Saturday, October 6, 2007


I've been tagged by Rhonda, of FarmHouse Style, to play the "Seven Things About You" game. Presumably, they must be seven interesting things, which is posing a bit of a problem. I'm not given much to introspection, so I can't begin to imagine what you might find interesting about me. But here goes:

  1. After I first got married, I worked as a copy editor for a veterinary journal. It was an interesting job, but as I tend to be just a little bit of a hypochondriac, I was always coming home worried that I had some sort of obscure bovine disease.

  2. I absolutely cannot watch scary movies. My son once convinced me to watch The Sixth Sense with him, and I couldn't go downstairs alone at night for months afterward.

  3. I hate driving over bridges or high overpasses. They scare the devil out of me, and I have to force myself to keep my eyes open!

  4. As you may have guessed from No. 3, I am afraid of heights. The third step on the step-ladder makes me feel dizzy.

  5. I drive too fast, and I'm impatient with others who drive too slowly. I also talk out loud to the other drivers. My favorite comment is: "You drive like sh**!" I try not to say this out loud with my daughter in the car (as she will be getting her license soon), but sometimes it just slips out. She usually tells me to calm down.

  6. I love animals. I grew up with dogs, birds, horses and lots of cats. My neighbors had chickens, pigs and sheep. I would love to live on a farm.

  7. I am an absolutely awful dresser. Theoretically, I know what to wear, but I just can't be bothered. I wish there was a mother's uniform -- sweatpants and a t-shirt.

Well, now you know my deep, dark secrets; unless, of course, you've fallen asleep from boredom. I know I'm supposed to tag seven other people, but as I'm new to this whole blogging thing, I don't think I know seven of you that haven't already played. So, if anyone out there would like to play, consider yourself tagged!

Oh, and by the way, deciding to post a picture of myself was probably the hardest thing I've done on here so far. I like being anonymous! (And I hate pictures of myself!) But I felt that it would be so much easier to imagine the seven idiosincrasies with a face to go along.

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Mary, you are lovely, it is so nice to put a face with all of your wonderful posts.
    Thanks for being a sport and playing along.
    I share your dislike of scary movies. I just will not watch them. I know the scenes are not real, but I do not like feeling frightened.


    BTW Your driving sounds just like my sister's:)

  2. Mary, What a lovely picture.I think that I might come out of hiding also.It is nice to put a picture with a story.
    I also have trouble dressing I just don't like going shopping for clothes,it must be a mutation in my female gene. Brenda

  3. Mary, I love your picture...and I agree with how hard it is to put ones self out there. Bravo!
    I am scared of scary movies and bridges, too, although I am getting somewhat better with the bridges.
    When I was younger, I loved clothes and shopping...I still love to put together a beautiful outfit every once in awhile.


  4. Well I just learned 4 new things about my friend Mary. Two of them I knew about and the last one (#7) we'll have to have a discussion about on our Tuesday morning walk.

    Bloggers -- Mary has a great sense of style, don't believe a word she says!!!

    Your "Dear Friend" Robin

    PS: LOVE THE PIC!!!!! :)

  5. Mary,
    It is wonderful to have a lovely face to put to your creative post. The way you write really draws me in... I think you are a fascinating person...don't know where you get this boring fear from...not you.... at ALL

  6. Good Morning Mary,
    Congrats on putting the photo out there. You look just as your blog sounds.....beautiful, insightful, intellegent, like a friend I would like to have. And your photo looks like one of those photo's on the dust jacket of a book! How is that for putting it out there? And are you ever going to get on line and "talk" to readers after they leave a comment?

  7. Well hello there pretty lady! It's so nice to see you and put a face to the lovely words you give us. You are lovely and your picture does look like it would be right at home on a book jacket. P.S. - I share the fear of heights. 3 rungs on a latter are more than enough for my knees to shake!

  8. Mary - Sixth Sense freaked me out for years. I saw those three hanging people every time I stepped into a dark corridor. I had to reach deep down in my memory and silently recite a few bible verses to fend it off. Also a lousy dresser, but I so aspire to do better. I so aspire to care. I just can't seem to make it happen. Love the picture.

