Tuesday, September 25, 2007


OK, if you're one of those people (and I know you're out there) who don't like roosters, read no further. Or you're gonna barf. Because this is a post about roosters. Lots of them. A hunk-a-hunk-a-burnin'-love song to fowl. So stop now, or feathers will fly.

I think I got my first rooster statue when I still had my old kitchen. The cabinets were, shall we say, "rustic," and I felt they needed something to turn "rustic" into "French country." And once you get one rooster, it's a slippery slope. When my daughter's friend counted 21 roosters, I felt it was time to edit. Now, at any one time there are probably about 11 or 12 of the little devils roosting in the kitchen.

Big ones, little ones,

painted on trays or carved into lamps.

Rooster trivets,

salt and pepper shakers, and napkin holders. There's even been some rooster hegemony.

They appear to be staking a claim to the den.

I wonder how that happened? ;)


  1. I love roosters! My daughter has always referred to it as my "poultry fetish", hehehe.

    However, it was she who gifted me with a gorgeous french style plate with a rooster on it that hangs in my kitchen.

  2. Those silly roosters are quite territorial....I love them all.
    Thanks for sharing them:)

  3. OH MY GOSH!! I LOVE ROOSTERS!! I can't wait to redo my kitchen and put all of my new roosters out. I refuse to put them out until my kitchen is complete. But I love all of the muted colors on the pictures. Very Nice!! Thanks so much for sharing!!

    Wait until Robin sees...


  4. LOL...love your post! We have that lampshade (except had to do a faux finish over the top because we were busting at the seams with roosters too!)

    blessings, kari and kijsa

  5. You go girl! I love your post.....I am a Rooster girl all the way. I love your Rooster lamps....I have several but, I'd add yours in a heart beat !! You'll definitely have enough comments from fans to form a club, soon :<)


  6. I found your blog through Sue at Rabbit Run and even though I don't really like roosters (bad memories of one that used to chase me at my uncles farm!) I love your collection. You have a beautiful home.

  7. I love your roosters! The lamps are great. I really like that plaid wall, too. Thanks for the nice cat comments. For me cats, for you roosters! Stephanie

  8. I, too, am a rooster lover and tried, in vain, to show Rate My Space friends my collection. Too many people over there that do not appreciate roosters, however, so all of mine ended up in cyberspace. You have a nice collection! ~bj

  9. My grandparents had two huge rooster lamps when I was growing up. It never occurred to me that EVERYBODY'S grandparents didn't have them because they were so "normal" to us. lol
    My step-mother loves her manly poultry as well as you do. They do tend to liven up a household, don't they? And they sure make it very warm and welcoming.

  10. LOL! I love roosters. I too started with one...a huge metal/broze colored one from Pier One. Next came a pair of vintage rooster salt and pepper shakers (for the Thanksgiving Table ;-) ). I want a rooster embroidered pillow.....but I am trying to be good. There is just something about em....

  11. I was just over at swaddlecottage admiring her roosters today! Silly roosters are the best kind. Blessings.. Polly

  12. Oh yeah! I am LOVING your roosters! I just realized that I don't have a rooster lamp and I do ever so much need such a lamp. Can one ever have enough roosters? I'm not sure how it happened either, but they are multiplying like rabbits in my home too :) Your collection is fantastic! I tried to count just now and I don't think I could...lol there are too many and yet not enough if I spy a cute one needing a home!


  13. Your collection is wonderful and so much fun! Love your house, too! Right up my alley!



  14. I LOVE roosters! I have them in my kitchen and laundry room. Now they seem to be migrating to the attached living area. A small lamp has taken up residence there.
    Ooh how I love that lamp in the last picture! : )
    I love each of your rooster treasures.


  15. I just bought a set of rooster baskets that I don't know what to do with. You are welcome to have them if you like.
    A picture of them is on my blog.
    Love your rooster decorations!

  16. I love Roosters and chickens ( I have the real thing in some colorful little bantams that provide pretty brown eggs for us) Your collection is adorable, I especially love the lamps! Need to look into getting some of those:>)

  17. Growing up we had kitchen curtains with roosters. Does anyone remember "embroidery paint"? My mom handpainted those guys on the curtains and now 50 years later roosters are back!!

  18. I came over here from Susie Q's. I'm also a rooster lover. (In fact I shared one of mine in my most recent post.)
    I've bookmarked your site to return again.

  19. If I could find your home you would be short a few hehe. They would fly home with me. Love them and need the lamps bad. love your collection.

  20. A girl after my own heart!! I'm a rooster chick too.....
    LOL LOL Julie has me pegged!!!!!!!!
    I initially had mine sequestered to the kitchen but then they started leaking into the rest of the house....I'm now in rooster remission as I have so many I cannot display them all........or can I?

  21. We have a bit of roostermania at our house too. Yours are really fantastic.

  22. You have a beautiful collection of roosters. It reminds me of my mania for pineapple theme obeject and my love of blue and white. Such collections do a lot to make our homes express our taste and personality.
    Thanks for sharing!

  23. What a great post! Seems you are in good company too!

    One of these day I'm going to write a post on my Roosters/chickens too. I just love them! My poor husband was lost on my facination but never objected. Although I'd like more, at this point it seems what I have will suffice.


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