Friday, October 5, 2007

Autumn Sunlight

When the autumn sunlight comes streaming in at the dining room window, I know it's time to dust off the colored glass. At other times of the year, this spot is home to transferware, or a milkglass collection, but fall almost begs for these jewel tones.

This cranberry glass compote was a cherished wedding gift that someone gave my parents. I can remember my mother filling it with red and white peppermint candies at Christmas.

The orange carnival glass punch bowl was a favorite of my father's. It has six glass cups to match. Some years I will fill it with gourds and mini pumpkins, but I like it best just filled with sunshine.

These orange glass plates and cups are almost translucent and just glow in the sunshine. Do you have a favorite tableau in your house that you change for the seasons?


  1. My granny has a cranberry dish similar to that. I've been thinking of it lately. Maybe it IS the fall weather. Beautiful dishes and you're right, they really shine and sparke in the fall sunlight.

  2. So have captured the sunlight so nicely.......just wonderful.....

  3. I loved that line - just filled with sunshine. How sweet is that? I think I'd like to see everything in my life filled with sunshine.

    Your plates are gorgeous!


  4. Loved your pics! Reminds me of my Amber Depression Glass!! They look great in front of the window!
    I'd be afraid one of my cats would hop up there at night........

  5. Oh you are making me desperate. I am unable to "decorate" with a house full of workmen so my house sits vacant and abandoned looking. Love the glass - anything that catches light is wonderful to me.

  6. Beautiful pieces! I love amber and red and these are so colorful in the sunlight!

  7. My Craftsman house has a fireplace with a long ledge above and built in cupboards on each side. There are two windows at each end of the ledge I have crystal bowls, vaces and candle holders there for the setting sun to light up. Good idea of yours... I'll look for some fall colors for a change. Cindy in Tacoma

  8. Dearest Mary,
    What I find so utterly charming are the comments that you made about your parents favorite pieces. Precious really. And beautiful ruby wedding gift and punch bowl! I guess this post could also be about what our parents cherished in our childhood homes.
    So for that I will say that for years my Father had a flower that I made in grade school (made out of a thread spool, egg carton and a piece of pipe cleaner and paint) on his dresser:)
    For my Mother.. she cherished many oil paintings she inherited that were painted in Sweden.
    Thought provoking:)

  9. Hi, Mary, I sure enjoy coming by to see all the new pics you are sharing lately! I love all your fall glass dishes, now those really make it feel like the right season.

    And how great of Cindy to send you that green toleware. It looks beautiful with your other piece. She's a sweet gal!

    And, I had to tell you that I have 2 of those harp-back chairs in my LR, both found at yardsales! We have a lot in common.


  10. Another lovely post! The colors of fall and sweet memories of your family. Thanks for sharing!~Dona

  11. Your glass is really beautiful. I love the autumn light too. It is a lovely thing, but very unforgiving - it lights up every speck of dust in my house and all the streaks on my windows. It doesn't seem to matter how many times I clean, that light is ruthless. =)

  12. Your glass ware is gorgeous - I love the way they look with the sunshine filtering through them. I have a few pieces of carnival glass as well that were given to me as a teenager by a neighbour. I will bring them out this weekend as we celebrate Thanksgiving in Canada.

  13. I agree with Julie and I was going to say the exact same thing. That line...just filled with sunshine, ahhhh! Pure poetry :)


  14. Oh I love these! How beautiful they are with the sunlight coming in through them. Gorgeous photos!

  15. Your colored glass is so beautiful. So nice that you have a window to let the sun shine thru them.

  16. All the colors are so pretty.

  17. Glassware is my weakness,and yours is beautiful.I enjoy reading your blogg everyday. Brenda

  18. Your dishes are stunning and really capture the light perfectly! Love the gold pieces! My favorite table is in the entryway. A lot of pics on my post are on it, like the post today.

    Happy weekend! Becky

  19. Your pictures are wonderful. I enjoyed vsiting your site.

  20. Love these gorgeous shades of glass, Mary! They must look beautiful when the sun shines through them. ~ hugs, Lynda ♥

  21. Hi, the careful little touches you put in everything reminds me so much of my own mother. :-) More carnival glass here.


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