  9. Oh, you guys are so sweet! I promised myself I wouldn't peek at the comments at all today, because I was really afraid of what I would find (or wouldn't find) so many thanks for quelling my photo phobia!

  10. I love your photo!!! I feel the same way there are no photos of ME just yet either...LOL

    ....I thought the sweatpants and t- shirt WAS a mother's uniform??


  11. It's nice to know a bit more about you and very nice to put a face to them! ~ hugs, Lynda ♥

  12. You know what Mary?
    You can delete this post if you are not comfortable with it. Privacy means a lot to me too.
    And not a big deal to change your mind.

  13. I LOVE that you put your pic with your story. You are a beautiful lady and, altho I thought you would be beautiful, I had you soooo pictured in my mind..short blonde hair, about 4'10, blue eyes, dark tan.. Isn't it funny how we get a picture from just reading comments. I usually AM totally surprised, but nearly always pleasantly so.
    I drive too fast, too but I adore scary movies!! lol

  14. Thanks for sharing. And you are lovely! Yo should post more pictures.

  15. Mary, What a wonderful picture and it was great getting to know a little more about you! I too wish there was a "uniform" I love my t-shirts and jeans....

  16. Mary, it is so nice seeing you!

    My daughter is almost 15 and she told me she's scared to death to drive because of everything I've told her over the last few months. My intention was to make her aware of everything that cuold go wrong but maybe I went overboard a bit. I'm sure you are feeling the same way with your daughter! The thought of her driving scares me to death!

  17. Hey Mary, found your blog & enjoyed reading the interesting facts about you.
    I can't stand bridges or overpasses either. Once was DRIVING across the Memphis bridge at rush hour, and hyperventilated!!!
    Also, I love t shirts & sweats--preferably when they don't match. Guess that comes from having to match at work!!!
    Also love, love, love animals.
    So there are 3 things we have in common.
    And, your picture is beautiful--dont' sell yourself short!

  18. Hi Mary,thanks for posting a picture of yourself!!! I haven't had the courage to post one of myself yet but maybe soon?!?!? I am not a good dresser either....I just can't be bothered most days and I like to be comfortable!!! LoL...It was great reading all the interesting tidbits about you and getting to know you better :o)

  19. Well, thanks for sharing your photo! I love to see who we are all talking too. You're adorable.


  20. Mary!! You are just so pretty! How wonderful to be able to put your sweet face with your writing! Such a lovely and intelligent face.

    I think your list could be mine!
    I drive too fast, hate scary movies, am not a clothes horse (much to my daughter's chagrin! and am very spooked by bridges and overpasses.

    I am betting you have a lot more style than you admit to! Me? I am the seats/jeans and t-shirts/sweaters gal. Comfy is what it is about for my anymore!
    : )

    That and I have no style...I am such a schlub. *smile*

    Have a very sweet week dear Mary!


  21. Hey Mary,
    Totally cute picture. I need to get a publisher's photog. to take one of me too--can you post his business card? Enjoy your site so much, please keep it up:)

  22. Hi! Just stumbled over here and love all the pics! I see you like milk glass too!
    It's nice to put a face with the words, even though it is hard to do! (I did so too, but it was a struggle!) I'll be back to visit!

  23. The photo of you is beautiful, and it's lovely to put a face to the posts. I love reading the things people write about themselves, and you are not alone with either your fear of heights or scary movies! I'm there with you all the way! lol
    Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

  24. I love that you posted a picture. It's so nice to put a face to blogs. And you're absolutely lovely! My mom hates bridges too.

    I love that you yell at slow moving drivers. They can cause just as many wrecks. Granted it's probably not one of your better moments (or mine for that matter) but it does give an immense feeling of satisfaction doesn't it??


  25. Wonderful picture Mary ~ I enjoyed reading "7 things about you" :-}

  26. Hi Mary! Nice to meet the beauty behind the blog! Great facts and fun to read! Ditto with talking to people! Idiot! is my favorite thing to blurt out -- along with a few other diatribes! xo, Becky

  27. When was the last time you were checked for a 'bovine disease?' are so cute!

    mama to 6
    one homemade and 5 adopted

    ps- if this is a picture of you, you are gorgeous ;-) YOU have no resemblance to cattle...a lovely smile and laughing eyes! ;-)


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