Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Buck Up!

OK, kids, our latest book from the shelves at the Little Red House is a self-help book written in 1919 called The Buck Up Book by F.D. Van Amburgh.

Who knew there were self-help gurus back then? Or inspirational life coaches? Here's a bit from the introduction:

"The Buck Up Book will lead you away from the bogs, the low spots, will lead you away from the marshlands of Life, up where the night sky is full of bright stars and where the day is clear and pleasant."

Is this guy a natural salesman, or what? If they had dust jackets back then I'm sure that line would have been on it. "Up where the night sky is full of stars?" Who doesn't want to go there?

My favorite chapter is "A Tip On Courtship." Other chapters include "Know Thyself," and "How Far Will You Go?"

OK, I know what you think I'll say about that last one, but I just won't go there!

From "A Tip on Courtship":

"Courting is like the dry-goods business: Next season the entire color scheme of dress goods may change, and who wants to wear a Remnant?"

Huhh?! Court 'em before they go out of style? Don't settle for last year's leavings?

"Always court a girl as you eat ice cream. Take your Time and get the full Flavor."

OK, this one just conjures up a mental image that I don't really want...

"And here is the crux of this chapter on Courting: Don't tell the present girl too much about the past ladies. She may give you credit for Knowing too much."

Or she may just slap you in the face!

Edited to add: Sorry, I can't seem to get rid of the enormous space at the end of the post!


  1. The first passage said to get you out of the bogs. HA!!! I read that as blogs, at first. Too modern?

    These are great books that you're finding around the house and I'm loving the trip to ages past. Thanks for sharing!!


  2. Julie -- I saw it as "blogs," too, at first. Think we're spending too much time online? :)

  3. Hey Mary--
    Great book! The only thing that could possibly make that any funnier would be scribblings in the margins or underlining by a clueless young man from yesteryear!
    ps. of course I saw it as blogs too

  4. Your little treasure is quite hysterical!!! I read it as "blog" at first too! I collect old school books and find it is a good way to amuse myself on a rainy afternoon.Thanks for sharing :o)

  5. This is a great post! I find it rather amusing to read books from the past that have quips of advice. My favorite to read is old poetry. Boy, have us women come along! I shudder to think about the full flavor bit, too! eww. xo, Becky

  6. I had one of those enormous "ends" too. Couldn't fix it either. LOL I saw it as blogs too. Don't you just love old books? I love to display them and give them as gifts. Smiles ~ Lynn

  7. The color of the book is beautiful.

  8. I'm giggling over here...I saw blogs too. Perhaps I need to step away from the computer today!


  9. Wouldn't you just love to see a picture of the author? Bet he's a real Alfred J. Prufrock! His advice is so funny; isn't it sad that probably many a young man took it?

    Teresa@PlumWater Cottage

  10. How funny... I almost woke up my husband laughing at that ice cream remark...

  11. This was such fun to see...ice cream. I guess I am Rocky Road!
    I sometimes get those big gaps on posts too...nothing seems to correct it!

    Thanks for the laugh and smile!


  12. I love old books it is interesting ot see how things have changed,but it is interesting to see that sadly somethings have not. Brenda

  13. That was hilarious, what a fun book. I read it as blogs, too, by the way! Not so sure about bogs, but definitely need to get out of the blogs now and then! :-)

    Very fun!

  14. So sweet....courtship...love the print on the page...very lovely!

    mama to 6
    on homemade and 5 adopted

  15. Hi Mary... I love your blog and have started reading it from the very beginning. Your home is beautiful and I just love that everything isn't "white". I do love that shabby chic look, but prefer natural wood, imperfect but non-refinished pieces, and a comfy feel...like in your family home. Like you, if I had my "dream" home, it would be a bit more steeped in history...I'd love an 1800's historic plantation home with many acres. Though mine isn't this, I try to remodel and decorate as though it is...to get that feel as best I can in my home that was built in 1973.
    In reading your blog from the beginning, I haven't been commenting...I mean, you did post this stuff back in '07 and I thought you'd be a bit surprised to receive comments from these older posts! BUT, since I'm having so much fun and LAUGHING LIKE NEVER BEFORE from reading a blog, I hope you don't mind receiving a comment or two as I continue! Thanks Mary...I'm really enjoying your blog and your wit!
    Ok, for the comment on this post...So funny...slap in the face HIGHLY likely!!!


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