Friday, September 28, 2007

Antiques Sale!!!

OK, let's be right up front about this -- I should not be let loose in an antique store when there's a sale going on. Period. End of story.

My dear friend, Robin, recently took me to an antiques mall that she had seen on a shopping trip to a nearby town. She is not really into antiques, but she knew I loved them and she wanted to investigate the shops.

They were having a sale. A big one. Lots of dealers share space in several buildings, so there was a huge selection of vintage and antique things. I was in heaven. Here are some things that I got:

Green tole tray, kind of beat up, but I like it that way.

Victorian shaving mug. This will go on my grandfather's shaving stand.

Six German silver spoons. My good silver service is plate, so I'm trying to buy sterling pieces a few at a time. I don't really care if they match.

Painted tins. Remember the little red one I found at the thrift store? These wanted to come home to keep him company.

I also got some other goodies. I'll show them to you in another post. See, I really shouldn't be let loose in an antique store when there is a sale going on!


  1. Beautiful finds Mary! Especially like the spoons.

  2. What a good shopping day you had! I love it all!!

  3. LOVE your treasures, Mary! Oh, I wish there was an antique mall nearby ... but maybe it's better that there's not. :) Enjoy your new pieces! ~ hugs, Lynda ♥

  4. I'm always intimidated by antique stores. I've been in one and could not afford a single thing in it, you are so lucky to stumble across this fabulous sale.

  5. Mary, I have a green rectangular tray like yours round one. I can send it to you if you want it. It's just sitting in a closet now. Email me your address if your interested.

  6. oh!how delightful!! I, too, am very dangerous in antique stores. and with a sale.. well, let's just say its not pretty!
    Lovely treasures!
    :) Abbie

  7. Loving the spoons! And the little tins. Well everything is great. Glad you had a good days shopping with your friend.


  8. Oh, what beautiful things. I would have come home with everyone of them too. I know you have put them in the perfect spot to enjoy them.

  9. I love all your treasures, Mary. Especially the tray and mug. You mentioned the spoons were German do know that it isn't silver but an alloy of copper, nickle and zink? Since you also mentioned you were collecting SS, I just wanted to make sure you knew about German Silver. You did really good on your buying spree. Love it all.

  10. How Fun! What wonderful finds. I would have loved to been at that sale...

  11. Oh wow what wonderful finds! When something wants to follow you home you just have to take it! It is the only polite thing to do!

    I love them...and I adore the silver. It is always more fun if sets are mismatched!


  12. bj, thanks for telling me about German silver -- I didn't know. I guess I'm going to have to do some research..

  13. Since I talk to my friend Mary every other day (this week it has been everyday!) and I always talk to her about her blog, I decided that I would pick my weekly favorite every Saturday. The winner this week is this post. I am the "dear friend Robin" who was with her at the antiques sale (my first time). I had such a great time watching Mary's eyes light up when she saw something she liked. I also was in AWE of the whole shopping experience and actually can't wait to do it again. My friend Mary has introduced me to the world of "collections". I now have more roosters than Mary. This week I was introduced to the vintage tins and did buy 3 of them. According to the gentlemen at the antique store, "If you have two it is a coincidence; if you have three it is a collection!" Guess what -- I have a new collection! Thanks, Mary.

    Your "dear friend" Robin!!:)

  14. I collect tole trays...many of which are still in boxes...but I still would buy more! LOVE all your finds!

  15. Ah! But think how much money you *saved*! Nice finds. :-)

  16. My post today talks about holding an estate sale. Since you are a shopaholic extraordinaire, you are the Blog Du Jour!

  17. This is great info to know.


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