos and stories.


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